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Greece May 2011: Nissan Micra up to #2

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After -55% in March and -18% in April, Greek car sales are definitely on the mend but still down 15% in May at 10,076 units, bringing the 2011 year-to-date total to 45,534 registrations, down 46%. The Opel Corsa is #1 for the 4th month out of 5 this year at 674 sales and an imposing 6.7% share, its best so far this year.

Continuing its impressive progression thanks to the new generation, the Nissan Micra is up 2 spots over April at #2 with 556 sales and 5.5%, it is up to #8 year-to0-date at 2.7%. The Fiat Panda ranks 3rd at 4.1%, up 4 spots ahead of the VW Polo and Opel Astra. The Toyota Yaris, #1 in 2010, is down to #7 and loses the 2010 year-to-date #1 spot to the Opel Corsa.

Full Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Greece May 2011:

1Opel Corsa6746.7%12,5755.7%13
2Nissan Micra5565.5%41,2452.7%818
3Fiat Panda4164.1%71,4193.1%66
4VW Polo3653.6%31,9624.3%34
5Opel Astra3443.4%51,5013.3%55
6Ford Fiesta3083.1%21,6703.7%42
7Toyota Yaris3043.0%62,2134.9%21
8Seat Ibiza2452.4%89712.1%1017
9Toyota Auris2302.3%91,3523.0%77
10VW Golf2092.1%118721.9%129
11Hyundai i202012.0%546411.4%2012
12Toyota Aygo1941.9%247361.6%1414
13Skoda Octavia1891.9%129952.2%910
14Citroen C31771.8%317281.6%1515
15Citroen C11611.6%134921.1%3244
16Skoda Fabia1601.6%147211.6%1723
17Fiat Grande Punto1561.5%355321.2%2522
18Suzuki Swift1531.5%256071.3%2121
19Chevrolet Spark1501.5%156481.4%1926
20Ford Focus1501.5%188781.9%1119
21Smart Fortwo1491.5%237231.6%1620
22Kia Ceed1461.4%444981.1%3124
23Peugeot 1071371.4%175571.2%2342
24Fiat 5001351.3%276571.4%1827
25Renault Clio1261.3%432860.6%4738
26VW Tiguan1191.2%384391.0%3334
27Nissan Qashqai1171.2%265401.2%2411
28Hyundai i101141.1%218471.9%138
29Hyundai i301101.1%105231.1%2816
30Nissan Juke1101.1%305061.1%3099
31Kia Picanto1071.1%292800.6%48
32Opel Insignia1071.1%345871.3%2213
33Peugeot 2071051.0%195281.2%2625
34Seat Leon1051.0%225251.2%2732
35Mitsubishi ASX1001.0%165221.1%2989
36Audi A1950.9%733460.8%3987
37Audi A3860.9%413000.7%4635
38Alfa Romeo Giulietta820.8%404160.9%3471
39Peugeot 206+820.8%521690.4%70
40Mercedes A-Class800.8%631990.4%62
41VW Passat780.8%393430.8%4046
42Nissan Pixo760.8%453200.7%4464
43Honda Jazz750.7%323400.7%4245
44Alfa Romeo Mi.To720.7%463390.7%4355
45Skoda Yeti700.7%363650.8%3830
47Opel Meriva650.6%602780.6%49
48VW Scirocco630.6%483980.9%3528
49Citroen C4630.6%582760.6%5047
50Suzuki SX4580.6%532180.5%5536

Source: SEAA

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