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Greece June 2011: Opel Corsa continues to dominate

Opel Corsa

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The Greek car market is back in trouble: after a ‘remiss’ in April (-18%) and May (-15%), sales are down 33% year-on-year in June at 9,739 units, with the 1st Half total down 44% at 55,261 registrations.

The Opel Corsa has definitely made its mark on Greek car sales this year: it leads the way for the 5th time out of 6 months with a very robust 6.6% market share thanks to 645 sales. The Nissan Micra is extremely solid: still #2 with 5.4% of the market, ahead of the Fiat Panda (3.8%) and VW Polo (3.6%), making the Top 4 identical to last month.

Other good performers this month in Greece include the Chevrolet Spark, up 11 spots to #8, the Mercedes A Class up 20 spots to #20, the Audi A3 up 15 spots to #22 and the Mercedes C Class up 20 spots to #31.

Previous month: see the May 2011 Top 50 here.

Full June 2011 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Greece June 2011:

1Opel Corsa6456.6%13,2205.8%13
2Nissan Micra5265.4%21,7713.2%718
3Fiat Panda3693.8%31,7883.2%66
4VW Polo3533.6%42,3154.2%34
5Ford Fiesta3173.3%61,9873.6%42
6Opel Astra3103.2%51,8113.3%55
7Seat Ibiza2812.9%81,2522.3%917
8Chevrolet Spark2702.8%199181.7%1526
9Toyota Auris2462.5%91,5982.9%87
10Skoda Octavia2282.3%131,2232.2%1010
11VW Golf2192.2%101,0912.0%119
12Toyota Aygo2182.2%129541.7%1414
13Hyundai i102122.2%281,0591.9%128
14Toyota Yaris2012.1%72,4144.4%21
15Peugeot 1072012.1%237581.4%2142
16Hyundai i201801.8%118211.5%1812
17Smart Fortwo1701.7%218931.6%1620
18VW Tiguan1501.5%265891.1%3134
19Nissan Qashqai1411.4%276811.2%2411
20Mercedes A-Class1311.3%403300.6%49 –
21Opel Insignia1261.3%327131.3%2213
22Audi A31201.2%374200.8%4135
23Citroen C11181.2%156101.1%2744
24Skoda Fabia1161.2%168371.5%1723
25Fiat Grande Punto1141.2%176461.2%2522
26Fiat 5001131.2%247701.4%2027
27Seat Leon1131.2%346381.2%2632
28Suzuki Swift1051.1%187121.3%2321
29VW Passat1051.1%414480.8%3746
30Alfa Romeo Giulietta1031.1%385190.9%3471
31Mercedes C-Class890.9%512890.5%5548
32Citroen C3880.9%148161.5%1915
33Ford Focus870.9%209651.7%1319
34Kia Ceed840.9%225821.1%3324
35Hyundai i30840.9%296071.1%2816
36Mitsubishi ASX830.9%356051.1%2989
38Nissan Juke810.8%305871.1%3299
39Audi A1780.8%364240.8%4087
40Peugeot 207770.8%336051.1%3025
41Kia Picanto740.8%313540.6%47 –
42Toyota Avensis720.7%524140.7%4231
43Skoda Yeti710.7%454360.8%3930
44BMW 1-Series690.7%534660.8%3653
45Peugeot 308610.6%572690.5%5655
46Renault Clio560.6%253420.6%4838
47Honda Jazz540.6%433940.7%4345
48Audi A4530.5%642270.4%64 –
49Opel Meriva520.5%473300.6%50 –
50Citroen C4510.5%493270.6%5147

Source: SEAA

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