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Finland 1989-1990: Toyota and Opel dominate, Corolla #1

Toyota and the Corolla remain best-sellers over the period in Finland.

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It’s a 6th consecutive record year for Finnish new car sales in 1989, up 1.9% to 176.771 units. Toyota (-2%) is the most popular carmaker for the 5th year in a row at 13.7% share, almost three percentage points above the new #2, Opel ip 22% to 10.8%, scoring its highest ever ranking in Finland. Nissan (-9%) is knocked down from the 2nd spot while Lada (-13%) and Ford (+8%) remain 4th and 5th respectively. Peugeot (+18%) continues to shoot up, now at a best-ever 6th place, overtaking Volkswagen (+5%) and Mazda (+3%) with Mitsubishi (-7%) and Volvo (-5%) rounding up the Top 10 like in 1988. Replicating the brands order, the Toyota Corolla (-7%) and Opel Kadett (+24%) are the best-selling models this year, for the latter its highest ever ranking. The Nissan Sunny (-17%) and Lada 1200-2107 (-29%) drop to #3 and #4, the Toyota Carina (+16%) remains 5th and the Lada Samara (+21%) is up three spots to #6. Most successful outright launch in a long time, the Opel Vectra lands directly at #7, while the Peugeot 405 (+36%) breaks into the Top 10 at #9 and the VW Golf (-5%) once again disappears from the Top 10 at #12.

The Opel Vectra is an instant blockbuster in Finland: directly #7 in 1989.

It was bound to happen: after 6 consecutive record years, the Finland market is hit by a 21.3% correction in 1990 at just 139.180 units, returning to the level of 1985. Toyota (-22%), Opel (-18%), Nissan (-18%) and Lada (-16%) roughly follow the market but hold onto their position and don’t lose much share. Ford (-29%), Mitsubishi (-28%) and Peugeot (-24%) on the other hand fall faster than the market whereas Volvo (-7%), Mazda (-15%) and Volkswagen (-19%) resist best. Below, Renault (+40%) and Subaru (+20%) impress but Fiat (-50%), BMW (-46%) and Saab (-41%) implode. After first appearing in 1986 but only selling a couple of units a year, Hyundai truly launches in 1990 with a still shy 320 sales (#27). Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla (-27%) signs a 6th win in a row despite a steep drop while the Lada 1200/2107 (-2%) resists extremely well to claim back the 2nd spot overall, distancing the Nissan Sunny (-26%), Opel Kadett (-37%) and Toyota Carina (-11%). The Opel Vectra (+8%) confirms it is an instant blockbuster at #6 with the VW Golf (-15%) back inside the Top 10 at #9. The Subaru Legacy lands directly at #27.

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