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Argentina June 2011: Ford Fiesta Kinetic and Chevy Celta step up

Ford Fiesta Kinetic

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New car sales in Argentina are up for the 20th consecutive month at a whopping +40% in June with 76,497 registrations, bringing the half-year figure to 438,677 units, up 31%. The Chevrolet Classic stands its ground and dominates the ranking again with 3,939 sales and 5.1% share, ahead of the VW Gol Trend (4.1%) and Gol Power (3.9%).

Chevrolet Celta

The best performer this month is the Ford Fiesta Kinetic, imported from Mexico, up 15 spots on May to a promising 6th place with 2,161 sales and 2.8%. Another car climbing up the ranks is the Chevrolet Celta, not exactly a novelty but sold until now as the Suzuki Fun, now discontinued. As a result the Celta is up 36 spots to #12 and 1,688 units. The Citroen C3 Picasso ranks 72nd for its very first month with 143 sales.

Previous month: see the May 2011 Top 100 here.

Full June 2011 Top 120 Ranking Table below.

Argentina June 2011:

1Chevrolet Classic3,9395.1%123,6544.5%11
2VW Gol Trend3,1284.1%318,5083.5%23
3VW Gol Power2,9713.9%211,6302.0%77
4Peugeot 2072,9093.8%417,9603.4%32
5Ford Ecosport2,3573.1%715,3203.0%45
6Ford Fiesta Kinetic2,1612.8%215,5670.8%2581
7VW Bora2,0562.7%611,5362.2%818
8Renault Sandero1,8452.4%513,4742.7%54
9Toyota Hilux1,8232.4%911,3772.2%98
10VW Suran1,7752.3%811,7972.3%66
11Chevrolet Agile1,7222.3%118,8901.6%1215
12Chevrolet Celta1,6882.2%482,1220.1%54 –
13Ford Ranger1,6702.2%176,7711.2%2016
14Ford Ka1,4932.0%298,1201.5%1512
15Ford Focus II1,4861.9%138,4481.6%1420
16Chevrolet Aveo1,4381.9%209,4191.8%1013
17Fiat Uno 20101,4331.9%146,3931.1%2166
18Renault Kangoo1,3411.8%108,7431.7%139
19VW Vento1,3281.7%223,6570.5%4037
20Fiat Siena1,2591.6%157,7451.5%1814
21VW Voyage1,2561.6%188,0311.5%1717
22VW Amarok1,2031.6%128,1061.6%1633
23Toyota Corolla1,2001.6%265,5641.0%2627
24Renault Clio1,1811.5%169,3081.9%1111
25Peugeot Partner1,1311.5%197,3461.4%1922
26Chevrolet Meriva1,0991.4%234,1420.7%3734
27Chevrolet S101,0281.3%245,0460.9%2829
28VW Fox9891.3%335,6521.1%2321
29Fiat Palio9631.3%444,5100.8%3210
30Honda Fit8501.1%464,5240.8%3123
31Fiat Uno Fire8281.1%344,5590.9%3026
32Ford Fiesta8271.1%256,0691.2%2219
33Fiat Strada8211.1%412,8410.5%4649
34Peugeot 4088061.1%392,4510.4%50 –
35Fiat Fiorino7611.0%274,2430.8%3532
36Fiat Punto7351.0%314,3440.8%3425
37Nissan Tiida7030.9%375,2001.0%2735
38Peugeot 2066950.9%403,7400.7%3938
39Citroen C46780.9%284,9021.0%2924
40Citroen C3 Aircross6530.9%382,0430.3%56 –
41Renault Fluence6280.8%304,1870.8%3699
42Renault Logan6000.8%365,6411.1%2428
43Renault Symbol5660.7%323,8260.7%3831
44Chevrolet Astra5650.7%353,3210.6%4139
45Fiat Palio Weekend5290.7%433,2940.6%42 –
46Honda CRV5250.7%542,7590.5%4745
47Citroen Berlingo5220.7%453,2890.6%4343
48Citroen C35220.7%493,2510.6%4440
49Fiat Idea4850.6%552,4530.4%4953
50Peugeot 3074790.6%474,4570.9%3330
51Nissan Frontier4540.6%531,9390.3%5754
52Chevrolet Cruze4310.6%602,1340.4%53 –
53VW Saveiro3370.4%512,4460.5%5144
54Mercedes Sprinter3280.4%571,7110.3%5950
55Renault Master3180.4%502,3180.5%5247
56Chevrolet Montana3040.4%659920.2%71 –
57VW CrossFox2640.3%621,9100.4%5852
58Honda City2340.3%423,0360.6%4541
59Dodge Journey2280.3%522,4640.5%4855
60Nissan Sentra2230.3%581,4880.3%62 –
61Chevrolet Corsa SW2160.3%598950.2%76n/a
62Citroen Xsara Picasso2120.3%641,7010.3%6048
63Toyota Hilux SW42090.3%611,3160.3%6559
64Chevrolet Vectra2030.3%661,3260.3%6446
65Toyota RAV41750.2%681,2620.2%67 –
66Fiat Linea1670.2%767090.1%8257
67VW Gol Country1630.2%675240.1%93n/a
68Ford Focus One1620.2%701,0770.2%6951
69Ford Kuga1620.2%719040.2%74 –
70Chevrolet Spark1520.2%n/a3720.1%103 –
71Fiat Ducato1440.2%907350.1%79 –
72Citroen C3 Picasso1430.2% –1430.0%123 –
73Honda Civic1390.2%741,2660.3%6656
74Chery Tiggo1380.2%839880.2%7260
75Chevrolet Captiva1360.2%697700.1%78 –
76Hyundai i101340.2%631,4230.3%63 –
77Peugeot 30081290.2%806830.1%84 –
78Audi A11280.2%814340.1%96 –
79Mercedes C Class1250.2%791,1170.2%68 –
80Iveco Daily1170.2%787280.1%80 –
81Ford F1001140.1%739220.2%73 –
82Audi A31110.1%866800.1%85 –
83Audi A41050.1%825590.1%89 –
84VW Tiguan1030.1%779040.2%75 –
85Hyundai Tucson1030.1%995500.1%90 –
86Mercedes GLK960.1%1084270.1%97 –
87Mercedes B Class950.1%1113710.1%104 –
88Suzuki Fun910.1%562,0960.5%5536
89Chevrolet Corsa II840.1%751,5650.3%61 –
90Renault Koleos840.1%726930.1%83 –
91Kia K2500840.1%1024060.1%99 –
92Hyundai Santa Fe820.1%916100.1%88 –
93Peugeot Expert820.1%933180.1%109 –
94Chery Face790.1%1033800.1%102 –
95Ford Transit730.1%893380.1%107 –
96Audi A5700.1%874400.1%95 –
97Toyota Land Cruiser640.1% –640.0%n/a –
98Mitsubishi L200630.1%945020.1%94 –
99Audi Q5600.1%923580.1%105 –
100Peugeot Boxer580.1%n/an/an/an/a –
101Kia Sorento570.1%1074230.1%98 –
102Chrysler PT Cruiser560.1%856270.1%87 –
103Citroen C4 Picasso550.1%1043860.1%101 –
104VW Passat520.1%846400.1%86 –
105Renault Megane III500.1%1067160.2%81 –
106Hyundai H1500.1%985490.1%91 –
107Kia Cerato400.1%1132470.0%112 –
108Chery QQ390.1%958210.2%77 –
109Hyundai i30390.1%n/a2660.1%110 –
110Alfa Romeo Mi.To370.0%112n/an/an/a –
111Peugeot RCZ370.0%114n/an/an/a –
112Smart Fortwo360.0%1172430.0%113 –
113Renault Latitude350.0%1011090.0%n/a –
114Kia Soul340.0%n/an/an/an/a –
115Kia Picanto330.0%1052110.0%119 –
116Jeep Wrangler300.0%n/an/an/an/a –
117Citroen DS3290.0%1002410.0%115 –
118Hyundai Genesis260.0%1103400.1%106 –
119VW Golf250.0%1092370.0%116 –
120Citroen Jumper230.0%971540.0%121 –

Source: ACARA,

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