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Australia September 2010

The Australian market continues its good year: +9% in September at 85,051 units and +15% over the first 9 months (780,671 sales).

Once threatened by the Toyota Corolla when the new model came out a couple of years ago, the Holden Commodore now has quite a comfortable lead in the models ranking with 34,620 units sold in 9 months and a 4.4% market share. However, in spite of a great month at 4.7% in September the Commodore is only 160 sales ahead of the #2, the Mazda3, which has managed an amazing month with 3,878 units sold and a 4.6% market share.

In fact, pretty much all Mazda models have posted incredible scores this month: the Mazda2 is 10th with 2% (vs. 18th in 2010 at 1.4%) and the Mazda CX-7 breaks into the Top20 for the very first time with 1,076 units sold and 1.3% of the market (it is 31st at 1% in 2010).

Full ranking table and more info below.

The Toyota Corolla has been faring well in recent months (it was 2nd overall in August) and it is posting a solid month again in September with a 3.9% market share. On the contrary, the Toyota Hilux is starting to show its age and has dropped to 4th with only 3.1% (it is 2nd over the first 9 months of 2010 with a 3.9% market share).

Another excellent month for the Holden Cruze: 5th and +1 place vs. August with a strong 2.9% market share. The Cruze is 7th overall in 2010 with 2.7% of the market, behind the Hyundai i30 (5th) and the Ford Falcon (6th).

Other strong performers include the Toyota RAV4, 14th with 1.6%, and the Mazda BT-50, 23rd with 1.2%.

Lastly, let’s notice the 58th position of the Great Wall V240 with 375 sales and 0.4% of the market, down from 54th and 416 sales (0.5%) in August, and the 70th position of the Great Wall X240 at 288 sales and 0.3%, down from 63rd and 307 sales (0.4%) last month. A bit more than a year after its arrival in Australia, Great Wall is the 17th marque at 4,935 sales (0.6%) over 9 months.

1Holden Commodore4,0384.7%134,6204.4%1
3Toyota Corolla3,3163.9%229,3383.8%4
4Toyota Hilux2,6793.1%330,1273.9%2
5Holden Cruze2,4322.9%621,3972.7%7
6Ford Falcon2,2652.7%722,9512.9%6
7Hyundai i302,2232.6%523,8493.1%5
8Toyota Camry2,1722.6%817,6222.3%9
9Mitsubishi Lancer1,8522.2%1118,3102.3%8
11Nissan Navara1,5911.9%915,9322.0%11
12Hyundai Getz1,4871.7%1016,8132.2%10
13Toyota Yaris1,4651.7%1215,7272.0%12
14Toyota RAV41,4001.6%2110,5971.4%20
15Mitsubishi Triton1,3331.6%2012,3841.6%14
16Subaru Forester1,3301.6%1411,4561.5%17
17Ford Ranger1,2641.5%1310,9251.4%19
18Toyota Prado1,2321.4%1812,8821.7%13
19Holden Captiva1,1851.4%1612,0861.5%15
20Mazda CX-71,0761.3%337,4181.0%31

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