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Mexico April 2011: VW Clasico on top again!

VW Clasico

The Mexican car market is on the rise again this month with 65,246 registrations, up 8% year-on-year. For the second time this year, the VW Clasico (a restyled 3rd generation Jetta) takes the lead, but this time its advance on the Nissan Tsuru is sizeable: with 4,795 sales and 7.3% it towers above the Tsuru by 560 units and 0.8% share.

Would 2011 be the first year since 2003 the Nissan Tsuru is not the best selling year in Mexico? This will be a very interesting next few months to follow. At end-April, the Tsuru leads with 20,039 sales and 7.3% (+5%) ahead of the Clasico at 19,496 and 7.1% (+63%)…

In third place, the Nissan Tiida Sedan stays very strong at 5.8% share, well ahead of the Chevrolet Aveo, slightly weaker at 3.4%. The Chevrolet Chevy 3pts is up 4 spots at #6 and the Chevy 4 pts is back in the Top 10 at #9. The VW Nuevo Jetta is down 2 spots at #7.

Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

Mexico April 2011:

1VW Clasico4,7957.3%219,4967.1%63%22
2Nissan Tsuru4,2356.5%120,0397.3%5%11
3Nissan Tiida Sedan3,7605.8%316,2915.9%62%33
4Chevrolet Aveo2,2343.4%410,6113.8%27%44
5Nissan Chasis Largo1,9303.0%67,1062.6%22%77
6Chevrolet Chevy 3pts1,8772.9%106,1782.2%0%85
7VW Nuevo Jetta1,8522.8%57,8202.8%new5
8Nissan Sentra 2.01,6572.5%77,2192.6%9%66
9Chevrolet Chevy 4pts (e)1,4002.1%n/a4,5151.6%-3%108
10Seat Ibiza (e)1,1501.8%94,4571.6%n/a11

Source: AMDA

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