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Sweden October 2011: Volvo V60 threatens V70 for pole position

Volvo V60

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Swedish car sales are down 5% this month at 25,052 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 252,590 sales, up 8%. Breaking another record, the Volvo V60 sells 1,724 units for a best-ever 6.9% share, and this is only 0.6% below Sweden’s best-selling model since 1997, the Volvo V70… Is a one in a decade event about to happen in Sweden? The answer in 2012…

In 3rd place the VW Passat is extremely strong at 1,636 units and 6.4% of the market, its 2nd best share this year. It stays #2 in 2011 at 5%. The VW Golf is also solid in 4th place at 4.1% share.

Other great performers this month include the VW Polo, up 15 spots on September to #9, the VW Tiguan up 14 spots to #15 (it’s an excellent month indeed for VW in Sweden!), the Audi A3 up 11 spots to #19, the Kia Sportage up to a best-ever 20th position and the BMW 1 Series up 28 spots to #26.

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Full October 2011 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Sweden October 2011:

1Volvo V701,8837.5%117,9317.1%11
2Volvo V601,7246.9%210,1844.0%454
3VW Passat1,6136.4%312,6775.0%23
4VW Golf1,0304.1%510,6964.2%32
5Volvo V507042.8%47,9293.1%54
6Kia Cee’d6112.4%75,6612.2%65
7Audi A45522.2%85,2832.1%76
8Volvo XC605312.1%155,2072.1%812
9VW Polo4791.9%243,7271.5%1617
10Skoda Octavia4381.7%163,7681.5%1514
11Ford Focus4301.7%64,6281.8%108
12Renault Clio4201.7%143,9471.6%1310
13Skoda Fabia4181.7%124,0441.6%1219
14BMW 5-Serie4131.6%204,5471.8%1113
15VW Tiguan4101.6%292,1820.9%3635
16Renault Megane3851.5%104,7001.9%97
17Toyota Auris3551.4%223,1751.3%1818
18Mercedes C Class3391.4%93,5181.4%1727
19Audi A33191.3%302,3530.9%3233
20Kia Sportage3051.2%272,5561.0%2878
21BMW 3-Serie3041.2%173,8711.5%1411
22Audi A62971.2%213,0011.2%2130
23Opel Astra2751.1%283,0491.2%2024
24Volvo S602591.0%112,8851.1%2239
25Skoda Superb2350.9%342,3460.9%3334
26BMW 1-Serie2310.9%541,6050.6%4347
27Toyota Yaris2290.9%362,6991.1%2515
28Nissan Qashqai2180.9%233,1641.3%1921
29Citroen C42120.8%452,3380.9%3460
30BMW X32100.8%471,2720.5%58128
31Toyota Avensis2090.8%252,5491.0%2916
32Peugeot 3082060.8%352,1970.9%3522
33Kia Venga2060.8%401,6170.6%4251
34Ford Mondeo2050.8%312,5301.0%3029
35Mercedes E Class2000.8%182,8361.1%2320
36Peugeot 5081950.8%561,6870.7%40 –
37Opel Insignia1890.8%n/a1,1730.5%63n/a
38Mitsubishi ASX1880.8%391,2880.5%5691
39Hyundai i201860.7%132,1050.8%3743
40Ford Fiesta1790.7%442,3860.9%3126
41Opel Corsa1790.7%421,2890.5%5559
42Skoda Yeti1780.7%581,3420.5%5158
43Suzuki Swift1750.7%591,5560.6%4485
44Kia Rio1650.7%483340.1%119 –
45Citroen C31640.7%331,4790.6%4637
46Mini Cooper1600.6%371,2420.5%6184
47Toyota Aygo1510.6%521,3130.5%5231
48Nissan Juke1480.6%511,2760.5%57118
49Subaru Legacy1460.6%492,0780.8%3828
50Hyundai i301420.6%322,6851.1%2625


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  1. Top 10 best selling cars in Portugal Source : ACAP – Sales dropped 42% due to the huge economical and social crisis.
    1 – RENAULT – 938
    2 – VW – 890
    3 – PEUGEOT – 736
    4 – BMW – 595
    5 – FORD – 575
    6 -CITROEN- 564
    7 – OPEL – 536
    8 – MERCEDES – 489
    9 – TOYOTA- 437
    10 -SEAT – 330

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