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World H1 2014: Jaguar Land Rover delivers all-time record sales

July 17th, 2014 No comments

Range-Rover-Evoque- World June 2014Range Rover Evoque

Global sales for Jaguar Land Rover are up a very robust 14% year-on-year over the First Half of 2014 to reach 240,372 vehicles, mainly due to an outstanding performance in China. Land Rover is up 14% to 196,785 units while Jaguar is up 16% to 43,587. China accounts for over 1 in 4 vehicles sold by the company globally over the period, up a whopping 48% to 62,469 over 6 months and boosted by a month of June up 60% to 11,554 units. This is all the more impressive that JLR does not manufacture cars locally in China yet (the first factory will open in the east China city of Changshu in the fourth quarter of this year) and therefore has to deal with significant import tax that make a premium product even more out of reach in this market.

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World Full Year 2013: Discover the Top 1000 best-selling models!

July 1st, 2014 10 comments

VW XL1 World 2013. Picture courtesy of treehugger.comOne VW XL1 sold worldwide in 2013.

* See the Top 1102 best-selling models in the world by clicking on the title! *

Many thanks to Austin Rutherford for helping to compile this data.

No this is not a typo and yes it took a while but here it is: the most complete worldwide models ranking you will ever find, finally published on BSCB. This year there is actually more than 1000 models accounted for: 1102 exactly, that’s a whopping 174 more than in 2012.

It’s a very dynamic world ranking on top: the slowest moving is the Ford Focus in second place, up 7% to 1,113,607 sales. The Toyota Corolla keeps its crown thanks to sales up 10% to 1,247,404. Note this figure includes the Auris, sold as Corolla in some parts of the world, but don’t include the Japanese Corolla, nowadays a very different model. Another way to look at it is to only take into account vehicles actually named Corolla (a nameplates ranking), and at this game it is still ahead of the Focus at 1,201,238 sales (more info on the Corolla-Focus battle here)

The Hyundai Elantra is up a shiny 15% and remains on the third step of the podium at 951,293 units, while the Ford F-Series is even more impressive in 4th place: up two spots and 17% on 2012 to 919,671 sales, all this in this generation’s last full year… The Toyota Camry is stable at #5, the VW Golf up 3 ranks to #6, the Chevrolet Cruze and VW Passat immobile at #7 and #8 respectively and the Nissan Versa/Tiida down a harsh 6 spots to #10.

Missing out on a Top 10 ranking for only 1,400 sales, the Honda CR-V is up a splendid 16% and 6 ranks to #11, the VW Jetta/Bora is up 17% to #15 thanks to China, the Suzuki Swift/DZire up 14% to #19 thanks to India and the Honda Accord up 19% to #20. The biggest gainers in the Top 50 include the Kia K3 up 61% to #21, the Nissan Sentra and Wuling Hongguang both up 73% to #22 and #25 respectively, the Ford Fusion/Mondeo up 74% to #32, VW Lavida up 69% to #43 and Hyundai Santa Fe up 54% to #47.

Among newcomers atop the ranking, let’s salute the Buick Encore/Opel Mokka/Chevy Trax up to #79, the Subaru Forester up 70 spots to #97, Ford Ecosport up 241% to #105, Mercedes A Class up 128% to #131, Hyundai HB20 up 615% to #141, Dodge Dart/Fiat Viaggio up 259% to #155, Chevrolet Onix up 619% to #176 and the Honda N-One up 498% to #209.

As far as Chinese models are concerned, below the Wuling Hongguang (#25), Sunshine (#35), Rongguang (#50) and Foton Forland (#54), the Emgrand EC7 (+48%) and Haval H6 (+76%) both break into the worldwide Top 100 best-selling models for the first time while the BYD F3 (+25%) stops just 2,100 units short off it at #101.

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Full Year 2013 Top 1102 models Ranking Table below.

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Strategy: Citroen’s DS premium brand targets cities, not countries

June 20th, 2014 1 comment

DS 5LS China 2014DS 5LS

On June 1, PSAPeugeot Citroen appointed the first ever CEO for the premium DS brand: Yves Bonnefont, PSA’s former director of group strategy. DS is already a stand-alone brand in China and set to become the same in Europe as well, tasking Bonnefont with elevating it from a tiny-but-successful division of Citroen to a global powerhouse, while further boosting profitability. An interview of Bonnefont by Automotive News Europe provides a few fascinating facts about the global strategy for DS. Extracts below.

At the moment, DS’s only European stand-alone dealership is the DS World in Paris, and it is set to remain this way. There are 3 formats for the DS line at Citroen dealerships in Europe. First the DS Zone, just a black floor with some special lighting (85% of current European dealerships). Then the DS Salon, with 3 or 4 models displayed on a dedicated floor space, a DS salesman and DS signs outside the dealership. Finally the DS Store with dedicated entrances and a wall separating DS and Citroen models. DS’s # 1 objective in Europe is to develop the 2nd level, DS Salons, as Bonnefont believes they offer a good DS experience and can be rolled out relatively quickly. There are currently 12 DS Salons in Europe but there will be 40 by the end of 2014.

DS Logo

Interestingly, Bonnefont is not looking at the world by countries but by cities. He says: “We have found that a lot of the growth in the premium market is happening in a relatively limited number of cities around the world: there are about 500 cities in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the United States that will account for the vast majority of growth in the premium market. Our strategy is to develop a first wave of dedicated DS dealerships in 200 of those cities to drastically increase the visibility of DS.”

Which begs the question of launching the DS brand in the United States. Bonnefont declares: “We have no plans currently to go into the US, but it is difficult to be a premium brand without being present in that market. It would be crazy to say no forever to the US.”

In terms of world distribution of DS sales, the brand sold 120,000 units in 2013, more than 85% of it in Europe. DS’s target is to sell 50% outside of Europe by 2016. Another interesting piece of information is the fact that 62% of current DS sales are conquest sales (coming from outside Citroen) and about 85% of them choose between buying a DS or a model from another premium brand. These are previously mainstream car customers who want to buy a premium car. The main competitors are the top German brands and certain Italian premium brands like Alfa Romeo.

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Historical Data now available for 77 markets!

June 18th, 2014 3 comments

The Renault 4CV was #1 in France from 1949 to 1955

Best Selling Cars Blog now covers detailed Historical data for 72 markets. For the USA I can give you for now pre-war production figures, intermittent detailed models ranking throughout the seventies and eighties, and at least a Top 10 ranking for each year from 1992 onwards without interruption. However I have now access to much more detailed US data which I will upload shortly. Same goes for France with additional data throughout the 1930s.

Historical Data Highlights include Germany for each year since 1946France for each year since 1949the UK for each year since 1965Brazil since 1954 and Norway and Italy since 1956. Below you will find direct links for you to explore all Historical Data available for the countries listed.


Algeria since 2004

Argentina since 1965

Australia since 1948

Austria since 1977

Bahrain since 2005

Belarus since 1970

Belgium since 1989

Bosnia & Herzegovina since 2008

Brazil since 1954

The VW Beetle was #1 in Brazil from 1954 to 1980

Bulgaria since 1980

Canada since 1984

Chile since 2004

China since 1980

Colombia since 1990

Croatia since 2003

Cyprus since 2005

Czechoslovakia 1969-1993

Czech Republic since 1993

Denmark since 1992

Ecuador since 2006

Egypt since 2005

Estonia since 1970

Europe since 1972

Europe (Central & Eastern) since 2002

The Moskvitsh Elite was #6 in Finland in 1971

Finland since 1971

France since 1949

Germany since 1946

Greece since 1932

Gulf Cooperation Council since 2005

Hong Kong (China) since 2010

Hungary since 1998

Iceland since 2001

The Hindustan Ambassador is likely to have been #1 in India from 1950 to 1984

India since 1950

Indonesia since 1976

Ireland since 1974

Iran since 1967

Israel since 2005

Italy since 1956

Japan since 1969

Kuwait since 2005

Latvia since 1970

Lithuania since 1970

Luxembourg since 2001

Malaysia since 2000

The Ford Model T was #1 in the US (and the world) potentially from 1910 to 1926

Mexico since 2003

Morocco since 2004

Netherlands since 1982

New Zealand since 2000

Norway since 1956

Oman since 2005

Pakistan since 1995

Peru since 2005

Philippines since 1995

Poland since 1992

Portugal since 1989

Qatar since 2005

Romania since 1969

The Lada 2101-3 was #1 car in USSR in the seventies

Russia/USSR since 1970

Saudi Arabia since 2005

Singapore since 2006

Slovakia since 1993

Slovenia since 2003

South Africa since 1973

South Korea since 1997

Spain since 1973 

Sweden since 1950

Switzerland since 1970

Taiwan since 2005

Thailand since 2004

Turkey since 1993

The Austin Mini ranked within the UK Top 10 up until 1981

UK since 1965

Ukraine since 1970

United Arab Emirates since 2005

USA since 1908

Venezuela since 1997

Vietnam since 2003

World since 1960

Please note you need to become a BestSellingCarsBlog Member to access detailed Historical data tables.

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Lancia reduced to one model and banished to Italy!

May 27th, 2014 18 comments

1985 Lancia Delta S4Harsh landing for Lancia… (1985 Lancia Delta S4 pictured)

According to Automotive News, Lancia has seen its last days outside of Italy. Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne will reduce the brand to just the Ypsilon that will be sold only in Italy. “Marchionne is performing Lancia’s final requiem,” said Gianluca Spina, dean of Milan Polytechnic’s business school. “It’s a rational decision for a global carmaker. The brand has no appeal outside Italy.” To end losses in Europe and boost profit globally, Marchionne is expanding the range of upscale Alfa Romeo and Maserati models and rolling out Jeep vehicles worldwide. Even with 55 billion euros ($75 billion) budgeted for investments in the five-year plan, there wasn’t money available to overhaul Lancia, which lacks name recognition outside Europe.

1964 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport1964 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport

Lancia was founded in 1906 by Fiat racecar driver Vincenzo Lancia and once produced curvy roadsters such as the Aurelia Spider that appeared with Bardot in the 1956 film “And God Created Woman.” In the fifties and sixties, its luxurious coupés such as the Flaminia (picture above) and Flavia went head-to-head with Jaguar and Maserati, no less! However, after being acquired by Fiat in 1969, Lancia models veered between sporty hatchbacks like the Delta and big-box sedans such as the Thema. An attempt to renew with its glamourous past by hiring actor Richard Gere and singer Carla Bruni to promote the brand in recent years  has fallen on deaf ears.

1985 Autobianchi Y101985 Autobianchi/Lancia Y10 

From 1985 to 1995, Fiat sold the small Y10 under the Autobianchi brand in Italy, France and Japan but under the Lancia brand elsewhere, contributing to a increasingly diluted brand image. Autobianchi was killed in 1989 but survived until 1995 in Italy after a 40 year history, at which point the Y10 became the Lancia Ypsilon, arguably bringing the brand down market.

2012 Lancia Flavia2012 Lancia Flavia. Rebadging Chryslers was a bad idea indeed.

The linkup with Chrysler provided Lancia with a (slim?) chance to widen its appeal. The merger of the two brands began in 2011, when Marchionne pulled the U.S. nameplate from continental Europe in favor of Lancia, which sold re-badged versions of the Chrysler 300 sedan, 200 convertible and Voyager minivan, respectively called Thema, Flavia and Voyager. Chrysler only survived in the UK where the Delta and Ypsilon were sold under that brand. Confusing? Indeed.

Lancia Ypsilon Italy August 20132011 Lancia Ypsilon in Ventimiglia, August 2013

All in all, Lancia’s decline is the result of an inconsistent strategy that hesitated between upscale and mass-market segments over the years. Lancia sales in Europe dropped 20% in 2013 to just 75,000 units, 76% of which in Italy alone, and sales outside Europe are non-existent. By 2016, Lancia will consist of just the 12,650 euro Ypsilon subcompact as sales of the Delta will end this year and all re-badges next year. The Italian carmaker intends to invest in restyling the Ypsilon next year as the model has been one of the top sellers in Italy over the past decade.

Si a Lancia No a Marchionne Facebook pageSi a Lancia No a Marchionne Facebook page

Lancia’s demise has angered fans. More than 3,000 of the so-called Lancisti signed an online petition to save the brand, a Facebook page titled “Yes to Lancia, No to Marchionne” received almost 9,000 likes, while on Twitter “Occupy Lancia” sends messages to Fiat such as “Lancia will end Delta production: shame on you.”

Lancia Delta Italy June 2012The 2008 Lancia Delta never convinced, even in Italy.

Reducing a carmaker to a single vehicle line in a single country is a veiled death sentence, as even ultra-luxury brands such as Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce have multiple models. But putting Lancia on life support rather than shutting it down outright helps Fiat keep its options open until other models hit the market to fill the gap, according to Ian Fletcher, an analyst with IHS in London. “It looks like a tactical short-term move, Marchionne may wait for Alfa Romeo’s strategy to yield its first results before killing the Lancia brand.”

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World: Mercedes, Audi post strong gains on compact demand

May 8th, 2014 No comments

Audi Q3 Mercedes GLA World April 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Q3 and GLA are lifting Audi and Mercedes worldwide…

Both Mercedes and Audi continue to post record sales in April and year-to-date, partly thanks to the strength of their compact range. On Tuesday, Mercedes announced its global sales were up 14% year-on-year in April to 133,077 vehicles, buoyed by the new C and E-Class and its entire compact lineup. It is the 10th consecutive month of double-digit percentage growth worldwide, adding up to a record 507,353 vehicles in 4 months so far in 2014, up a splendid 15% on 2013.

The arrival of the GLA compact crossover helped lift the brand’s compact sales by 20% in April. Mercedes rose 10% in the USA to 25,887 sales, 38% in China to 22,438 and 10% in Europe as a whole to 62,868 including 24,430 in Germany, up 3%. 

Mercedes A Class World April 2014Both manufacturers also benefit from very popular compact cars.

Today Audi share its global sales for April, up 12% to 149,050 vehicles. This result was boosted by strong demand for the A3 and Q3 models. Over 4 months, Audi is at a record 561,900 units, up 12% on 2013. The A3 is up an astounding 44% worldwide to 25,766 sales now that the sedan variant has kick started in the US. The Q3 for its part is up 29% to 15,542 units.

In China, Audi is up 17% to 45,216 sales, while in Europe it is up 9% to 71,150 including 25,503 in Germany (+9%) and 12,360 in the UK (+9%). Audi sales in the US are up 19% to 15,653 units. Audi is aiming to sell 2 million cars a year globally by 2020. Last year, the company sold 1.58 million, an 8% increase on 2012.

See the Full source articles below.

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World Full Year 2013: Discover the Top 10 best-selling models!

April 29th, 2014 9 comments

2015 Ford F-Series World 2013Only commercialised in a handful of countries, the Ford F-Series is #3 worldwide in 2013.

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

As an appetiser for the full Top 1000 models that will be published shortly, I now give you temporary figures for the Top 10 most popular models in the world over the Full Year 2013. The data will be refined over the next couple of weeks but it already gives you a good idea of which vehicles sold the best worldwide last year. As discussed last week, the Toyota Corolla finishes in the lead ahead of the Ford Focus but the surprise comes from the F-Series pick-up truck. Although only sold in North America, the Middle-East and a handful of other countries, it totals 897,445 units for the year, up a beautiful 14% on 2012 and earning it a spot on the worldwide podium!

Honda CR-V World 2013The Honda CR-V is by far the best-selling SUV in the world.

The F-Series kicks the Hyundai Elantra down to 4th place at 861,417 sales while the VW Golf benefits from the worldwide launch of the 7th generation to gain 10% and 4 spots to #5 at 824,629 units. The Ford Fiesta is up 3 ranks to #7 in spite of sales down 1%, while the Honda CR-V breaks into the worldwide Top 10 for potentially the very first time at #9, by far the most popular SUV in the world, and the VW Polo reappears inside the Top 10 at #10.

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Full Year 2013 Top 10 models Ranking Table below.

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World 2013: One in every 2.5 Rolls Royce sold in China

April 24th, 2014 2 comments

Rolls Royce Phantom Pinnacle Travel Collection Beijing 2014. Picture courtesy of driving.caRolls-Royce presented the $1.6m Phantom Pinnacle Travel Collection in Beijing this week.

* Click on title to see the Global, China and US sales of 6 luxury manufacturers! *

Global, China and US sales of luxury manufacturers are a rare find so I trust you’ll enjoy this…

According to an April 22 China Daily article, China accounted for a staggering 39% of Rolls Royce global sales in 2013. The British manufacturer, who presented the Phantom Pinnacle Travel Collection at the Beijing Auto Show – rumoured to go for at least $1.6 million, delivered a 4th consecutive year of record Global sales at 3,630 units, up 1.5% on 2013. China sales however were up 11% over the period to reach an all-time high 1,400 units, or 1 in every 2.5 Rolls-Royce sold worldwide! Rolls-Royce added 7 new dealerships in China last year, extending its coverage to 20 cities across the country.

2014 Maserati Quattroporte2013 Maserati sales were up a huge 334% in China to represent 25% of the brand’s Global sales.

Whereas the overall Chinese market grew 14% in 2013, paradoxically most luxury brands lost ground due to more restrictive government measures on luxury buying. Bentley dropped 2.8% to 2,191 sales (22% of Global sales), Ferrari was at -5.5% to 554 units and Lamborghini down a harsh 16.7% to 267 sales due to a delivery shortage of Gallardos, the most popular Lamborghini model in China. Only Porsche (+19.9%) and most spectacularly Maserati, up a whopping 334% year-on-year, saw their results improved last year in China.

Lamborghini Aventador China 2013. Picture courtesy of Lamborghini sales were down 16.7% in 2013. Temporary set-back?

This doesn’t deter Andrea Baldi, Lamborghini China head: “Super sports cars currently only hold about 0.1% of the passenger car segment in China, whereas this figure is 1 to 2% in Western countries. So the potential is there.” As for Ferrari, the Chinese decline is in line with Global sales (-5.4%) and the manufacturer’s aim to reduce sales to maintain the brand’s luxury status and increase the cars’ value. Bentley’s Chinese decline can be attributed to the Flying Spur model change: zero delivers for the first 9 months but 927 during Q4, while the Continental GT improved by 46% year-on-year. China loves luxury, and is set to become the world’s largest market in this segment as well within the next 5 years. Source: China Daily

Full Year 2013 Global, China and US sales for 6 luxury manufacturers below.

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World Q1 2014: Toyota ahead of VW and GM again

April 24th, 2014 3 comments

Toyota Tundra. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comToyota Tundra. Global Toyota sales are up 6% year-on-year so far in 2014.

Toyota announced yesterday they sold 2.583 million vehicles worldwide over the First Quarter of 2014, enabling the Group to keep the world leadership for the third Quarter in a row. General Motors comes second with 2.42 million vehicles and Volkswagen is in third position at 2.4 million units. Year-on-year, Toyota is up 6% vs. just +2% for General Motors, #1 a year ago. At this rate, all 3 carmakers could pass the 10 million units by the end of the year at this rate! Source:

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World Full Year 2013: Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus #1? BestSellingCarsBlog has spoken

April 22nd, 2014 20 comments

Toyota Corolla World 2013. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe new sedan enabled the Toyota Corolla to keep its worldwide crown in 2013.

As it has been the case for almost two years now, Toyota and Ford are at odds when it comes to declaring which is the best-selling car in the world. Ford quotes Polk saying the Ford Focus is #1 (as it did in 2012) with 1,097,618 units sold last year including 317,110 in Europe and 403,219 in China. Toyota for its part says the Corolla leads the way with 1.2 million units, adding up to 40,820,000 sales since the nameplate originally launched in the sixties. Who is right?

BestSellingCarsBlog has spoken, and the Toyota Corolla wins the title of best-selling car in the world for 2013, roughly confirming both manufacturers’ figures. The Corolla leads with 1,245,404 sales vs. 1,107,253 for the Ford Focus. Keep in mind these remain temporary figures and will be slightly refined in the next couple of weeks.

As usual there are a lot of different ways to skin this cat especially on Toyota’s side, and the decisions to include or not certain versions have created a lot of debate over the years on BSCB. So today and for the first time I detail the exact splits for the different models and generations that make up these worldwide sales figures, with the only unknown being the split between the last two generations of Corolla (10 and 11) which were both on sale worldwide in 2013. This way you can play with the figures and decide which car in your view should earn the world best-seller title. :-)

Ford Focus World 2013Caramba, missed again. The Ford Focus is #2 in the world in 2013. Unless…

The Corolla methodology is as follows: the sales figure includes the 9th generation still sold in China, as it is slightly facelifted now but still for the most part faithful to the original model, unlike for example the Chinese Jetta not into worldwide Jetta sales as the current model is not a facelifted 2nd gene anymore but an entirely new car. In the same vein, the Japanese Corolla was not included in the Corolla total as it has departed from the original model. Estimated US Matrix sales have been deduced from the Corolla total as well, and finally Auris sales were included as this very same model is called Corolla hatchback outside of Europe.

For the Focus it’s much simpler, as the total figure includes the IIf generation still on sale in China and the hatchback and station wagon versions which retain the Focus nameplate. Based on all these numbers, Ford is still not right to claim the title of best-selling nameplate in the world. If we count the cars that actually have the Corolla nameplate printed on them (no Auris but including the Japanese Corolla) we arrive at 1,201,238 sales vs. 1,107,253. Only when deducting both the Auris and the Japanese Corolla is the Ford Focus worldwide best-seller by the skin of its teeth at 1,107,253 units vs. 1,099,574.

Toyota Corolla vs. Ford Focus – Full Year 2013:

Model 2013
Toyota Corolla 1,245,404
including Corolla IX (China) 147,921
including Auris (Europe) 145,830
NOT including Matrix (USA) unknown,      est. 2,000
NOT including Corolla XI (Japan) 101,664
Ford Focus 1,107,253
including Focus IIf (China) unknown, est.133,200

Source: All usual sources worldwide.

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