Indonesia June 2015: Honda Mobilio and Toyota Innova recover

Honda Mobilio Indonesia August 2014. Picture courtesy of zigwheels.comThe Honda Mobilio is back up to 4th place in June.

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Another painful result for the Indonesian new car market in June: down 27% year-on-year to just 79.781 registrations, pulling the year-to-date total down 18% to 525.479 units. The Toyota Avanza is stuck at historically low levels at 6.945 sales and 8.7% share vs. 12% year-to-date, with the Low Cost Green Car Toyota Agya now getting dangerously close at 5.474 units and 6.9%. Below the Daihatsu Gran Max Pikap (5.9%), the Honda Mobilio (+3 spots on May) and Toyota Kijang Innova (+1) climb back up the ladder, as does the Honda Brio Satya up a further two ranks to #7 vs. #11 year-to-date. Reversely, the Honda HR-V has well and truly consumed its honeymoon with Indonesian consumers, down to #15 vs. #9 so far in 2015.

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Full June 2015 Top 15 models Ranking Table below.

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Photo Report: The cars & horse carriages of Bali and Gili, Indonesia

1. Gili Air Transport 1Gili Air Transport

It has been over two years since our last Photo Report in Bali, Indonesia, so an update is overdue. This time we also push to the Gili islands and get a glimpse of Lombok. A few things have changed in Bali since my last visit: a brand-new airport and some pretty impressive highways along the East coast of the island, but most strikingly it seemed to me that Bali was slowly but surely losing itself in the race for more and more tourism. The traditional Balinese hospitality has eroded, every single interaction with locals seems to be profit-motivated and, as I didn’t spend any time in Ubud this year, it seems any glimpse of authenticity has left the island for good.

Indonesia Bali Gili mapBali / Gili map – click on the picture to enlarge 

2. Daihatsu Xenia Bali June 2015bDaihatsu Xenia in Bali – June 2015

Proof in point: I got myself into a very heated argument with one of our taxi drivers that had no intention to honour our agreed itinerary and had no qualms raising its voice towards tourists. Caution Bali: your tourism success is starting to inflate your ego to dangerous proportions, and very soon you might be shocked to discover that you are no longer one of the world’s favourite holiday destinations. Happily, it was a single incident and a couple of other taxi drivers helped me understand the Indonesian car market a lot better.

3. Toyota Kijang Daihatsu Xenia Bali June 2015Toyota Kijang and Daihatsu Xenia in Padang Bai, Bali.

Let’s start with the Gili islands, forming part of the Lombok larger island and located a 1h30 boat ride east from Padang Bai in Bali. When speaking with Balinese locals, they all make it very clear that the Gili island are not part of Bali – which is correct: it’s supposed to be more dangerous, less interesting etc. I see what you did there, just trying to keep our Australian dollars in Bali. The truth is, mainly because all motorised vehicles are banned on the three islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air), the atmosphere is widely different in Gili than it is in Bali. Another influencing fact is that the dominant religion in Gili (as well as the rest of Indonesia) is Islam whereas Balinese are in majority Hindu.

4. Toyota Avanza Bali June 2015cToyota Avanza in Bali

I hear you shout already: why on earth would I spend some time in Gili if all vehicles are banned? That’s a very good point but even prolific bloggers like myself need to take a break sometimes… As a result of the ban, horse carriages rule the roost in the Gili islands, galloping at good speed in the middle of pedestrians without much care. I closely missed getting knocked out by a couple of carriages during my 5-day stay there and was surprised no one got injured in my vicinity as the carriages sometimes seem to operate with no inclination to avoid anyone. Not hearing the sound of a car, scooter or motorbike for five days was a very relaxing experience however.

Gili Air Transport 3Gili Air Transport

A short boat trip to Gili Meno – almost uninhabited – and Gili Air – much less developed than Gili Trawangan – confirmed that horses do the main transport job in this region of the world. A nice touch: horse carriages in Gili Trawangan are painted in yellow and called Janur Indah and in blue in Gili Air where they all fall under the brand “Gili Air Transport”. I couldn’t help but smile at the idea of this blog anachronistically existing at a time when only horse carriages were available: how would I classify the best-sellers then? Would it be the horse or the carriage?


8. Toyota Avanza Bali June 2015eToyota Avanza skewer in Kitamani near Mount Batur, Bali

Back to Bali for a thorough analysis of the car landscape. As we noticed during the last Bali Photo Report in 2012, the more touristy areas are Toyota Avanza/Daihatsu Xenia territory, by far the favourite choice to taxi tourists around. These two twin nameplates sometimes account for up to one in every second cars in coastal areas where tourism is by far the main source of revenue, namely towns like Padang Bai or Amed, tourism ports to the Gili islands. According to Kadek Wir, a very friendly taxi driver with a distinct passion for cars, the Toyota Avanza is even more successful in Bali than in the rest of Indonesia because of the particularly touristy nature of the island compared to the remainder of the country, and despite a significantly higher tax lifting its price to 225 million rupiah (US$16.800) vs. 200 million ($14.900) elsewhere in Indonesia.

9. Toyota Avanza Lombok June 2015Another one in Pamenang port, Lombok

A quick glance at the port of Pamenang in Lombok from our boat on the way from the Gili islands to Amed in Bali confirmed this observation: an overwhelming domination of the two generations Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia. However our driver Kadek was driving a Suzuki APV, also extremely frequent on Bali roads and certainly ranking much higher than the 26th spot it commended nationally in 2014. I wondered whether the diminished popularity had something to do with the launch of the Suzuki Ertiga: apparently not. The Ertiga is much smaller – seeing one next to an APV removes any doubt about this, and therefore unadapted to tourist transportation. It has mainly been snapped up by private buyers since its launch almost 3 years ago. The explanation for decreasing APV sales is elsewhere…

12. Suzuki APV driver Bali June 2015Driver Kadek Wir and his Suzuki APV

Launched over ten years ago in 2004, the Suzuki APV has only had a slight facelift since, which for the untrained eye makes it virtually the same vehicle. Tourists (yes, us) seem to congregate towards newer vehicles. The Avanza has received a very visible facelift back in late 2011, and is due for another one soon, making it harder for owners of the first generation to get good taxi business. Seems basic, but makes sense. APV owners on the other hand don’t really have the need to renew their fare as it has looked the same for the past 10 years so tourists cant make the difference between a shiny-new one and a 10 year-old one, as long as it is well maintained. Hence decreasing APV sales.

5. Suzuki Carry Bali June 2015Suzuki Carry in Kitamani near Mount Batur, Bali

11. Suzuki APV Pikap Bali June 2015Suzuki APV Pikap near Mount Batur, Bali

Once we drive past the coast towards the centre of the island – our trip went to Kitamani near Mount Batur, the main volcano in Bali, the car landscape changes drastically, as it is now composed of vehicles used for the internal day-to-day running of the country, not so much for touristic needs. The Suzuki Carry Pikap and Mitsubishi T120 Pikap rule the roads, justifying their Top 10 national sales rankings. The Suzuki APV and APV Pikap are also more frequent. Also interestingly as it is the first time that I explore this part of the island, there are still a lot of old Toyota Kijang, the first vehicle produced in Indonesia for Indonesian businesses by the Japanese manufacturer.

6. Toyota Agya Bali June 2015Toyota Agya in Kitamani near Mount Batur, Bali

Almost absent from the coast, the twins Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla become a lot more frequent inside the island, a testimony to their private buyer base. However the numbers are nowhere near the #3 spot (Agya) and #10 (Ayla) the two models hold nationally, indicating their Indonesian success should have a lot more to do with much bigger cities like the capital Jakarta. Worryingly though, roughly one year after their initial Indonesian launch, the Agya/Ayla tandem is already racking up a pretty negative quality reputation. Our driver Kadek citing one member of his family that replaced his Honda Jazz by a Toyota Agya, only to have to get it fixed repeatedly. In a pragmatic country like Indonesia, unreliable cars are simply not an option and Toyota Motor is taking a risk. We’ll come back to Honda shortly.

10. Hino Truck Bali June 2015Hundreds of these green Hino trucks and trawling the centre of Bali.

The centre of the island is ripe with construction sites and roadwork, all catered for by bright green Hino trucks, recognisable from a fair distance and strolling the tiny mountain road at high speed.

7. Honda Fit Bali June 2015Honda Fit in Padang Bai, Bali

A fascinating insight into the Indonesian car buyer’s mind shows that Honda is considered a premium marque at the same level as BMW or Mercedes, with the difference that the latter German brands are much harder to get fixed and therefore get depreciated a lot quicker. Who would have thought? It explains the plateauing of the Honda Mobilio in the sales charts, as this vehicle is almost exclusively destined to a wealthy private consumer base, not the taxi companies that have pushed the Toyota Avanza to the top of the sales ranking. In this context, the Avanza and Mobilio actually don’t compete with each other as they target vastly different buyers (for usage and price), and as such here was never really any chance the Mobilio would toppled the Avanza to become Indonesia’s best-seller. Switching from any Japanese brand to a Honda is a step up in Indonesia.

Volkswagen 181 Safari Jeep Bali June 2015VW 181 Safari Jeeps from 

Lastly, let’s mention the fun and multicoloured VW 181 Safari Jeeps from tour operator, one Datsun GO spotted near Ubud, one GO+ spotted near Kuta and a handful of Honda HR-V already driving around wealthier Ubud and Seminyak. The Toyota Hilux in Indonesia are almost exclusively single cab in both 2wd and 4wd variants.

The Photo Report continues below.

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Indonesia May 2015: Toyota Avanza freefalls in lowest May in 4 years

Toyota Avanza Indonesia May 2015Only 6.778 Toyota Avanza found a buyer in Indonesia in May.

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The Indonesian new car market is showing no sign of recovery: down a depressing 18% year-on-year in May to 79.236 registrations, the lowest May score in 4 years pulling the 5 month-tally down 16% on 2014 to 445.698 units. The big news this month is the particularly deflated score of the perennial leader the Toyota Avanza: down almost 50% on April to just 6.778 deliveries and 8.6% share, due to stocks thinning in anticipation of the new generation’s impending arrival. This is the first time the Avanza drops below 10.000 monthly units in Indonesia since the launch of the current generation in November 2011. Its twin the Daihatsu Xenia somehow benefits from the situation, up 5 spots on last month to #4 and 5.3% share vs. #6 and 3.7% year-to-date. The Toyota Agya is up one spot to #2 overall at 6.3%, overtaking the Daihatsu Gran Max Pikap (5.4%). The Honda Mobilio is back up to #7, the Toyota Rush down to #8 but still one percentage point above its year-to-date level thanks to its facelift, the Honda Brio Satya shoots up 5 ranks to #9 and the honeymoon period is over for the Honda HR-V falling 7 spots on April to #14.

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Full May 2015 Top 20 models Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia April 2015: New Toyota Rush breaks into Top 5

Toyota Rush Indonesia April 2015Toyota Rush

* See the Top 20 best-selling models by clicking on the title *

After 4 consecutive record years, the Indonesian new car market has been reversing gears for about 10 months now. But this is different. April sales are down 24% year-on-year to just 81.600 registrations, the steepest drop since the global recession in 2009, and pulling the year-to-date total down 16% to 366.452 units. There’s no plateauing for Indonesian new car sales that could be headed straight toward harsh recession if these decline rates continue for a couple more months. The Toyota Avanza is back to its implacable domination of the market with 14.3% share and more than double the sales of any other nameplate, while the Daihatsu Gran Max Pikap confirms that commercial vehicles are resisting the nascent crisis a lot better wit another #2 finish.

Honda HR-V Indonesia April 2015. Picture courtesy HR-V

The Toyota Group even monopolises the Top 6 this month with the Toyota Agya at #4, its twin the Daihatsu Ayla at #6, the Toyota Kijang Innova at #4 and the April big news: the Toyota Rush shooting up 6 spots on March to an outstanding 5th place, the nameplate’s best ranking for at least 3 years thanks to a new and improved version launched exclusively in Indonesia. Its twin the Daihatsu Terios is also up 6 ranks to #13. Meanwhile, the Honda HR-V continues to tag along at stratospheric levels: #7 with 3.7% share in April.

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Full April 2015 Top 20 models Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia March 2015: Honda HR-V confirms blockbuster status

Honda HR-V Indonesia March 2015. Picture courtesy Honda HR-V posts a second consecutive month inside the Indonesian Top 5.

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The Indonesian new car market continues to readjust: down 12% year-on-year in March to 99,406 registrations, which brings the 1st Quarter total to 284,682 units, down 13% on 2014. The Toyota Avanza remains the best-selling vehicle in the country by far and its market share has stabilised around 13.2% (13.4% in FY14, 17.4% in FY13), with its biggest threat to the Honda Mobilio (10% share in May 2014), has now passed: the Mobilio is down to a miserable 14th place this month with 2.2% of the Indonesian market. In 2nd place with 6,149 sales, the Daihatsu Gran Max Pikap continues to impress and confirms a new trend in this market: small pick-ups have gradually made their way to the top of the ranking in Indonesia commercial vehicles. The Suzuki Carry Pikap is #4 in March, while the Mitsubishi T120 SS (#12) and L300 (#13) are solid despite of their age.

Toyota Rush Indonesia March 2015. Picture courtesy Toyota Rush is back up to #11 in March, its twin the Daihatsu Terios up to #19.

But the big event this month in Indonesia is the same as in February: the world-topping 5th position of the Honda HR-V with an improved 4.8% market share and a record 4,815 sales. The HR-V has hit the bullseye in Indonesia, opening up a new market for manufacturers keen to bank on this newfound love of Indonesian drivers for the small SUV segment- the Nissan Juke had never achieved such sales levels since its launch 4 years ago. The HR-V is pulling a handful of other SUVs in its wake this month: the Toyota Rush is spectacularly back inside the Top 20 at #11 and 2,772 sales with its twin the Daihatsu Terios up to #19 with 1,546 units (cumulative sales 4,318 or #6) while the Nissan X-Trail is strong again at #16 and 1,861 deliveries.

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Full March 2015 Top 20 models Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia February 2015: Honda HR-V up to world-best #5

Honda HR-V Indonesia February 2015. Picture courtesy Honda HR-V cracks the Indonesian Top 5 for its 2nd month in market…

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The Indonesian new car market clearly marks a pause in 2015 with February sales down a worrying 21% year-on-year to just 88,738 registrations, pulling the year-to-date total down 14% to 185,456 units. The Toyota Avanza remains master in command of the sales charts by far with 13.7% share, a notch above its level of the past 6 months. Commercial vehicles are less affected by the market slump and as a result rank higher so far in 2015: the Daihatsu Gran Max Pikap is #2 again with a very strong 6.7% vs. #4 in 2014 and the Suzuki Carry Pikap ranks #4 with 4.8% vs. #6 in 2014.

Nissan X-Trail Indonesia February 2015. Picture courtesy new Nissan X-Trail breaks into the Indonesian Top 15 this month.

But the main event in the Indonesian market this month is the supernatural 5th place of the Honda HR-V with a very impressive 3,885 sales and 4.4% share. The is the second launch vastly exceeding industry expectations for Honda, one year after the Mobilio climbed to #2 a couple of months after its introduction here. Further down, notice the Nissan X-Trail up to #14 with 1,669 sales, the Datsun GO+ at #16 with 1,602 units and the Honda CR-V back inside the Top 20 at #17 and 1,399 sales.

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Full February 2015 Top 20 models Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia January 2015: Daihatsu Gran Max #2, Honda HR-V in Top20

Honda HR-V Indonesia January 2015. Picture courtesy Honda HR-V cracks the Indonesian Top 20 for its first month in market.

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The Indonesian new car market continues its readjustment: down a relatively brutal 9% year-on-year in January to 94,194 registrations. The Toyota Avanza sells exactly double any other nameplate in the market, but its 12.8% market share is lower than its FY2014 level. Rare at this level, the Daihatsu Gran Max Pikap soars to 2nd place thanks to 6,150 deliveries, overtaking the Honda Mobilio at 5,456 while the Suzuki Carry Pikap lurks just behind at 5.4%. Excellent performances of the Honda Jazz at #7 vs. #14 in FY14 and Brio Satya at #9 vs. #12. But the big news in the Indonesian Top 20 this month is the arrival of the Honda HR-V at #16 with 1,513 sales for its very first month of sales in the country. A very promising start for the small Japanese SUV indeed.

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One year ago: Indonesia January 2014: Honda Mobilio breaks into Top 20

Full January 2015 Top 20 models below.

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Indonesia Full Year 2014: Now with exclusive Top 95 models

Mazda Biante Indonesia 2014The Mazda Biante ranks just outside the Indonesian Top 50 in 2014.

See the Full Year 2014 Top 95 best-selling models and Top 10 brands here

For the first time on BSCB we are able to go beyond the traditional Top 20 models to extend the ranking to the Top 95, which is roughly 95% of all nameplates sold in the country. We learn that the Toyota Rush is in fact #10 instead of the Mitsubishi T120SS Pikap, the Honda Brio Satya shoots up to #12, combined sales of the Datsun GO and GO+ amount to 20,520 for a 16th place and the Suzuki Karimun Wagon R cracks the annual Top 20 for its first full year in market. Some nameplates that are extremely successful in neighbouring countries do poorly here: the Toyota Vios is #47, the Honda City #48, Toyota Corolla #49 and the Honda Civic #64. Reversely, in the country of the MPV, obscure models such as the Mazda Biante (#52) and VX-1 (#58) do very well.

See the Full Year 2014 Top 95 best-selling models and Top 10 brands here

Indonesia Full Year 2014: Avanza resists Honda Mobilio assault

Honda Mobilio Indonesia 2014. Picture courtesy of cartradeThe Honda Mobilio peaked at 10% share in May.

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Whereas the Indonesian new car market evolved at record heights for most of the year, a horrendous last couple of months (November at -19% and December at -20%) mean it is down year-on-year for the first time since 2008 and only the 4th time in the past 15 years at -2% to 1.208.019 registrations. This result puts an end to a string of 4 consecutive record years between 2010 and 2013, in effect doubling the record annual tally from 603.774 sales (2008) to 1.229.902 (2013). The 2014 total is however still the 2nd strongest in the history of automobile in Indonesia, so not all bad news.

Toyota Avanza Indonesia 2014The Toyota Avanza is #1 in Indonesia for the 9th consecutive year.

One in every 3 new vehicles sold in Indonesia in 2014 was a Toyota, ultra-dominant in the brands ranking with just under 400,000 sales and 33.1% market share, also trusting the 2nd spot with its more mass market brand Daihatsu thanks to 185,226 units and 15.3%. Honda gets a boost from the Mobilio (more on this below), rounding out the podium and almost doubling its market share compared to 2013 to 13.2% and 159,147 sales. Suzuki and Mitsubishi also lodge 140,000+ units while Nissan and Isuzu follow way below. Chevrolet (#8) is the only non-Japanese brand in the Top 10!

Daihatsu Luxio Indonesia 2014. Picture courtesy of remains the #2 carmaker in Indonesia in 2014.

Traditionally excruciatingly stable, the Indonesian models ranking was completely reshuffled in 2014. Honda launched the Mobilio MPV, instantly hitting the bullseye with Indonesian consumers and becoming the first-ever serious threat to the Toyota Avanza’s domination since the latter took the lead of Indonesian sales charts back in 2006. Launched in January, the Mobilio was already #3 in February and #2 in March and finishes the year directly at #2 with 79,288 sales and 6.6% share. Even more impressively, it peaked at 10% share in May and 10,256 units in June – with the Avanza the only nameplate in Indonesian history to cross the 10,000 monthly unit-mark. In comparison, the Avanza drops 24% and 4 percentage points share vs. 2013 to 13.4% over the Full Year, its lowest annual share in a decade, and went as low as 11.9% in September. The Daihatsu Xenia (-28%) is hit full frontal and tumbles down from a seemingly solid #2 in 2013 to a paltry #8 this year, same story for the Suzuki Ertiga (-26%) going from #4 to #7.

Toyota Agya Indonesia 2014. Picture courtesy of Toyota Agya ranks #3 overall in 2014.

The second momentous event in the 2014 Indonesian models ranking is the first full year of sales of low cost green cars (LCGC) introduced in late 2013. The Toyota Agya keeps going strong, #2 for four straight months from November 2013 to February 2014 and then again in November this year, ending 2014 at a magnificent third place with 67,074 sales and 5.6% share. Its twin the Daihatsu Ayla also manages a Top 10 annual ranking at #9 but never matched its record level of #4 over the last two months of 2013, peaking at #6 in March.

Datsun GO+ Indonesia 2014. Picture courtesy of launch in Indonesia for the Datsun GO+

Commercial vehicles are holding strong this year: the Daihatsu Gran Max Pikap is up 19% to #4, the Suzuki Carry Pikap up 7% to #6 and the Mitsubishi T120SS Pikap down 1% to #11. Finally, ranking at #18 with 17,787 sales is the newly launched Datsun GO+ which peaked at #11 in both September and October, making Indonesia the 2nd country in the world along with Russia where the Datsun brand relaunch has been met with instant success. The GO for its part sold 2.733 units this year in Indonesia.

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Full Year 2014 Top 100 models and Top 10 brands vs. Full Year 2013 figures below.

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Indonesia November 2014: Honda Brio Satya hits record, market at -19%

Honda Brio Satya Indonesia November 2014Honda Brio Satya (Thailand model shown)

* See the Top 20 best-selling models by clicking on the title *

The uninterrupted period of explosive growth has brutally come to an end for new car sales in Indonesia: November sales are down a harsh 19% year-on-year to just 91,268 units. However thanks to very strong sales in the first half of the year, the year-to-date total is still up a fantastic 11% on 2013 to a record 1.129.566 deliveries. The Toyota Avanza gets rid of its archenemy this month: at 13% share it is down 3 percentage points on November 2013 but a huge 8.6 percentage points above the Honda Mobilio, crashing down 3 spots on October to #5 and 4.4% share. In second place with 6.5% of the market, the Toyota Agya reaches its second ever highest share below the 6.7% reached in December 2013 and February 2014. Both the Daihatsu Gran Max (#3 and 6.3%) and the Suzuki Carry (#4 and 4.9%) pickups also shine. Finally, notice the Honda Brio Satya hitting its best-ever ranking and share at #8 and 3.3% and the Datsun GO+ seeing the Top 10 receding before its eyes, down one spot on October to #12 and 2.2% share.

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Full November 2014 Top 20 models Ranking Table below.

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