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Spain Full Year 2019: Exclusive models ranking for all 19 regions now available

The Ford Focus is the best-selling vehicle in the Murcia region in 2019.

Thanks to our partnership with ANFAC we can share with you today exclusive Spanish data by model for all 19 regions of the country. As we previously noticed in the 2018 by province rankings, the Dacia Sandero is by far the model with the most widespread success, winning 8 regions and appearing on the podium of 17 out of 19 regions whereas no other model managed to appear in the Top 5 of at least 10 regions.

The Dacia Sandero wins in 8 out of 19 Spanish regions in 2019.

Why didn’t it snap the national lead in 2019 then? Simply because it is relatively weak in Madrid which accounts for a whopping 34% of all Spanish registrations in 2019 (474.350). The Seat Leon therefore only needs to win in Madrid and just one additional region (Asturias) to top the national charts. The Hyundai Tucson surprises with two regional wins (Baleares and Ceuta) and six Top 5 finishes whereas it only ranks #18 nationally.

The Toyota RAV4 is the best-seller in Melilla.

No other nameplate manages to win more than one region, with the Nissan Qashqai, Renault Megane, Peugeot 3008 and VW Polo all winning one, and more surprisingly as they all outside the national Top 20, so do the Ford Focus (#21) in Murcia, Toyota RAV4 (#37) in Melilla and Jeep Renegade (#42) in Aragón. Other low-ranked models snapping at least one Top 5 regional finish in 2019 are the Ford Kuga (#28), Kia Sportage (#29), Hyundai i30 (#39), Fiat 500X (#41), Hyundai i30 (#53), Jeep Compass (#64), Mitsubishi ASX (#68) and Outlander (#118).

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Full Year 2019 Top 5 models for each 19 region below.

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