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Japan Kei cars October 2010: Wagon R back on top

Suzuki Wagon R Stingray

Kei comes from keijidōsha, light automobile, and corresponds to vehicles under 3.4m length (For more on Kei cars see here). Traditionally, the best-selling Kei cars in Japan outsell the passenger cars, but with the arrival of the new Prius this is not valid anymore.

The Suzuki Wagon R, #2 in September, is back to the top in October with 15,176 registrations, but this is not enough to regain the year-to-date lead still occupied by the Daihatsu Tanto with 167,499 units vs. 167,296 for the Wagon R. This is a great performance for the Tanto, as the Wagon R has been the best-selling Kei car in Japan since 2003.

Other gainers in the YTD rankings include the Suzuki Alto in 4th (+31%), the Daihatsu Mira in 5th (+33%) and the Suzuki Palette in 6th (+50%). The only newcomer in the Top 20 is the Nissan Roox (9th YTD and 7th in October) which is actually a rebadged Suzuki Palette.

Suzuki Palette

Top 20 Kei cars and Top 15 commercial Kei cars ranking tables below.

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