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Oman 2011: 7 Toyotas in Top 7, Land Cruiser edges Hilux out

Toyota Land Cruiser. Picture by dohaknight85. All rights reserved.

* See the Top 100 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Ldman *

14,767 new vehicles were registered in the Sultanate of Oman in December, bringing the final 2011 total to 168,789 sales. For most of the year the Toyota Hilux was the best-selling model in the country, ranking #1 for 7 months, but a weak month of December due to Thai supply issues brought it down to #2 with 18,996 sales and 11.3% share, below the Toyota Land Cruiser, #1 5 times this year and the best-selling model in the Sultanate in 2011 at 19,444 units and 11.5%.

Toyota Hilux. Picture by Waleed. All rights reserved.

The five following models are all Toyotas! The Land Cruiser Pick-up reaches an excellent third place with 13,896 sales and 8.2%, ahead of the Prado at 6.3%, Hiace at 3.8%, Corolla at 3.6% and Camry at 2.9%. The first non-Toyota is the Kia Cerato at #8 with 4,485 units and 2.7% but it is the Nissan Sunny (#9 at 2.3%) that reached the highest monthly ranking for a non-Toyota in Oman this year at #4 in December. Notice also the Kia Sportage at #11 and the Lexus LX at #13, bringing the Land Cruiser family’s market share in Oman to an insane 28%!

Nissan Sunny

In December, the Toyota Land Cruiser stays in stratospheric heights at 13.6% share, ahead of the Land Cruiser Pick-up at 11.3%, the Prado at 6.4% and the Nissan Sunny at 4.7%. Other great performers include the Kia Optima at #13, Dodge Charger at #44 and VW Passat CC at #54.

Previous month: Oman November 2011: Land Cruiser family at 34% share!

Full Year 2011 Top 100, December and each Monthly Top 80 Ranking Tables below.

You can check out each and every Monthly Top 80 for Oman in 2011 here: Oman 2011 12 Month by Month

Oman Full Year 2011:

PosModelO 2011%
1Toyota Land Cruiser19,44411.5%
2Toyota Hilux18,99611.3%
3Toyota Land Cruiser P/U13,8968.2%
4Toyota Prado10,9036.5%
5Toyota Hiace6,4533.8%
6Toyota Corolla6,0943.6%
7Toyota Camry4,9112.9%
8Kia Cerato4,4852.7%
9Nissan Sunny – RSM3,8262.3%
10Nissan D223,6622.2%
11Kia Sportage3,0141.8%
12Hyundai Elantra (MAR11)2,9911.8%
13Lexus LX2,8221.7%
14Kia Rio2,7281.6%
15Hyundai Sonata2,7041.6%
16Nissan Sunny2,4161.4%
17Hyundai Accent (JAN11)2,2601.3%
18Toyota Yaris2,0941.2%
19Nissan Navara2,0191.2%
20Hyundai Santa Fe1,9131.1%
21Nissan Tiida1,8291.1%
22Nissan Altima1,8001.1%
23Nissan Patrol1,6761.0%
24Toyota Fortuner1,5200.9%
25Kia Optima1,4970.9%
26Toyota Aurion1,3840.8%
27Isuzu NPR1,3680.8%
28Toyota Avalon1,2970.8%
29Toyota Coaster1,1460.7%
30Hyundai Tucson1,1230.7%
31Lexus RX1,0900.6%
32Toyota RAV49450.6%
33Hyundai Elantra9140.5%
34Fuso Canter8650.5%
35Mitsubishi L2008180.5%
36Honda Accord (incl Coupe)7520.4%
37Toyota Innova7170.4%
38Mitsubishi Pajero6870.4%
39Nissan Pathfinder6570.4%
40Nissan Maxima6470.4%
41Nissan Urvan6460.4%
42Kia Sorento6260.4%
43Lexus GX4606160.4%
45Isuzu D-Max5520.3%
46Toyota FJ Cruiser5410.3%
47Chevrolet Tahoe5310.3%
48Mitsubishi Lancer4650.3%
49Lexus ES4260.3%
50Renault Fluence3990.2%
51Toyota Sequoia3840.2%
52Suzuki Celerio3770.2%
53Mazda BT-503690.2%
54Nissan X-Terra3650.2%
55Suzuki APV Van3640.2%
56Chevrolet Cruze3580.2%
58Mitsubishi Galant3430.2%
57Renault Safrane3430.2%
59Kia Picanto3420.2%
61Hyundai Veracruz3370.2%
62Hyundai H1 100 Bus3330.2%
63Hyundai Atos3150.2%
64Daihatsu Gran Max3060.2%
65GMC Yukon3020.2%
66Toyota Dyna3010.2%
67Renault Logan3010.2%
68Mitsubishi Lancer EX3000.2%
69Nissan Armada2970.2%
72Nissan X-Trail2730.2%
71Isuzu F-Series2730.2%
73Kia Carens2730.2%
74Hyundai Accent2720.2%
75Jeep Wrangler2700.2%
76Ford Explorer2690.2%
77Jeep Grand Cherokee2660.2%
78GMC Acadia2620.2%
79Toyota Previa2580.2%
80Nissan Civilian2390.1%
81Ford Taurus2370.1%
82Daihatsu Terios2360.1%
84Dodge Charger2350.1%
83Suzuki Swift2350.1%
86Honda Civic2320.1%
85Hyundai i202320.1%
87Honda Pilot2300.1%
88Suzuki SX42260.1%
89Ford Focus2250.1%
90Subaru Legacy2250.1%
91Chevrolet Malibu2230.1%
92Hyundai Genesis2220.1%
93VW Passat CC2190.1%
94Kia Cadenza2160.1%
95Suzuki Grand Vitara2030.1%
96Mercedes S-Class1860.1%
97Lexus IS1820.1%
98Hino WU1820.1%
99Fuso Rosa1770.1%
100BMW 7 Series1770.1%
101Nissan Qashqai1770.1%

Oman December 2011:

PosModelO Dec 11%NovO 2011%Pos
1Toyota Land Cruiser2,00813.6%119,44411.5%1
2Toyota Land Cruiser P/U1,67111.3%213,8968.2%3
3Toyota Prado9426.4%410,9036.5%4
4Nissan Sunny – RSM6894.7%53,8262.3%9
5Toyota Corolla6234.2%76,0943.6%6
6Toyota Hiace5864.0%66,4533.8%5
7Toyota Camry4523.1%194,9112.9%7
8Kia Cerato3142.1%84,4852.7%8
9Toyota Hilux3052.1%318,99611.3%2
10Hyundai Elantra (MAR11)3002.0%102,9911.8%12
11Hyundai Accent (JAN11)2701.8%152,2601.3%17
12Hyundai Santa Fe2651.8%111,9131.1%20
13Kia Optima2551.7%171,4970.9%25
14Hyundai Sonata2531.7%252,7041.6%15
15Lexus LX2491.7%132,8221.7%13
16Kia Sportage2321.6%163,0141.8%11
17Nissan Patrol1981.3%181,6761.0%23
18Fuso Canter1741.2%488650.5%34
19Toyota Avalon1611.1%281,2970.8%28
20Lexus RX1501.0%201,0900.6%31
21Isuzu NPR1491.0%211,3680.8%27
22Toyota Yaris1481.0%232,0941.2%18
23Nissan Tiida1340.9%331,8291.1%21
24Nissan Navara1310.9%122,0191.2%19
25Toyota Coaster1270.9%261,1460.7%29
26Kia Rio1240.8%92,7281.6%14
27Toyota Aurion1240.8%241,3840.8%26
28Hyundai Tucson1200.8%341,1230.7%30
29Nissan Altima1120.8%311,8001.1%22
30Mitsubishi L2001120.8%468180.5%35
31Toyota RAV41040.7%299450.6%32
32Nissan D22860.6%273,6622.2%10
33Nissan Pathfinder850.6%506570.4%39
34Suzuki Celerio820.6%3770.2%52
35Nissan Urvan810.5%596460.4%41
36Honda Accord (incl Coupe)760.5%357520.4%36
37Nissan X-Terra760.5%583650.2%54
38Kia Sorento700.5%416260.4%42
39Nissan Sunny650.4%142,4161.4%16
40Nissan Maxima650.4%536470.4%40
41Mitsubishi Pajero580.4%726870.4%38
42Toyota FJ Cruiser530.4%305410.3%46
43Toyota Fortuner520.4%221,5200.9%24
44Dodge Charger520.4%2350.1%84
45Jeep Wrangler510.3%512700.2%75
46Nissan Juke510.3%1160.1%
47Mitsubishi Galant470.3%673430.2%58
48Isuzu D-Max460.3%435520.3%45
49Renault Fluence450.3%363990.2%50
50Lexus ES440.3%474260.3%49
51Nissan Armada430.3%642970.2%69
53Toyota Innova400.3%327170.4%37
54VW Passat CC400.3%562190.1%93
55Toyota Dyna390.3%493010.2%66
56Toyota Sequoia380.3%443840.2%51
58Nissan Civilian370.3%372390.1%80
59Ford Taurus360.2%762370.1%81
60Jeep Cherokee360.2%1740.1%
62Renault Safrane290.2%3430.2%57
63Nissan X-Trail290.2%2730.2%72
64Jeep Grand Cherokee290.2%2660.2%77
65GMC Acadia290.2%732620.2%78
66Kia Picanto280.2%543420.2%59
67Daihatsu Gran Max280.2%3060.2%64
68Chevrolet Tahoe260.2%625310.3%47
69Hyundai H1 100 Bus260.2%633330.2%62
70GMC Sierra260.2%1380.1%
71Dodge Durango260.2%1360.1%
72Chevrolet Caprice260.2%430.0%
73Hyundai Atos250.2%403150.2%63
74Hyundai Azera (MAR11)250.2%61600.0%
75Mitsubishi Lancer240.2%454650.3%48
76Suzuki APV Van240.2%663640.2%55
77Ford Explorer240.2%2690.2%76
78Fuso Rosa240.2%381770.1%101
79Infiniti QX240.2%1610.1%
80Isuzu F-Series230.2%652730.2%71
81Toyota Previa230.2%2580.2%79
82Daihatsu Terios230.2%702360.1%82
83Honda Civic230.2%2320.1%86

Many thanks to Ldman for sharing the data!

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