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Spain July 2011: Seat Ibiza and Leon on top

Seat Leon

* See the Top 100 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

At 79,406 registrations in July, the Spanish car market is down ‘only’ 4% year-on-year but July 2010 was already a poor month. The 2011 total stands at 522,520 units and -24%… Seat continues to reap the benefits of its own scrappage scheme, the Seat-Plan E, placing the Ibiza #1 at 4.5% share (4% in 2011) and the Leon at #2 at 3.5% (up to #5 and 2.8% in 2011).

The French are in shape this month: the Renault Megane is up 4 spots to #3 with 2,629 sales and 3.3%, the Peugeot 207 is up 10 spots to #4 at 2,596 units and 3.3% also and the Peugeot 308 is 4 spots to #8 at 2.4%. The Nissan Qashqai is stable in 5th place and 3.2%, holding onto its 2nd position in 2011 overall at 3.1%.

Other good performers this month include the Kia Sportage up to #29, the Peugeot 508 breaking into the Top 30 at #30 with 765 sales and 1% share and the new Lancia Y up 99 spots to #70 at 291 units and 0.4%.

Previous month: see the June 2011 Spain post here.

Full July 2011 Top 100 Ranking Table below.

Spain July 2011:

1Seat Ibiza3,5874.5%421,0784.0%1
2Seat Leon2,7913.5%114,5072.8%5
3Renault Megane2,6293.3%714,4492.8%6
4Peugeot 2072,5963.3%1413,8952.7%8
5Nissan Qashqai2,5103.2%516,0043.1%2
6VW Polo2,4073.0%614,6672.8%4
7VW Golf2,0462.6%914,0512.7%7
8Peugeot 3081,8872.4%1211,4862.2%12
9Ford Focus1,8292.3%313,4472.6%9
10Opel Astra1,7282.2%1112,1622.3%11
11Renault Clio1,5892.0%108,7201.7%14
12Citroen C4 Picasso1,4481.8%157,5661.4%17
13Opel Corsa1,4251.8%214,7872.8%3
14Renault Scenic1,2791.6%137,3611.4%18
15Citroen C41,2551.6%810,5322.0%13
16VW Passat1,1821.5%227,6481.5%16
17Audi A31,1741.5%196,9621.3%21
18Citroen C31,0451.3%177,8501.5%15
19Opel Insignia1,0271.3%187,2351.4%19
20Toyota Auris1,0241.3%257,0261.3%20
21Ford Fiesta9561.2%1612,3052.4%10
22Mercedes C Class9541.2%245,3011.0%27
23Peugeot 30089371.2%274,0450.8%36
24Seat Altea9241.2%216,8661.3%22
25Hyundai i308851.1%206,5721.3%23
26Skoda Fabia8821.1%495,2351.0%28
27Audi A48231.0%236,0541.2%24
28Dacia Sandero8171.0%263,8580.7%40
29Kia Sportage7891.0%453,9260.8%37
30Peugeot 5087651.0%353,8490.7%41
31Peugeot 50087641.0%363,6340.7%45
32Chevrolet Aveo7611.0%374,2520.8%33
33Opel Zafira7340.9%572,9730.6%55
34Ford C-Max7320.9%285,4411.0%26
35Ford Kuga7200.9%414,2970.8%32
36Dacia Duster7110.9%384,4020.8%30
37Seat Exeo6710.8%294,9991.0%29
38Hyundai i206290.8%313,5410.7%47
39BMW 1-Series6080.8%345,9541.1%25
40Nissan Juke5870.7%404,2020.8%34
41BMW 3-Series5820.7%324,3180.8%31
42Fiat 5005780.7%542,8860.6%57
43Audi A15470.7%303,8110.7%42
44Toyota Verso5450.7%503,6660.7%44
45BMW X15250.7%513,0330.6%54
46Renault Laguna5180.7%393,0870.6%53
48Citroen C54860.6%333,9190.8%38
49Kia Cee’d4790.6%553,3680.6%49
50Toyota Yaris4690.6%423,5720.7%46
51Mitsubishi ASX4530.6%533,1500.6%51
52Chevrolet Cruze4440.6%722,4420.5%65
53Ford Fusion4280.5%751,0660.2%96
54Opel Meriva4170.5%473,0950.6%52
55Hyundai ix354140.5%463,6820.7%43
56Hyundai ix204040.5%881,5150.3%82
57Ford Mondeo4000.5%622,8160.5%58
58BMW 5-Series3900.5%612,2760.4%67
59Fiat Grande Punto3880.5%443,9020.7%39
60VW Touran3880.5%483,5290.7%48
61Toyota RAV43730.5%772,2160.4%68
62Audi Q53530.4%562,7340.5%60
63Skoda Octavia3480.4%602,5950.5%63
64Volvo XC603370.4%781,8090.3%77
65Alfa Romeo Giulietta3290.4%742,0520.4%73
66Renault Koleos3240.4%792,1910.4%69
67Citroen Xsara Picasso3040.4%583,3590.6%50
68BMW X33020.4%661,9280.4%75
69Toyota Prius2990.4%762,3850.5%66
70Audi A52980.4%732,1210.4%70
71Lancia Y2910.4%1704010.1%152
72Peugeot 206+2890.4%642,0710.4%72
73Citroen C3 Picasso2870.4%672,6350.5%61
74Mercedes E Class2760.3%691,9630.4%74
75VW Tiguan2690.3%522,5980.5%62
76Toyota Avensis2680.3%811,6750.3%80
77Hyundai i102650.3%711,7930.3%78
78Honda Civic2600.3%681,8500.4%76
79Mini Countryman2580.3%941,3710.3%85
80Audi A62560.3%1151,5640.3%81
81VW Jetta2490.3%1217730.1%114
82Nissan Micra2390.3%652,5780.5%64
83Land Rover Freelander2290.3%1061,3100.3%87
84VW Scirocco2280.3%951,2140.2%88
85Chevrolet Nuevo Aveo2280.3%834630.1%148
86Honda CR-V2260.3%631,7500.3%79
87Renault Latitude2250.3%978610.2%111
88Chevrolet Orlando2040.3%921,3790.3%84
89Smart Fortwo1910.2%842,1150.4%71
90Honda Accord1910.2%911,1920.2%90
91Kia Sorento1910.2%1039360.2%106
92Ford S-Max1820.2%991,3510.3%86
93Fiat Panda1730.2%702,7770.5%59
94VW Touareg1720.2%1248420.2%112
95Toyota Aygo1700.2%1071,0520.2%98
96Lexus CT200h1700.2%1209760.2%102
97Renault Fluence1700.2%1029540.2%104
98SsangYong Korando1680.2%1146910.1%119
99Skoda Superb1670.2%1041,1600.2%92
100Mercedes B Class1650.2%592,9130.6%56


This Post Has 8 Comments
  1. Miguel, then I supose you’re saying the data I’m talking about are wrong, then you’re saying the data in this blog are wrong…

    I repeat, I’m Italian cars fan, I prefer FIAT Punto to SEAT Ibiza but it’s necesary make a special analysis (year 2010):

    FIAT Punto Classic + Grande Punto + Punto Evo (three different models added together!): #10 in Europe with 267,000 units. 155,000 of them were sold in Italy, then only 112,000 units in Europe outside Italy.

    SEAT Ibiza: #24 in Europe with 158,000 units. 40,000 of them were sold in Spain, then 118,000 units in Europe outside Spain.

    I don’t mind if SEAT Ibiza has poor sales in South Africa (and great sales in Mexico). I only said that you and Miguel Figueira are wrong when you say SEAT Ibiza has no success in another countries, and the data of this blog have proved it.

    If you don’t want to see it, I can’t do anything, but I don’t understand why you are questioning the data I wrote (taking from this blog).

  2. Pepi, I´m Portuguese and here in my country is hardly to see a Seat Ibiza. It´s not the second best selling car, that I assure you at 100%!!!!!!! Probably the 16th or 17th best selling car if it is. About the Fiat Punto you mentioned, do not forget that´s the 9th best selling car in Europe and best selling car in Italy since 1995!!!!!!!!!!! Even in coutries like South Africa where imported Italian cars are quite expensive the Punto sells about 120 unities per mounth!!!!! Do not compare the charismatic and funny Punto to the ugly duck Ibiza in in style, quality, reliability and sales!!

  3. I’m talking about its sales, I’m not talking about its price, quality, resale value or countries where it’s sold.

    You can see in this excellent blog:
    Austria (June): #4
    Greece (June): #7
    Portugal (full year 2010): #2
    Netherlands, Germany, France in top 30 with a great level of sales (considering it’s not a French or a German car)

    If this is not success for a car like SEAT Ibiza, then I don’t know what is.

    I’m not a fan of SEAT Ibiza, I prefer Italian cars like FIAT Punto… but you can see SEAT Ibiza sold more cars in Europa ouside Spain, than FIAT Punto in Europa outside Italy… but you see it’s on top10 and you think it’s a great success…

    I think you must forget your prejudices to talk about sales…

  4. The Ibiza was the 24th best seller in Europe last year. It has great sales in Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, and good sales in another countries (Germany, France, etc.)… so ‘only in Spain’ it’s a very big lie.

    Pepi, your comment was not polite at all. In fact the Ibiza is doing well only in Spain where it is sold at a quite competitive price. Resale value for this car is quite poor and there are lots of countries where it is not sold. In South Africa for instance, Seat had to pulled out of the market two years ago because of quite poor sales, some problems and weak resale value. the Ibiza sells well only in Spain and this is not a lie is a reality. Seat is not a great car marque.

  5. @Miguel Figueira

    The Ibiza was the 24th best seller in Europe last year. It has great sales in Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, and good sales in another countries (Germany, France, etc.)… so ‘only in Spain’ it’s a very big lie.

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