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Sweden Full Year 2011: Volvo V70 leads for 15th consecutive year

Volvo V70

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In December, 25,219 new cars were registered in Sweden, down 15% and bringing the 2011 final total to 304,801 units, up 5%. December highlights include the VW Passat staying at its highest level ever in the country (6.7% market share), the Renault Clio up to #6, the Audi A6 up to #11, the VW Tiguan up to #13, and the outstanding month of Hyundai: the i20 is #19, the i40 #20, the ix35 #32 and the ix20 #33.

Hyundai i40

Over the full year, the Volvo V70 celebrates its 15th year in a row atop the Swedish model ranking (the longest reign in Swedish history) in spite of sales down 24% to 22,207 units and 7.3% share. The VW Passat delivers its best year so far in Sweden thanks to the new generation, up 33% to 16,162 sales and 5.3%. It is followed by the VW Golf, down 2% to 12,590 units and 4.1%.

Volvo V60

The best performing newcomer in the Top 50 is the Volvo V60, passing the V50 to become the 2nd best-selling Volvo and landing directly #4 with 12,411 sales and 4.1% share for its first full year. The other great performers in the Top 10 are the Volvo XC60 up 27% and 5 spots to #7 and the BMW 5 Series up 24% to #10 at 5,358 units.

BMW 5 Series

Further down the ranking, here are the models that have made their mark this year: the Mercedes C Class is up 27% and 10 ranks to #17, the Audi A6 is up 38% and 12 spots to #18, the Volvo S60 is up 66% and 15 ranks to #24, the Kia Sportage literally took off: from #78 and 939 sales in 2010 to #28 and 3,032 units in 2011. The Citroen C4 is up 98% and 25 spots to #35, the Peugeot 508 lands directly at #41 with 2,035 sales and the Suzuki Swift is up 145% and 40 ranks to #45.

Kia Sportage

Reversely, 2011 was the year Saab models slowly but surely died down: the 9-3 is #32 at -56% over the full year with 2,751 sales but only sold 11 units in December (-99%) while the 9-5 is #95 at -70% and 731 units but only 7 in December.

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Full Year 2011 and December Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

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