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World Full Year 2018: Discover Total Vehicle Sales for 145 markets

India is the only Top 20 world market to break its volume record in 2018. Picture by Elliott Scott.

We can now share with you today 2018 Annual Volumes for 145 markets worldwide, including Passenger Cars + Commercial Vehicles. As such, these figures can vary from the ones we have reported in our specific Full Year 2018 updates. The source is OICA, the global association of automotive manufacturers, however they can use very rough estimates for some markets and when necessary we have updated the data with more reliable figures we have obtained with local associations of manufacturers.

The slowdown in worldwide new vehicle sales growth is plain for everyone to see in this ranking: 10 of the Top 20 markets are down vs. 2017 and whereas we had 7 all-time record volumes among the Top 30 markets in 2017, there are only three this year: India (4.400.136), Poland (633.284) and Chile (417.495). For the first time since 1990, China (-2.8%) registers a loss but remains by far the largest market in the world at 28.1 million vs. 17.7 million for the #2 ranked, the USA (+0.9%), yet the rest of the Top 5 is in positive with Japan (+0.6%) and Germany (+0.3%) edging up.

The only changes in the Top 20 markets are Brazil (+13.6%) continuing its recovery and passing Italy (-3.2%) to #8, Spain (+9%) overtaking Mexico (-7.1%), Indonesia (+8.7%) advancing two spots to #15, Thailand (+19.3%) doing the same to #17 with Iran (-32.9%) down 3 to #18, Argentina (-10.3%) up one to #19 and Turkey (-34.6%) down two to #20. Below, Chile (+13.1%), Hungary (+17%), Romania (+29.8%), Ecuador (+31.6%) and Algeria (+25.8%) shine with double-digit gains.

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Full Year 2018 Annual Volumes for 145 markets in the world below

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