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Ireland 2001-2003: Focus, Almera and Corolla on top

Ford Focus

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Launched in 1998, the Ford Focus established itself as the best-selling model in Ireland in 2001 and stayed on top for 3 consecutive years. Impressive success for a model that pushed design boundaries when it appeared on the car scene. The Focus sells 8,213 units in 2001, 9,069 in 2002 and 6,602 in 2003.

Nissan Almera

Also a very strong seller in Ireland, the Nissan Almera climbs to #2 in 2001 with 7,847 units sold, then drops to #3 in 2002 with 6,301 sales. The Toyota Corolla is a constant success all through the period, ranking #5 in 2001 with 5,362 sales and jumping to #2 both in 2002 at 6,443 units and in 2003 with 6,602 sales.

Other popular models in Ireland then are the Fiat Punto #3 in 2001, the VW Golf #3 in 2003, Opel Astra #4 in 2001, Toyota Avensis #4 in 2003 and the Toyota Yaris #5 in 2003.

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