World Full Year 2015: Toyota #1 manufacturer as VW backs off

Toyota Tacoma World 2015. Picture courtesy motortrend.comToyota Tacoma. Toyota is the #1 manufacturer in the world in 2015. Picture

Toyota Motor Corp. remains the best-selling manufacturer in the world in 2015 and for the 4th consecutive year, becoming the only company to deliver more than 10 million vehicles this year as the Volkswagen Group backed off as a result of its emissions scandal. Global sales for Toyota Motor, including its Hino and Daihatsu units, are down 0.8% to 10.15 million vehicles whereas Volkswagen is down 2% to 9.9 million units including its MAN and Scania heavy truck brands. General Motors for its part is up 0.2% to 9.8 million, another very close finish on the overall podium this year.

VW Golf World 2015. Picture courtesy emissions scandal cost Volkswagen Group the coveted #1 worldwide spot.

Volkswagen led the way halfway through the year but had to give up the top spot to the Japanese manufacturer as it got embroiled in its biggest crisis so far, being forced to halt sales of diesels in some markets such as the U.S. and scrambling to repair some 11 million cars. The Volkswagen brand is down 5% to 6.254m units, overtaken by the Ford brand (6.514m), while Audi is up 4%, Skoda and Seat up 2% and Porsche up 19%. To make it five consecutive wins, Toyota has bought the rest of its 51% share in Daihatsu, in a move to strengthen its position in emerging markets, notably South-East Asia.

Baojun 560 China September 2015. Picture courtesy shwuling.comChina-exclusive Baojun allowed General Motors to post a 3rd record year in a row.

In third place, General Motors owes its third consecutive year of record global sales to its Chinese operations where it outpaced Volkswagen Group to rank #1 overall at 3.612.653 deliveries (+5%) vs. 3.548.600 (-3%). If the Chevrolet brand crumbles by 7% worldwide partly due to its retreat from Europe, Buick is lifted 9% by China, GMC is up a very healthy 11%, but it’s the Chinese-only entry level Baojun brand that enables GM to stay in positive worlwide this year, accounting for an additional 300.000 units in 2015 thanks to the tremendous success of the 730 MPV and 560 crossover (pictured above).

Renault Kwid World 2015. Picture courtesy motorbeam.comRenault-Nissan may have cracked the Indian market wide open with the Renault Kwid.

The Renault-Nissan alliance gains a timid 0.8% to hit a record 8.53m deliveries, with Nissan Motor up 2% to 5.42m vehicles and the Renault Group up 3% to 2.8m sales compensating a 30% drop at Avtovaz (Lada). Brand-wise, Nissan ends the year just below 5 million sales, cementing its 4th place overall below Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen, Renault is up 2% to 2.17m units, Dacia continues to improves at +8% and 550.920 sales, China-only Venucia is up 9% to 124.000 deliveries and recently relaunched Datsun posts a still very models 86.000 units in four major markets (Russia, Indonesia, India and South Africa).

Genesis EQ900 South Korea 2015Can the new Genesis brand bring Hyundai-Kia back to high profit rates?

Hyundai-Kia follows in 5th place in the Global Groups ranking for 2015 with stable sales at 7.88m but declining profits. Hyundai is the 5th best-selling brand in the world at 4.96m sales while Kia ranks #9 at 2.92m. Ford posts the largest year-on-year gain among the Top 10 Groups in the world by far: up 5% to 6.63m sales and its namesake brand outpaces Volkswagen to rank #2 overall with 6.51m units sold.

Jeep Renegade World 2015Jeep’s outlandish growth was cancelled by Fiat’s decline in 2015. 

In 7th place we find FCA Fiat-Chrysler Automobile: behind Sergio Marchione’s tranquil confidence hide stagnating – albeit more profitable – worldwide sales at 4.6m units. A very momentous change of balance is happening right before our eyes at FCA: while Fiat sales plummet 12% to 1.67m vehicles, handicapped by horrendous scores in Latin America, the Jeep brands keep posting outlandish growth rates: +21% to 1.3m units in 2015.

Mercedes GLE World 2015Mercedes surged 13% in 2015, closing in on BMW for the title of #1 luxury brand in the world.

In the luxury race, BMW celebrates 11 consecutive years in the #1 spot but is now under intense pressure from Mercedes, jumping from #3 in 2014 to #2 this year. Sales of BMW-branded cars are up 6% or exactly 100.000 units year-on-year to 1.91m, while Mercedes-branded vehicles are up a whipping 13% to 1.87m, outpacing Audi up just 5% to 1.8m. Note all three brands lodge all-time record years in 2015. In the case of Mercedes this is the 5th record year in a row, and the German luxury manufacturer benefitted from very strong gains in China where it surged 33% to 373.459 sales.

This post will be updated as more manufacturers report 2015 sales. If you have access to 2015 data that has not yet appeared here, please ensure to send it through in the comments section of the article.

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Full Year 2015 Top 15 Groups and All available Brands Rankings vs. Full 2014 figures below.

Sales by region for Volkswagen Group, General Motors, Renault Group and PSA Peugeot-Citroen below.

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World Full Year 2014: The Top 25 countries of the Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux Revo Standard Cab Thailand May 2015Toyota Hilux (2015 model shown)

* See the 2014 sales of Toyota Hilux in its Top 25 countries by clicking on the title *

Today we shine the light on the Toyota Hilux, holding the title for most #1 rankings in the world in 2014 at an estimated 45 countries. Among official data, we have detailed the Top 25 countries where the star pickup truck racked up the highest volume. Note this table only shows official data, some countries may be missing if they haven’t made official data available for the Toyota Hilux. Unsurprisingly, production base Thailand comes in first place despite sales down a harsh 30% to just under 145.000 units. Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia, South Africa and Argentina follow. The Hilux is building a lot of its success on enormous popularity in the Middle-Eastern: in addition to Saudi Arabia (68.278 sales), Oman (23.538), the United Arab Emirates (20.098) and Kuwait (11.555) are among its top countries. In Europe, the UK leads the way with 8.318 sales above Russia and France.

This is a new sales angle we are exploring at BSCB: analysis by model. Would you want to see more of it, If so, which countries? Would more detailed analysis of the trends affecting different countries for the same model be something useful to you? Please tell us in the comments section.

Full Year 2014 Top 25 Toyota Hilux countries below.

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World Full Year 2014: Discover the best-selling German models

VW Jetta World 2014VW Jetta

* See the Top 20 best-selling German models by clicking on the title *

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

As far as German nameplates are concerned, Volkswagen unsurprisingly rules the roost in this ranking, placing six models inside the Top 7: the VW Golf is sovereign thanks to sales up 18% to 922.800, followed by the VW Polo (+3%), Passat (-2%) and Jetta (-1%) while the Tiguan (+10%) and Lavida (+22%) rank 6th and 7th respectively. Add to this the Gol (#12), Santana (#15) and Chinese Jetta (#17) and you have ten VW nameplates within the German worldwide Top 20.

BMW 5 Series World 2014. Picture courtesy largus.fr373.000 BMW 5 Series found a buyer in 2014.

The Opel Astra remains in 5th place despite sales down 2% to 534.000 units, that includes the Vauxhall Astra and Buick Excelle XT/GT/Verano. BMW manages to place two nameplates inside the Top 10: the 3 Series is down 4% due to the renaming of its Coupe variant to 4 Series and the 5 Series is up 2% to an impressive 373.000 deliveries. The Audi A4 is #12, the Mercedes C-Class #13 and the E-Class #19. The Opel Mokka (#18) is the only new entrant in the Top 20.

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

World Full Year 2014 Top 20 German models below.

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World Full Year 2014: Discover the best-selling American models

Ford Focus World 2014. Picture courtesy of Focus

* See the Top 20 best-selling American models by clicking on the title *

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

After France and Italy, we now have a look at the best-selling American nameplates in the world in 2014. Note only American brands are listed in this chart, meaning Ford is in (even Ford Germany models) but Opel is out. In this context, the Ford Focus, F-Series and Fiesta dominate the U.S. worldwide ranking above the Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Kuga. Ford places a total of seven nameplates inside the Top 20, adding the Fusion (#8), Ecosport (#17) and Explorer (#18).

GMC Sierra World 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comGMC Sierra

Chevrolet totals seven nameplates as well with the Silverado (#6), Malibu (#10), Aveo (#12), Sail (#13), Spark (#14), Onix (#19) and Equinox (#20) the most popular. FCA places the Ram Pickup in 7th place with 547.000 sales, up 21% on 2013 which is the largest improvement in the U.S. Top 15, the Dodge Grand Caravan incl. Chrysler Town & Country at #9 and Jeep Grand Cherokee at #15. Notice also the GMC Sierra at #17 and the fact that all Top 20 best-selling U.S. nameplate fit within the World Top 100 best-sellers…

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

World Full Year 2014 Top 20 American models below.

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World Full Year 2014: Discover the best-selling Italian models

Fiat Palio VW Gol Brazil 2014. Picture courtesy of Palio

* See the Top 15 best-selling Italian models by clicking on the title *

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

After detailing the best-selling French nameplates worldwide in 2014, we continue on our study of the nationality rankings with Italy. Note are listed here Italian brands, and therefore the American brands under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group will be listed under the American nameplates ranking. Expectedly, the Italian nameplates sales charts is dominated by Fiat which holds 13 of the Top 15 spots. However a quick look at the best-sellers shows how critical Fiat’s sales outside of Europe are. The best-selling Italian nameplate in the world in 2014 is, like in 2013, the Fiat Palio – just crowned in Brazil – with just under 360.000 sales including the Siena sedan variant and the Dodge Forza and Vision rebadges. That’s a good 115.000 units above the 2nd best-seller, the Fiat 500 up 8% on 2013 despite its advanced age.

Iveco Daily World 2014The Iveco Daily is the best-selling non-Fiat Italian model in the world in 2014.

A Light Commercial Vehicle, the Fiat Ducato, takes the third spot with 223.000 sales including its Ram, Peugeot and Citroen twins. In fact, there are five commercial vehicles inside the Italian Top 15, demonstrating the manufacturers’ strength in this segment: the Strada (#4), Doblo (#9), Fiorino (#10) and Iveco Daily (#11) join the Ducato in the ranking. The Panda (+3%) improves while the Punto (-19%) and Uno (-36%) tumble down. The Fiat 500L ranks #8 for its first full year in market, and should be joined by the 500X in 2015. Finally, notice the China-exclusive Fiat Viaggio/Ottimo at #12.

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

Full Year 2014 Top 15 best-selling Italian models worldwide below.

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World 1st Half 2015: Volkswagen outsells Toyota for the first time

VW Passat World June 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe new generation Passat helped Volkswagen become #1 worldwide so far in 2015.

The long-term trends made us anticipate it and it has now happened: over the first six months of 2015, the Volkswagen Group overtook Toyota Motor to become the largest automaker in the world in volume, putting the company on track to achieve its target of becoming the worldwide sales leader by 2018 a full three years in advance. Volkswagen Group deliveries over the period are down 0.5% to 5.04 million units including the MAN and Scania truck brands. Very dynamic sales at home in Europe were tarnished by a first-in-a-decade decline in China but the small drop still enabled the German group to outsell Toyota, down 1.5% to 5.02 million vehicles including the Daihatsu cars and Hino heavy truck brands. General Motors for its part is down 1.2% to 4.86 million sales.

Toyota Tacoma World June 2015. Picture courtesy motortrend.comToyota could slip to #2 worldwide in an annual ranking in 2015 for the first time since 2011.

This change of guard atop the worldwide sales charts is a very rare event and the first time the Volkswagen Group snatches the top spot halfway through the year. If it maintains its lead until the end of 2015, it would be the first time Toyota Motor isn’t the worldwide best-seller since 2011 when production constraints linked with the Asian natural disasters that year limited its sales and had Toyota gave way to General Motors. The American manufacturer held the worldwide pole position from 1931 to 2007, with Toyota taking over from 2008-2010.

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World Full Year 2014: Discover the best-selling French models

Renault Logan World 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruRenault Logan

* See the Top 20 best-selling French models by clicking on the title *

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

After detailing the best-selling luxury nameplates worldwide in 2014, we now study the ranking based on a few nationalities. First off, France. And a striking realisation: two of the three best-sellers worldwide belong to Renault’s ‘entry’ (read low-cost) range, sold under the Dacia brand in Europe and around the Mediterranean sea. World figures combine Renault and Dacia sales and the Logan is tops at this little game with over 760.000 deliveries worldwide, including its hatchback variant the Sandero. This pushes the Logan into the world’s Top 10 best-selling models (#12 last year), the only French rep in… the Top 30!

Peugeot Pars World 2014No this is not a mistake: the 405 is Peugeot’s third best-seller worldwide in 2014!

In 2nd place but down 6 spots worldwide to #37 we find the Renault Clio, saving its ranking by just 30.000 units at 458.000 sales (+1%) vs. 428.000 (+11%) for the Renault Duster, the 2nd low-cost Renault on the French podium. Lifted by its instant success in Russia, Latin America and Brazil adding up to its blockbuster status in the whole of Europe, the Duster is also the 8th best-selling SUV in the world. Not surprisingly, Peugeot’s best-seller worldwide is the 208 (-6%) above the 308 (#70) while Citroen places the Berlingo at #6 (including Peugeot Partner sales) and the C4 at #7 mainly thanks to China sales.

Renault Duster World 2014. Picture courtesy zr.ruRenault Duster

But the biggest surprise in the French Top 10 is the Peugeot 405 selling an astounding 217.000 units  essentially in Iran whereas it has long been discontinued in the rest of the world. This makes the 405 the third best-selling Peugeot nameplate in the world in 2014. Rounding up the Top 10 and promised to much higher rankings in the coming years are two familiar faces: the Peugeot 2008 (+175%) and Renault Captur (+107%) both gravitate around 200.000 worldwide deliveries for their first full year in market – a stunning performance for the two baby SUVs. The Citroen C-Elysée (+35%) and Peugeot 301 (+53%) take advantage of strong Chinese sales while the Citroen C4 Picasso (+21%) is boosted by the new generation.

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

Full Year 2014 Top 20 best-selling French models worldwide below.

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World Full Year 2014: Discover the best-selling premium nameplates

BMW 3 Series World 2014The BMW 3 Series remains the most popular premium nameplate in the world.

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

* See the Top 20 best-selling luxury models in the world by clicking on the title *

After focusing on the best-selling pickups in the world, we now detail the most popular premium nameplates worldwide in 2014. The BMW 3 Series remains on top with over 480.000 deliveries despite sales down 4% and the renaming of its coupe variant as 4 Series – already #21 with almost 120.000 units. BMW manages a 1-2 like in 2013 with the 5 Series in 2nd position with a stunning 373.000 sales, above the Audi A4 (-4%) and Mercedes C-Class (+6%) which should jump a couple spots up in 2015 with the new generation now in full gear.

Audi Q5 World 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Audi Q5 is the best-selling premium SUV in the world.

If BMW leads the luxury brands ranking in 2014 and for the 10th consecutive year with 1.81 million sales (+10%) above Audi at 1.74 million (+11%) and Mercedes at 1.65 million (+13%), Audi places the most nameplates inside the Top 10 best-sellers: the A4 (#3), A3 (#5) and A6 (#6) while the Q5 (#8) and Q3 (#9) are the two best-selling luxury SUVs in the world with just under 250.000 sales (+6%) and just under 200.000 (+36%) respectively. Lexus’ best-seller, the RX, comes in at #12, the BMW X5 is up 37% to #15, the Volvo XC60 up 20% to #16 and the Mercedes M-Class up 16% to #20.

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

Full Year 2014 Top 20 luxury nameplates in the world below.

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First Half 2015 Reports – Top 20 world markets

Mercedes C-Class UK June 2015. Picture courtesy C-Class – the UK market evolves at all-time record heights in 2015.

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Here you will find the direct links to the Special 1st Half 2015 Full Reports for the Top 20 markets in the world. This page is updated each time a new Report is pushed live.

World 1st Half 2015: Volkswagen outsells Toyota for the first time

China 1st Half 2015: Domestic carmakers regain ground in shy market

USA 1st Half 2015: Nissan Rogue, Chrysler 200 and Chevy Colorado game changers

Europe 1st Half 2015: Recovery now firmly in place – albeit artificial?

Japan 1st Half 2015: Mercedes impressive in market down 11%

Germany 1st Half 2015: Golf, Passat and Polo further Volkswagen domination

UK 1st Half 2015: Registrations up 7% to highest-ever half year score

India 1st Half 2015: Maruti, Hyundai and Honda impress

Brazil 1st Half 2015: Fiat Palio #1, models ranking turned upside down

France 1st Half 2015: Shaky recovery lifts market up 1 million units

Canada 1st Half 2015: Pickups lift market up to record level

Italy 1st Half 2015: SUV craze energises market up 15%

South Korea 1st Half 2015: Hyundai Porter takes control

Russia 1st Half 2015: Hyundai and Kia winners in damaged market

Mexico 1st Half 2015: Nissan surfs on record wave, Hyundai in Top 10

Australia 1st Half 2015: Mazda graduates to #2 in record market

Spain 1st Half 2015: Seat Leon ahead of Ibiza in market up 23%

Indonesia 1st Half 2015: Pickups winners in market down 18%

Iran 1st Half 2015: Coming soon

Turkey 1st Half 2015: Fiat Linea reclaims pole position

Saudi Arabia 1st Half 2015: Coming soon

Thailand 1st Half 2015: Toyota Hilux transitions, Honda HR-V makes a splash

The Top 20 markets in the world:

Pos Market H1 2015 /14 H1 2014 Pos FY14
1 China 11,850,000 1% 11,735,000 1 1
2 USA 8,523,058 4% 8,160,000 2 2
Europe 7,410,510 8% 6,833,692
3 Japan 2,676,634 -11% 3,005,806 3 3
4 Germany 1,618,949 5% 1,538,268 5 5
5 UK 1,376,889 7% 1,287,265 6 8
6 India 1,321,367 5% 1,259,109 7 6
7 Brazil 1,269,853 -20% 1,582,569 4 4
8 France 1,017,235 6% 957,696 9 9
9 Canada 933,439 3% 909,186 10 10
10 Italy 876,447 15% 762,744 12 12
11 South Korea 850,946 7% 798,237 11 11
12 Russia 782,094 -36% 1,229,931 8 7
13 Mexico 609,825 22% 500,360 15 14
14 Australia 578,427 3% 559,951 14 15
15 Spain 560,110 23% 459,479 16 17
16 Indonesia 525,479 -17% 629,393 13 13
17 Iran (e) 520,000 30% 400,000 19 18
18 Turkey 432,550 51% 286,861 22 20
19 Saudi Arabia (e) 422,000 3% 408,073 18 19
20 Thailand 369,109 -16% 440,911 17 16

Note: China, USA, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Thailand data include LCV sales, the others don’t.

World Full Year 2014: Discover the best-selling pickups

Ford F-Series World 2014. Picture courtesy motortrend.comThe Ford F-Series is still the worldwide best-selling pickup truck.

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

* See the Top 15 best-selling pickups in the world by clicking on the title *

After detailing the best-selling SUVs in the world, we now look at the most popular pick-up trucks. The world of pickups is divided in two: North America and the rest of the world. Pickups that are sold and popular in North America are vastly different to the ones en vogue outside that region – most of them produced in Thailand. This world structure has a lot to do with the so called “chicken tax” that pushed Japanese manufacturers to start producing vehicles in the U.S. and put an end to affordable imports. The Toyota Hilux for example was sold in the U.S. until 1995 when it was replaced by the Tacoma. The Ford F-Series remains the best-selling pickup truck in the world and by a large margin, almost exclusively due to its North American sales and totalling 901.177 units. Even though it is currently under threat from the Chevrolet Silverado (#3 in the world in 2014) in the US and the Ram Pickup (#4 worldwide in 2014) in Canada, it should easily retain its title in 2015.

Toyota Hilux World 2014The Toyota Hilux is #2, even though it ranks #1 in 45 countries (2015 model shown).

In fact, the Toyota Hilux, #2 worldwide with 648.900 sales despite ranking #1 in 45 countries in 2014, is the only non-U.S. pickup in the Top 5. The Ford F-Series (-1%), Chevy Silverado (+9%), Ram Pickup (+21%) and GMC Sierra (+10%) encircle it, a spectacular demonstration of how singular North America’s love of pickup truck is at the moment, these four nameplates generating over 95% of their worldwide sales in just two markets: the U.S. and Canada. The rest of the world prefers the Hilux (#2), Isuzu D-Max (#6), Ford Ranger (#8) while the Nissan Navara (#10) is the only model present in both the U.S. and the rest of the world.

3. Wuling Rongguang Pickup MoheWuling Rongguang Pickup in Mohe, China.

There is a third force flexing its arms: China. Even though pickup trucks are banned in most Chinese cities, this segment is the one with the biggest untapped potential, as I detailed in my STRATEGY article “Where is China headed?”. Wuling Pickups are up a splendid 25% and two spots on 2013 to #7 with 219.466 sales but aren’t typically the type of pickups that can conquer the world. The Great Wall Wingle may be down 12% to 114.819 units but it’s the proof that Chinese manufacturers are starting to be really good at producing Thailand-style pickups that could endanger Japanese manufacturers in Africa for example. Also, if and when the city ban for pickups is removed in China, we will see a lot more of them in the Top 15 worldwide best-sellers…

See the Top 1000 best-selling models in the world in 2014 here.

Full Year 2014 Top 15 best-selling SUVs in the world below.

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