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Australia Full Year 2011 State by State: Toyota Hilux king 3 times

The Toyota Hilux is #1 in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory

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Thanks to Mike Breen and Ross McFairlane, I am able to share with you for the first time on Best Selling Cars Blog a Top 10 models ranking State by State in Australia! Out of the 1,008,437 vehicles that found a buyer in Australia in 2011, 314,576 did in New South Wales (capital Sydney), 268,194 in Victoria (capital Melbourne), 210,899 in Queensland (capital Brisbane), 109,492 in Western Australia (capital Perth), 62,760 in South Australia (capital Adelaide), 16,769 in Tasmania (capital Hobart), 15,756 in the Australian Capital Territory (capital Canberra) and 9,991 in Nothern Territory (capital Darwin).

The Mazda3 is #1 in New South Wales and ACT

The Mazda3 made history this year by stopping 15 consecutive years of Holden Commodore domination, and did it thanks to its performance in NSW where it sold 14,661 units for a 4.7% market share followed by the Toyota Corolla and the Commodore. The Mazda3 also ranked #1 in ACT with 874 sales and 5.5%. However one model managed to rank first in more states…

The Toyota Land Cruiser Ute is #7 in Northern Territory

The Toyota Hilux is the king in Queensland at 10,251 units and 4.9% but also in WA with 6,004 sales and 5.5% where it is very helpful around the numerous mining sites currently booming in the state. In Northern Territory the Hilux sold 980 units for a 9.8% market share, the highest share of any vehicle in any state. Toyota actually monopolises the entire Top 5 in NT with the Corolla #2 followed by the Land Cruiser Wagon (vs.#35 nationally), Camry and Prado (vs.#28) while the Land Cruiser Ute ranks #7 (vs.#47).

The Holden Commodore & Cruze lead at home in South Australia

#2 nationally, the Holden Commodore leads in 2 states: in Victoria with 13,128 sales and 4.9% (vs. 10,880 for the Mazda3) and in South Australia where it is manufactured like all Holdens at 4,826 units and 7.7%. Relaunched last year, the Holden Cruze logically delivers its best performance in its homestate SA at #2 with 3,535 sales and 5.6% share. It ranks #3 in ACT and VIC.

The Ford Ranger is #1 in Tasmania (2012 model pictured)

The last model to reach a State pole position is the Ford Ranger, dominating in Tasmania at 681 units and 4.1%. The Hyundai i30 ranks #2 in that state at 3.7% share but also in WA at a very solid 4% thanks to 4,358 sales. Ford’s factory is located in Broadmeadows in Victoria and in its homeland the Falcon is at its best at #5 while the Territory is #6. Notice also the VW Golf ranking #4 in ACT and #7 in NSW.

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Full Year 2011 Top 10 Ranking Tables for each State below.

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