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Moscow November 2011: Lada weak, Focus & Logan shine

Ford Focus

* See the Top 165 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

Thanks to Enrique from I can share with you the best-sellers in Moscow, Russia for November 2011 when 35,820 new cars were registered. The Muscovite car landscape is totally different than the rest of Russia and this is why it is fascinating. For starters, brand-wise, Lada is not even #1! It ranks third with 2,422 sales below Nissan (2,602) and Kia (2,442). Hyundai is #4 with 2,005 units and Toyota #5 at 2,004.

Renault Logan

The Lada 2104-5-7 however is still the best-selling model in Moscow even though it plunged to a lowest-ever #10 in the national ranking. With the Lada Priora at #10, it is the only Russian model in the Muscovite Top 10! The Ford Focus comes at a very strong 2nd with 568 sales, followed by the Renault Logan at 547, the VW Polo at 544, Opel Astra at 542 and Kia Cee’d at 516. Respectively #1 and #2 nationally, the Lada Samara and Kalina only rank #12 and #11 in Moscow.

Lifan Solano

Further along the ranking, you can see a few Chinese models: the Great Wall Hover is #45, the Vortex Tingo (aka Chery Tiggo) is #91 and the Lifan Solano a favourite with Moscow Police is #154.

Mercedes GL Class

But the most interesting feature of the Muscovite models ranking is the omnipresence of luxurious and expensive models. See for yourself: Lexus RX at #60, Infiniti FX at #70, BMW X6 at #79, Mercedes GL Class #80, Range Rover Sport #87, Mercedes S Class #106, Audi A7 #108, BMW 7 Series #112, Audi A8 #124, Porsche Cayenne #128, Audi Q7 #133 and Porsche Panamera #166…

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Full November 2011 Top 165 Ranking Table below.

Moscow November 2011:

1Lada 2104-5-77522.1%10
2Ford Focus5681.6%5
3Renault Logan5471.5%7
4VW Polo5441.5%9
5Opel Astra5421.5%14
6Kia Cee’d5161.4%22
7Skoda Octavia4941.4%13
8Nissan Qashqai4861.4%16
9Kia Rio4651.3%6
10Lada Priora (2170-1-2)4631.3%4
11Chevrolet Lacetti4461.2%17
12Lada Kalina (1118, 2117-9)4441.2%2
13Lada Samara (2113-4-5)4231.2%1
14Mitsubishi Outlander4151.2%
15Renault Sandero4071.1%11
16Toyota RAV44051.1%19
17Chevrolet Cruze4021.1%18
18Nissan X-Trail3931.1%
19Nissan Teana3921.1%
20Nissan Tiida3901.1%
21Kia Sportage3841.1%23
22Toyota Land Cruiser3801.1%
23Ford Mondeo3761.0%
24Peugeot 3083601.0%
25Toyota Camry3541.0%
26Hyundai Santa Fe3451.0%
27Suzuki SX43411.0%
28Toyota Corolla3400.9%20
30VW Tiguan3300.9%
31Daewoo Nexia3260.9%15
33Mitsubishi ASX3250.9%
34Mazda CX-73200.9%
35VW Golf3190.9%
36Chevrolet Aveo3150.9%25
37Lada 4×43140.9%12
38Kia Cerato3050.9%24
39SsangYong Kyron2970.8%
40Nissan Note2930.8%
41Suzuki Grand Vitara2900.8%
42Hyundai Getz2860.8%
43Mercedes E Class2850.8%
44Honda CR-V2830.8%
45Great Wall Hover2800.8%
46Skoda Fabia2790.8%
47VW Passat2660.7%
48Hyundai Elantra2600.7%
49VW Touareg2580.7%
50Daewoo Matiz2570.7%21
51Volvo XC602570.7%
52Kia Soul2540.7%
53BMW 1 Series2440.7%
54Audi Q52410.7%
55Hyundai ix352360.7%
56Mercedes C Class2350.7%
57Land Rover Freelander2290.6%
58Nissan Almera Classic2210.6%
59Hyundai Solaris2200.6%3
60Lexus RX2190.6%
61Chevrolet Niva2170.6%8
62Kia Sorento2170.6%
63Land Rover Discovery2160.6%
64Mitsubishi Pajero2150.6%
65Volvo XC902130.6%
66Hyundai i302110.6%
67Renault Fluence2100.6%
68BMW 5 Series2080.6%
69Skoda Yeti2070.6%
70Infiniti FX2040.6%
71UAZ 31631920.5%
72Nissan Murano1900.5%
73BMW X51870.5%
74Mitsubishi Lancer1860.5%
75Subaru Forester1850.5%
76BMW 3 Series1810.5%
77Citroen C41800.5%
78Citroen C-Crosser1800.5%
79BMW X61790.5%
80Mercedes GL Class1770.5%
81Kia Picanto1720.5%
82Hyundai Sonata1660.5%
83Mitsubishi Pajero Sport1640.5%
84Hyundai i201610.4%
85Chevrolet Captiva1610.4%
86Audi A41590.4%
87Range Rover Sport1580.4%
88Opel Corsa1570.4%
89Opel Zafira1560.4%
90Volvo S801530.4%
91Vortex Tingo1480.4%
92Range Rover Evoque1430.4%
93Peugeot 40071410.4%
94Renault Megane1390.4%
95Peugeot 30081380.4%
96Mercedes ML Class1380.4%
97Mitsubishi L2001360.4%
98Honda Accord1360.4%
99Lexus LX1360.4%
100Ford Fusion1330.4%
101Opel Antara1310.4%
102Audi A51290.4%
103BMW X11280.4%
104Skoda Superb1250.3%
105Chevrolet Epica1240.3%
106Mercedes S Class1210.3%
107Audi A61180.3%
108Audi A71180.3%
109Citroen C51140.3%
110ZAZ Chance1140.3%
111VW Touran1120.3%
112BMW 7 Series1120.3%
113Volvo S601060.3%
114Infiniti G1040.3%
115Citroen C31010.3%
116Suzuki Splash990.3%
117Subaru Impreza980.3%
118Subaru Outback970.3%
119Opel Insignia970.3%
120Infiniti M950.3%
121Lexus GX910.3%
122SsangYong Rexton910.3%
123Renault Koleos890.2%
124Audi A8880.2%
125UAZ 3151860.2%
126Toyota Avensis850.2%
127Nissan Pathfinder850.2%
128Porsche Cayenne850.2%
129Audi A1800.2%
130Infiniti QX800.2%
131Toyota Auris780.2%
132Toyota Verso770.2%
133Audi Q7740.2%
134Volvo S40730.2%
135Jaguar XF730.2%
136TAGAZ Tager720.2%
137Infiniti EX720.2%
138Mercedes B Class720.2%
139VW Amarok710.2%
140Nissan Patrol GR710.2%
141Citroen C3 Picasso690.2%
142SsangYong Actyon690.2%
143BMw 5 Series GT670.2%
144Mercedes GLK670.2%
145Peugeot 207650.2%
146Audi A3630.2%
147Cadillac Escalade610.2%
148Citroen C4 Picasso610.2%
149Cadillac SRX600.2%
150Ford S-Max600.2%
151BMW X3580.2%
152Lexus ES550.2%
153Ford Galaxy550.2%
154Lifan Solano550.2%
155Mazda BT-50550.2%
156Ford Kuga550.2%
157Hyundai Accent540.2%
158Fiat Albea510.1%
159Peugeot 107500.1%
160Kia Venga490.1%
161Suzuki Jimny470.1%
162Bogdan 2111460.1%
163Jeep Grand Cherokee440.1%
164Kia Carens430.1%
165Ford Fiesta410.1%
166Porsche Panamera400.1%


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  1. Hey matt if you ever manage to get the sales figures of Moscow or any other city than make a separate article like this. i really love to see Moscow figures again the sales there must be grown now.

  2. Wooo… Lexus RX and Infiniti FX into the top 70! It´s great to see sales from all Infiniti lineup in that list (G,M,FX,Ex,Qx)! And notice that Cadillac is also in that list with 2 models!

    Such a exotic market car!

  3. by the national Russia sales you report than only to 30 car or so and here 165?? can you post next time by the national Russia sales also up to 165 Cars??

    1. Hi Sandeep,
      God you are demanding! 🙂
      I hope you have understood by now that I publish all data i get my hands on. If I publish a Top 24 for Russia every month it’s because I can only access the Top 25, not because I’m hiding it away!!!

    1. Hi David, it is not. This article is a ‘zoom in’ on the Moscow car market as it is very different from the rest of Russia which makes it interesting. Moscow figures are counted within Russia figures in my other Russian articles.
      Hope this helps

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