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Norway 2005: Toyota Corolla climbs back to top, Passat #3

Toyota Corolla

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In a market slightly down at -5% and 109,907 registrations, the Toyota Corolla, leader in 2002 and 2003, climbs back onto the top position with 6,241 sales and 5.7% (+20%).

VW Passat

The VW Golf stays 2nd at 5,105 sales and 4.6%, and the VW Passat gains two spots in 3rd with 4,901 sales and 4.5%. Renewed at the end of the year, it even reached 10.3% market share in December, setting it as the favourite for the race to the Norwegian top in 2006.

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Full Year 2005 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

Norway Full Year 2005:

1Toyota Corolla6,2415.7%20%5,2064.5%3
2VW Golf5,1054.6%-10%5,6624.9%2
3VW Passat4,9014.5%40%3,5013.0%5
4Toyota Avensis4,8354.4%-23%6,3065.5%1
5Ford Focus3,6253.3%34%2,7122.3%10
6Peugeot 3073,3613.1%-25%4,4543.9%4
7Opel Astra2,8642.6%63%1,7561.5%
8Toyota RAV42,6972.5%3%2,6102.3%11
9Toyota Yaris2,6002.4%-11%2,9142.5%9
10Audi A32,4922.3%94%1,2861.1%
11VW Touran2,4502.2%-26%3,3032.9%6
12Audi A42,3692.2%-2%2,4112.1%12
13Skoda Octavia2,3412.1%25%1,8661.6%20
14Ford Mondeo2,2122.0%-32%3,2392.8%7
15Opel Vectra2,1892.0%-27%2,9972.6%8
16Volvo V702,0451.9%-13%2,3512.0%13
17Volvo V502,0271.8%63%1,2471.1%
18VW Polo1,8751.7%-1%1,9011.6%18
19Honda CR-V1,7841.6%-7%1,9141.7%17
20Renault Megane1,7531.6%-7%1,8841.6%19


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