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Netherlands 1992-2000: Opel Astra and VW Golf in the lead

Opel Astra 2nd generation

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Once again the Dutch car market is strikingly stable with the two same models in the lead over the 9 year period! The transition from the Opel Kadett to the Astra in 1992 was very smooth and the Astra took the relay without issues at an imposing 8.2% market share in 1992. Its market share will however fall throughout the period to finish at 5.3% in 2000, the only exception being for the launch of the 2nd generation in 1998 when it generated a 6.3% share followed by 6.6% in 1999.

VW Golf

Replacing the Ford Escort as the second-most favourite car in Dutch consumers’ hearts, the VW Golf held itself particularly well over the period, slowly but surely closing the gap separating it from the top spot. It started at 4.7% in 1992 and finished at 4.8% in 2000, peaking at 5.7% in 1995.

Ford Focus

The 3rd place changes hands each year up until 1999, with the Opel Vectra, Ford Escort, Opel Corsa, Renault Megane and VW Polo all taking their turn before the Ford Focus manages to stay in that spot two years in a row in 1999 and 2000, peaking at 4% share in 2000. Only one Japanese model managed to break into the year-end Top 5: the Mazda 626, ranking 5th in 1992.

Note that 1999 marked the highest car sales volume ever in the Netherlands at 611,776 units.

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