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Australia October 2010: Commodore strengthens its lead

Stable this month at 74,566 registrations, the Australian car market continues its good run, up 12% year-to-date with 793,704 sales.

Holden launched the Series II version of its Commodore in September, and it shows: this month, the Commodore is at its best share in 15 months (5.1%) and more than one percentage point above the #2, the Toyota Hilux (4%).

Just below, the Toyota Corolla stays in 3rd and the Mazda3 drops back to 4th. Further along in the rankings, the new look Toyota Kluger jumps 17 spots to 16th with 1,263 registrations and 1.7% of the Aussie market. It is the #2 SUV in the country behind the Toyota RAV4.

Full Top 30 ranking table below.

1Holden Commodore3,7875.1%138,4074.8%1
2Toyota Hilux3,0014.0%433,1284.2%2
3Toyota Corolla2,8033.8%332,1414.0%4
5Ford Falcon2,2583.0%625,2093.2%6
6Hyundai i302,1652.9%726,0143.3%5
7Holden Cruze2,1352.9%523,5323.0%7
8Toyota Camry1,9242.6%819,5462.5%9
9Nissan Navara1,8102.4%1117,7422.2%11
10Mitsubishi Lancer1,7522.3%920,0622.5%8
11Hyundai Getz1,5752.1%1218,3882.3%10
12Toyota Yaris1,5362.1%1317,2632.2%12
13Toyota RAV41,3711.8%1411,9681.5%20
14Mitsubishi Triton1,3431.8%1513,7271.7%14
15Ford Ranger1,3101.8%1712,2351.5%19
16Toyota Kluger1,2631.7%3310,6621.3%23
17Volkswagen Golf1,2431.7%2912,9811.6%16
18Subaru Forester1,2301.6%1612,6861.6%17
19Toyota Prado1,1811.6%1814,0631.8%13
21Holden Barina1,0711.4%2511,3581.4%21
22Subaru Impreza1,0461.4%2210,0091.3%25
23Holden Captiva9991.3%1913,0851.6%15
24Suzuki Swift9901.3%2710,0791.3%24
25Honda Civic9571.3%399,0011.1%29
26Holden Colorado9161.2%2111,2961.4%22
27Nissan X-Trail8991.2%407,7881.0%36
28Toyota Land Cruiser8981.2%447,4090.9%38
29Ford Territory8911.2%269,7281.2%27
30Honda Jazz8761.2%457,9121.0%34


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