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Oman August 2012: Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol strong

Toyota Land Cruiser. Picture by Jonathan Kang, all rights reserved.

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Omani new car sales are up a bouncy 17% year-on-year in August to 19,522 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 135,982, up 22% on 2011. The Toyota Hilux manages to maintain itself at extremely high levels with 2,665 sales and 13.7% market share, adding up to 19,114 and 14.1% year-to-date. Like in July, the Toyota Land Cruiser holds the 2nd spot thanks to 1,702 sales and 8.7% share. It is now only 61 units below the Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up in the 2012 year-to-date ranking at 11,907 units and 8.8% vs. 11,968. Note both Hilux and Land Cruiser are up 51% on August 2011…

Nissan Patrol. Picture by supercarsdubai, all rights reserved.

Up 87% year-on-year, the Toyota Prado completes a Top 4 100% Toyota like last month. The Nissan Sunny shines in 5th place with 707 sales and 3.6%, ahead of 3 more Toyotas, making it 7 in the Top 8: the Corolla at 3.3% (+2), the Camry at 2.6% (=) and the Hiace at 2.5% (+1). Excellent performance of the Nissan Patrol breaking into the Omani Top 10 for the first time in 2012 at #9 with 451 sales and 2.3%. Notice also the Kia Optima up 4 spots to #15, the Hyundai i20 at #24, the Nissan Qashqai up 6 to #37 and the Jeep Wrangler up 18 to #43.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Outside the Top 50, the Chevrolet Malibu is up 13 ranks to #52, the Lexus ES up 31 to #53, the Honda City up 26 to #56, the Honda Pilot up 46 to #63, the Hyundai Genesis up 73 to #64, the Renault Duster is up to #65 vs. #95 year-to-date and the Mitsubishi Outlander is up 13 spots to #67 vs. #98 year-to-date. The Subaru Impreza new generation makes its first appearance in the Omani Top 100 at #90 while the Hyundai i30 is up to #94 and the VW Golf up 40 ranks to #96.

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Full August 2012 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

Oman August 2012:

PosModelO Aug 12%JulO 2012%Pos2011
1Toyota Hilux2,66513.7%119,11414.1%12
2Toyota Land Cruiser1,7028.7%211,9078.8%31
3Toyota Land Cruiser P/U1,5077.7%311,9688.8%23
4Toyota Prado1,4067.2%49,9557.3%44
5Nissan Sunny7073.6%63,3442.5%816
6Toyota Corolla6513.3%84,2023.1%56
7Toyota Camry5042.6%73,5202.6%77
8Toyota Hiace4872.5%93,6692.7%65
9Nissan Patrol4512.3%122,0931.5%1423
10Kia Cerato4502.3%112,2711.7%138
11Hyundai Elantra (MAR11)4012.1%52,8452.1%1012
12Hyundai Accent (JAN11)3471.8%132,3451.7%1217
13Kia Sportage3051.6%172,0521.5%1511
14Lexus LX2651.4%162,5381.9%1113
15Kia Optima2451.3%191,7761.3%1925
16Nissan D222421.2%102,9652.2%910
17Hyundai Sonata2371.2%181,7031.3%2015
18Hyundai Tucson2351.2%151,7931.3%1830
19Nissan Altima2011.0%251,4161.0%2322
20Kia Rio2001.0%211,8391.4%1714
21Nissan Tiida1981.0%331,0270.8%2721
22Nissan Sunny – RSM1961.0%141,8771.4%169
23Toyota Fortuner1760.9%261,2000.9%2424
24Hyundai i201610.8%246190.5%3686
25Toyota Yaris1600.8%299810.7%2818
26Toyota Avalon1500.8%301,0340.8%2628
27Isuzu NPR1440.7%271,1710.9%2527
28Toyota Coaster1430.7%329190.7%3029
29Nissan Urvan1190.6%458520.6%3142
30Hyundai Santa Fe1140.6%201,5321.1%2120
31Nissan Navara1110.6%319400.7%2919
32Toyota RAV41110.6%347890.6%3433
33Fuso Canter1090.6%221,5161.1%2235
34Nissan Maxima1070.5%545440.4%4041
35Honda Accord (incl Coupe)1060.5%358080.6%3337
36Hyundai Atos1040.5%285940.4%3863
37Nissan Qashqai1040.5%433360.2%55100
38Hyundai Azera (MAR11)1030.5%407720.6%35n/a
39Hyundai Veloster1010.5%373950.3%52n/a
40Toyota Aurion870.4%384110.3%5026
41Mitsubishi Pajero870.4%484400.3%4739
42Nissan X-Terra870.4%534990.4%4254
43Jeep Wrangler830.4%612570.2%6375
44Chevrolet Tahoe780.4%474350.3%4847
45Toyota FJ Cruiser760.4%494520.3%4632
46Kia Sorento750.4%465960.4%3743
47Nissan X-Trail730.4%394310.3%4973
48Mitsubishi L200730.4%425860.4%3936
49Nissan Pathfinder710.4%368460.6%3240
50Lexus RX650.3%414980.4%4331
51Hyundai Veracruz650.3%553980.3%5161
52Chevrolet Malibu610.3%652260.2%7291
53Lexus ES610.3%842340.2%6949
54Toyota Innova590.3%524540.3%4538
55Nissan Armada580.3%234730.3%4469
56Honda City560.3%82860.1%136111
57Hyundai H1 100 Bus550.3%513190.2%5762
58Dodge Charger540.3%792970.2%5884
59Jeep Grand Cherokee540.3%922940.2%6077
61Nissan Juke540.3%1043230.2%56125
62Isuzu D-Max500.3%445130.4%4146
63Honda Pilot490.3%1091800.1%8287
64Hyundai Genesis490.3%137920.1%13392
65Renault Duster440.2%661530.1%95 –
67Mitsubishi Outlander430.2%801490.1%98127
68Toyota Sequoia410.2%602570.2%6251
69Honda CR-V390.2%911860.1%80122
70Mitsubishi Galant380.2%573390.2%5458
71Mitsubishi Lancer380.2%732470.2%6748
72Mitsubishi Lancer EX370.2%761650.1%9068
73Chevrolet Cruze370.2%1082300.2%7056
74Kia Picanto350.2%702960.2%5959
75Ford Taurus340.2%832120.2%7681
76Chevrolet Traverse340.2%881750.1%84102
77GMC Yukon320.2%692240.2%7465
78Renault Safrane320.2%1021770.1%8357
79Fuso Fuso310.2%811420.1%99n/a
80Kia Cadenza300.2%771500.1%9694
81Kia Frontier300.2%781200.1%111n/a
82Daihatsu Gran Max300.2%872210.2%7564
83Isuzu F-Series300.2%1051700.1%8572
84Dodge Durango300.2%1241580.1%94120
85Ford Expedition280.1%951680.1%88123
86GMC Acadia270.1%981650.1%9178
87Ford Explorer260.1%641850.1%8176
88Suzuki SX4260.1%671950.1%7988
89Renault Fluence260.1%752820.2%6150
90Subaru Impreza260.1%n/a270.0%n/a –
91Nissan Patrol P/up250.1%501160.1%113n/a
92Subaru Legacy250.1%1251320.1%10389
94Hyundai i30240.1%97470.0%n/a –
95Jeep Cherokee240.1%1131100.1%117105
96VW Golf240.1%1361060.1%122112
97Ford Focus230.1%742000.1%7890
98Suzuki APV Van230.1%902370.2%6855
99Ford Escape230.1%n/a1100.1%118n/a
100Suzuki Swift Dzire220.1%68960.1%129 –
101Ford Edge220.1%851290.1%106128
102BMW X5220.1%112810.1%138130
103Suzuki Swift220.1%1321330.1%10283
104VW Tiguan220.1%n/a1000.1%127n/a

Source: Manufacturers, many thanks to Ldman for sharing the data!

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