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Australia August 2023: Nissan (+154.1%), MG (+76.6%), Isuzu Ute (+68.3%) shine in record market

Nissan X-Trail sales are up 197.1% year-on-year thanks to the new generation.

7/09 update: Now with Top 295 All models ranking

For the third time in the past 4 months after May and July, the Australian new light vehicle market breaks its monthly record, posting the largest ever August volume and first time above the 100,000 mark at 109,966 (+15.4%). It eclipses the previous best of 96,662 from August 2017. The year-to-date volume is up 9.9% to 788,584 units, only 384 sales below the 8-month record of 788,968 established in 2017. Many of the cars reported as sold this month were actually ordered months ago so this August performance my not reflect the real demand of Australian consumers. All States and territories are up year-on-year in August, with Western Australia (up 32.5% to 11,637), South Australia (up 21.9% to 6,952) and Northern Territory (up 21.4% to 991) are the most dynamic, followed by Victoria (+16.3% to 29,126), Tasmania (+14.4% to 1,843), Australian Capital Territory (+13.7% to 1,713), New South Wales (+13.6% to 34,655) and Queensland (+7.8% to 23,049).

SUV sales shoot up 28.3% year-on-year to 62,313 units and a whopping 56.7% share (believed to be a record) vs. 51% a year ago and 50.5% in 2021, Light commercials edge up 6.9% to 24,031 and 21.9% share vs. 23.6% in August 2022 and 23.7% in 2021 and Passenger Cars skid -3.3% to 19,336 and 17.6% share vs. 21% last year and 21.4% two years ago. The rest of the market is held by Heavy Commercials at +1.7% to 4,286 and 3.9% share vs. 4.4% last year. Private sales are up 12.1% to 57,916, business fleets up 14.4% to 37,937, sales to rental companies up 18.5% to 6,567 and government fleets up 35.7% to 3,260. Petrol sales gain just 7.8% to 52,407, diesel is up 9.15 to 33,590, hybrid up 68.7% to 11,584, BEC up 64.9% to 6,984 and PHEV up 106.1% to 1,113. Looking at sales by country of origin, Japan is up 23.3% to 35,945, Thailand is up 16.2% to 23,095, China up 44.8% to 16,150, South Korea down -1.8% to 13,764 and Germany up 28.8% to 5,413.

In the brands aisle, Toyota (+8.3%) returns above 20% share for the first time since last November at 20.3% as import supply improves but still significantly trails the market. Mazda (-4.1%) is in difficulty at #2 and 7.7% share vs. 8.5% year-to-date whereas Ford (+35.3%) signs another splendid YoY again and advances to #3 year-to-date, passing Kia (-4%). Like its sister brand, Hyundai (-2%) is also very shy this month and ends August just 3 sales above Kia. MG (+76.6%) continues to roar up at #6 but Mitsubishi (-22.2%) is in freefall at #7. Isuzu Ute (+68.3%) breaks its monthly volume record at 4,712 with Subaru (+59%) and Nissan (+154.1%) closing up the Top 10 in fantastic fashion. Below, Lexus (+253.2%) and Land Rover (+217.7%) stand out.

Over in the models ranking, the Toyota Hilux (-7.3%) reclaims the top spot for just 2 sales above the Ford Ranger (+28.1%). The Hilux (-13.7%) also leads the YTD charts for now with a 881-sale advantage over the Ranger (+38.3%). The Toyota RAV4 (+33.6%) climbs back up to #3 and #1 SUV but remains below the MG ZS (+118.3%) and Tesla Model Y (+127.5%) in the YTD order. The Isuzu D-Max (+70.2%) is up to a great 4th place with 3% share, while the Toyota Corolla (+32.8%) confirms it is now back in the Australian Top 10 at #6. Solid scores also by the Hyundai Tucson (+21.2%) and Mitsubishi Outlander (+29.5%). The Subaru Outback (+138.3%), Nissan X-Trail (+197.1%) and Ford Everest (+260.2%) also make themselves noticed.

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