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Austria 2009: VW Golf and Polo on top, Seat Ibiza #3

Seat Ibiza

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Austrian car sales jump 9% in 2009 at a very healthy 319,403 registrations. Not surprisingly, the new VW Golf VI takes the relay of the Golf V and finishes the year a distant 1st with 12,763 sales and 4% share. It lead the monthly rankings 9 times out of 12. Up 18%, the VW Polo is #2 overall at 8,900 sales and 2.8% and was #1 in October (1.081 sales).

At an amazing 3rd place, the Seat Ibiza delivers the best performance of the year, up from 8th in 2008 with 8,018 sales (+56%) and 2.5% of the Austrian market. It was even #1 in June with 1,402 sales, the 2nd highest monthly volume achieved by a non-VW model in the last 10 years.

In 4th, the Skoda Octavia is up an excellent 33% at 7,307 sales and 2.3% share, and took the lead for the very first time in this country in February. It is followed by its little sister the Skoda Fabia, #5 at 7,217 sales. Notice the Ford Fiesta (+55%), Audi A3 (+29%) and VW Golf Plus (+66%) all breaking into the yearly Top 10.

Full Year 2009 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

Austria Full Year 2009:

1VW Golf VI12,7634.0%615%1,7860.6%
2VW Polo8,9002.8%18%7,5702.6%4
3Seat Ibiza8,0182.5%56%5,1451.8%8
4Skoda Octavia7,3072.3%33%5,4981.9%7
5Skoda Fabia7,2132.3%-11%8,1062.8%2
6Audi A46,9332.2%-14%8,0822.8%3
7Opel Corsa6,2932.0%32%4,7791.6%9
8Ford Fiesta5,6141.8%55%3,6151.2%22
9Audi A35,3761.7%29%4,1781.4%15
10VW Golf Plus5,1591.6%66%3,1161.1%28
11Opel Astra5,0761.6%13%4,4771.5%11
12VW Tiguan5,0351.6%21%4,1541.4%17
13Peugeot 2074,5621.4%-22%5,8732.0%5
14Kia Cee’d4,3491.4%4%4,1721.4%16
15Fiat Punto4,3221.4%-2%4,4311.5%13
16VW Passat4,3031.3%-27%5,8702.0%6
17Ford Focus4,2781.3%-9%4,7071.6%10
18BMW 3-Series4,1891.3%3%4,0561.4%20
19Fiat 5004,0421.3%46%2,7770.9%32
20Hyundai i304,0261.3%110%1,9190.7%


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