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Ireland 1985: Ford Fiesta #1, Toyota places 3 models in Top 5

The Ford Fiesta remains the best-selling vehicle in Ireland.

In 1985, the two best-selling models in Ireland are unchanged on 1983: the Ford Fiesta followed by the Toyota Corolla, but a significant shift has occurred in the remainder of the Top 5: if in 1983 Ford placed a total of 3 nameplates in the Top 5, this time it’s Toyota that does so, with the Starlet at #4 and the Carina at #5. The Ford Escort for its part is up to #3. In fact, if Ford remained the #1 passenger car brand in the country in 1985, Toyota became the #1 brand when including light commercial vehicles. The Japanese invasion is ongoing: in January 1986, they represented 45% of the Irish market, with Toyota taking the passenger car lead above Volkswagen, Nissan and Ford.

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