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Norway 2006-2007: VW Passat clear leader

VW Passat

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Stable in 2006, the Norwegian car market booms in 2007 at +18% and 129,195 registrations. As predicted towards the end of 2005 when it got renewed, the VW Passat takes the lead in Norway, with 5,183 sales in 2006 (4.7%) and 7,194 in 2007 (5.6%).

The launch of the Toyota Auris in 2007 (coming in directly #7 at 2.7%) has an important impact on the sales ranking in the country, making the Toyota Corolla (#2 in 2006 at 4.2%) drop to #13. This way the VW Golf climbs to #2 in 2007 (6,076 sales and 4.7%) followed by the Toyota Avensis at #3 (5,621 sales and 4.4%).

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Toyota RAV4

Strangely, the Suzuki Vitara grows 153% in 2006 to reach the 5th place at 4,049 sales and 3.7% then disappears from the Top 20 in 2007… when the Toyota RAV4 climbs to a best-ever 5th position at 4,118 sales and 3.2%, just behind the Volvo V70 at #4 and up 71% on 2006, the best ranking for a Volvo in Norway in years.

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Full Year 2006 and 2007 Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

Norway Full Year 2006:

1VW Passat5,1834.7%6%4,9014.5%3
2Toyota Corolla4,5914.2%-26%6,2415.7%1
3VW Golf4,5484.2%-11%5,1054.6%2
4Toyota Avensis4,0723.7%-16%4,8354.4%4
5Suzuki Vitara4,0493.7%153%1,6021.5%24
6Peugeot 3073,2813.0%-2%3,3613.1%6
7Toyota RAV43,0702.8%14%2,6972.5%8
8Subaru Forester3,0562.8%81%1,6931.5%22
9Ford Focus2,6792.5%-26%3,6253.3%5
10Skoda Octavia2,4482.2%5%2,3412.1%13
11Volvo V702,4372.2%19%2,0451.9%16
12Toyota Yaris2,3922.2%-8%2,6002.4%9
13Audi A42,1201.9%-11%2,3692.2%12
14Volvo XC901,9821.8%195%6730.6%
15Opel Astra1,8901.7%-34%2,8642.6%7
16Honda CR-V1,8391.7%3%1,7841.6%19
17BMW 3 Series1,7571.6%17%1,5061.4%
18Nissan X-Trail1,7191.6%-1%1,7281.6%21
19Volvo V501,6811.5%-17%2,0271.8%17
20Audi A61,6601.5%25%1,3301.2%

Norway Full Year 2007:

1VW Passat7,1945.6%39%5,1834.7%1
2VW Golf6,0764.7%34%4,5484.2%3
3Toyota Avensis5,6214.4%38%4,0723.7%4
4Volvo V704,1693.2%71%2,4372.2%11
5Toyota RAV44,1183.2%34%3,0702.8%7
6Skoda Octavia3,4992.7%43%2,4482.2%10
7Toyota Auris3,4702.7%new00.0%
8Peugeot 3073,1822.5%-3%3,2813.0%6
9Honda CR-V3,1752.5%73%1,8391.7%16
10Ford Mondeo3,1232.4%100%1,5581.4%
11Ford Focus3,0382.4%13%2,6792.5%9
12Toyota Yaris2,9392.3%23%2,3922.2%12
13Toyota Corolla2,8282.2%-38%4,5914.2%2
14Mitsubishi Outlander2,6332.0%247%7580.7%
15VW Touran2,6022.0%61%1,6171.5%
16Audi A42,3691.8%12%2,1201.9%13
17VW Polo2,2901.8%44%1,5871.5%
18Peugeot 2072,2611.8%210%7300.7%
19Opel Astra2,1521.7%14%1,8901.7%15
20Saab 9-32,1421.7%62%1,3191.2%


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