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Austria October 2010: Golf #1, i30 #2

The Austrian car market is up for the third month in a row with 28,713 registrations and +7%, and the VW Golf stays safely on top at 1,207 sales and 4.2% (vs. 5.2% year-to-date).

This month’s best performance goes to the Hyundai i30, #2 for the 2nd time this year with 3.2% (it got 3.9% in August), it climbs onto the podium year-to-date with 6,756 sales and 2.4%, behind the Golf and the Polo (3.9%).

Notice the excellent overall score of the Seat Ibiza, #4 year-to-date, Austria being its best country outside the Iberian peninsula. Other strong performers in October include the VW Touran (6th), Tiguan (7th) and new gen Sharan (pictured below), excelling in 14th position and 1.5%, just ahead of the Ford Galaxy. Austria is indeed much more fond of German MPV’s than Germany itself.

Full Top 30 year-to-date and Top 50 October ranking tables below.

Top 30 January-October 2010:

1VW Golf14,4835.2%1,2074.2%1
2VW Polo10,8813.9%7422.6%3
3Hyundai i306,7562.4%9233.2%2
4Seat Ibiza6,6142.4%5131.8%9
5Skoda Fabia6,3412.3%6422.2%5
6Opel Astra6,2262.2%4931.7%10
7Audi A45,6652.0%4801.7%12
8Skoda Octavia5,3181.9%6562.3%4
9Opel Corsa4,6231.7%4861.7%11
10Opel Meriva4,5451.6%4771.7%13
11Ford Fiesta4,3741.6%4011.4%17
12Fiat 5004,3251.5%3981.4%18
13Audi A34,2411.5%2640.9%34
14VW Tiguan4,1951.5%5481.9%7
15Kia Cee’d4,0061.4%5271.8%8
16Peugeot 2073,8631.4%3861.3%20
17Fiat Punto3,8141.4%2680.9%33
18Opel Zafira3,5991.3%3251.1%25
19Renault Scenic3,3641.2%4401.5%15
20Renault Megane3,2281.2%3351.2%23
21Citroen C4 Picasso3,1831.1%2831.0%29
22VW Passat3,0601.1%3931.4%19
23Renault Clio3,0291.1%3101.1%26
24Ford Galaxy2,9401.0%4301.5%16
26Ford Focus2,9211.0%2050.7%46
27BMW X12,8831.0%3271.1%24
28Nissan Qashqai2,8051.0%2150.7%43
29BMW Serie 32,7621.0%2931.0%28

Top 50 October 2010:

1VW Golf1,2074.2%1
2Hyundai i309233.2%4
3VW Polo7422.6%2
4Skoda Octavia6562.3%6
5Skoda Fabia6422.2%3
6VW Touran5561.9%16
7VW Tiguan5481.9%9
8Kia Cee’d5271.8%17
9Seat Ibiza5131.8%5
10Opel Astra4931.7%7
11Opel Corsa4861.7%8
12Audi A44801.7%12
13Opel Meriva4771.7%10
14VW Sharan4451.5%60
15Renault Scenic4401.5%39
16Ford Galaxy4301.5%27
17Ford Fiesta4011.4%13
18Fiat 5003981.4%15
19VW Passat3931.4%21
20Peugeot 2073861.3%26
21Opel Insignia3531.2%31
22Dacia Duster3411.2%55
23Renault Megane3351.2%24
24BMW X13271.1%32
25Opel Zafira3251.1%11
26Renault Clio3101.1%42
27Alfa Romeo Giulietta2971.0%47
28BMW Serie 32931.0%33
29Citroen C4 Picasso2831.0%44
30BMW Serie 52801.0%37
31Hyundai ix352710.9%51
32Audi A12710.9%25
33Fiat Punto2680.9%18
34Audi A32640.9%28
35Peugeot 3082500.9%41
36VW Golf Plus2450.9%22
38Seat Altea2290.8%n/a
40Mercedes E Klasse2260.8%46
41Mercedes C Klasse2250.8%30
42BMW Serie 12250.8%n/a
43Nissan Qashqai2150.7%34
44Fiat Panda2080.7%36
45Hyundai i102060.7%38
46Ford Focus2050.7%14
48Suzuki Swift2020.7%23
49Toyota Auris1970.7%n/a
50VW Bus1870.7%29

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