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Indonesia June 2013: Chevrolet hits best-ever monthly volume

July 27th, 2013 18 comments

Chevrolet Spin Indonesia June 2013The Spin is already pushing Chevrolet to record levels in Indonesia.

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A while ago I published an article describing how General Motors was trying to challenge Toyota’s supremacy in Indonesia by launching the Chevrolet Spin locally. Latest sales figures show encouraging results. In June, the Indonesian new car market celebrates one year since the first 6 figure-sales month: June 2012 broke a new record at 101,743 registrations. Since then, the market has passed that milestone 6 more times, establishing a new all-time record in October 2012 at 106,806 units. It looks like we are in for another record year in Indonesia: June is up 1% to 104,265 units and the 6 month tally stands at 601,952 sales, up a very healthy 12% on 2012.

Suzuki Ertiga Indonesia June 2013The Suzuki Ertiga ranks #2 in Indonesia for the third time in the last 5 months…

Toyota and Daihatsu put together hold over 50% of the Indonesian car market so far in 2013, while Suzuki lodges a stellar month in June at #2 and 14.9% and places the Ertiga at a fantastic 2nd place for the third time in the last 5 months with 6,555 sales and 6.3%. But the big event is the taking off of Chevrolet: thanks to 1,703 Chevrolet Spin sold this month – earning it a spot in the Top 20 for the first time ever at #18, the American car maker simply lodges its best-ever volume in the country at 2,043 units. The year-to-date total is up 82% on 2012 at 4,728 sales. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves: this still only represents 2% and 0.8% market share respectively. But it is nevertheless enough to break all Chevrolet’s records here as the brand has had a confidential presence in Indonesia since its arrival in 1938.

Toyota Avanza Indonesia June 2013The Toyota Avanza breaks the 100,000 unit-mark halfway through the year for the first time.

Notice also the Toyota Avanza selling a traditionally massive 18,094 units in June, making it the first model to ever break the 100,000 sales mark halfway through the year at 103,489 sales and 17.2% share.

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Full June 2013 Top 20 models and Top 10 brands Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia: General Motors tries to challenge Toyota’s supremacy

June 29th, 2013 4 comments

Chevrolet Spin Indonesia May 2013The Chevrolet Spin is the first GM vehicle to really fit Indonesians’ tastes.

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Can GM challenge a quasi-monopoly by Japanese manufacturers in fast-growing Indonesia? If you are a regular BSCB reader, you will know that Indonesia is one of the world’s fastest growing car markets, with 2012 the first year Indonesian new car sales broke the one million annual units barrier at 1,116,224 units, up a whopping 25% on 2011 and 46% on 2010 which were both already record years. In 2012, Indonesia is on track to finish the year with another record which I predict to be around 1.3 million units (+16%). Some analysts even forecast Indonesian sales to double to 2 million over the next 3 years…

Toyota Kijang Indonesia 19811981 Toyota Kijang

And who has been winning the Indonesian car sales battle? Japanese manufacturers for the most part, with zero non-Japanese model in the May Top 20 for example. In fact, Indonesia has even been nicknamed “Toyota country”, with the manufacturer holding an out-of-this-world 54% market share locally when Daihatsu sales are included (through 450 dealerships), which some months is better than at home in Japan… After starting assembling Corollas and Land Cruisers locally in 1971, Toyota hit gold when it released the Kijang in 1977, designed specifically for Indonesia. This multi-purpose vehicle has come to define motoring in Indonesia and is still regularly within the Top 3 best-sellers, now in its 5th generation.

Chevrolet Spin Indonesia May 2013bGM plans to sell 40,000 Chevrolet Spin a year in Indonesia initially…

Whereas it launched here in 1938, General Motors only has 34 dealerships and less than 1% market share. In an excellent article published today, Autonews describes how in 2013, GM is decided to finally give the Indonesian market a solid go to try and challenge Toyota’s supremacy. But this is going to be a very difficult task, with Toyota already taking measures to cut the grass under GM’s tyres. Tim Lee, head of GM’s international operations, recently said in an interview: ”We started in Indonesia in 1938. We have been so successful, we have (grabbed) seven-tenths of a point of market share in 75 years. Are you (kidding) me?”

Daihatsu Xenia Indonesia March 2013…while Toyota should sell 280,000 Toyota Avanza/Daihatsu Xenia here in 2013.

Autonews says “GM for decades failed to come up with the right vehicles for Indonesia, which prefers simple “people mover” vans. Now, it is finally coming out with a competitive multi-purpose vehicle, the Chevrolet Spin (already sold in Latin America), with 3 rows of seats, the kind of car that rules the Indonesian roads. GM has restarted an assembly plant it shuttered in 2005, began production in April with plans for 40,000 cars a year initially. GM CEO Dan Akerson said he thinks GM could grab a 7- to 10% share of Indonesia’s automobile market within a decade.” The Spin sold 767 units in May for a 0.8% market share, with its year-to-date total reaching 1,144 sales after two months.

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Full article below.

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Indonesia May 2013: Nissan Livina & Honda Freed shine

June 19th, 2013 5 comments

Daihatsu Xenia Indonesia May 2103Daihatsu Xenia in Ubud Bali, Indonesia – December 2012

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While it had never happened before June 2012, we now got used to the Indonesian new car market evolving above 100,000 monthly units. So it’s with a big gasp that we welcome May figures at… 99,568 units, still up 4% on May 2012 which by the way was the very first time the market was above 90,000 monthly sales. The year-to-date total now stands at 497,689 units, up 18% on 2012. Talk about explosive growth… The pole position is held by the usual suspect: the Toyota Avanza dominates again thanks to 17,033 units and 17.1% share which is very close to its year-to-date level of 17.2%.

Honda Freed Indonesia May 2013Honda Freed in Ubud Bali, Indonesia – December 2012

After both being passed by the Suzuki Ertiga last month, the Daihatsu Xenia (6.4%) and Toyota Kijang Innova (5.4%) both reclaims their traditional rankings at #2 and #3 respectively, while the Ertiga is back down to #5 with 4% share vs. 5.2% year-to-date. Excellent month for the Nissan Grand Livina up 7 spots on April to #6 and 3.9% share (vs. 3% year-to-date) as well as the Honda Freed up 9 ranks to #8 and 3% share.

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Full May 2013 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia April 2013: Suzuki Ertiga #2, Toyota Etios in Top 10

May 18th, 2013 4 comments

Suzuki Ertiga Indonesia 2013Suzuki Ertiga in Ubud, Bali Indonesia December 2012

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Another month above 100,000 registrations in Indonesia in April at 102,199 units, up a huge 33% year-on-year and bringing the year-to-date total to 398,121, up 22% on 2012. This is the 7th time in the last 11 months the Indonesian market breaks the 100,000 monthly unit-barrier whereas it had never happened before June 2012… No surprise in pole position: the Toyota Avanza still reigns supreme with 19,798 sales and 19.4% share, its highest in the last 12 months! Year-to-date, an astounding 68,362 Avanzas found a buyer in the country after just 4 months…

Toyota Etios Indonesia April 2013Toyota Etios. Picture by, all rights reserved.

The big event is in 2nd place: for the second time in the last 3 months the Suzuki Ertiga manages to hold that spot at 5,917 units and 5.8%, an exceptional performance indeed and an indication that Suzuki’s replacement of the APV by the all-new Ertiga may turn out to be an all-out success. The Toyota Etios breaks into the Indonesian Top 10 for the first time, up 9 spots to #9 with 2,719 sales and 2.7%. For now the Honda Brio still leads the category at 5,024 units year-to-date even though it is out of the Top 20 this month, but it is interesting to notice that after just two months, Indonesia has become the 2nd market in the word to welcome the Etios in its Top 10 after South Africa.

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Full April 2013 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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World: Datsun, now Autobianchi to be revived as low-cost brands

April 16th, 2013 21 comments

Autobianchi Logo. Picture courtesy of cartype.comWe could see Autobianchi return as early as 2014!

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With the progression of Chinese carmakers worldwide, the rise and rise of low-cost brands following the tremendous success of Dacia over the last decade is one of the most fascinating mega-trends in the car industry at the moment. For example, my worldwide January roundup stressed the fact that Renault is only keeping afloat worldwide due to the success of its Dacia models, and monthly Chinese rankings show both low-cost brands Baojun and Venucia are making their mark.

Autobianchi Siena. Picture courtesy of Autobild.deAutobianchi Siena?

Last week, German website Autobild announced that Fiat could revive Autobianchi as its low-cost brand. For a while Innocenti was whispered around but it now seems like Autobianchi is the go. Created in 1955, Autobianchi was always priced higher than equivalent Fiat models and was used to test innovative concepts which later found their way into mainstream Fiat vehicles. Guess that will have to change now! The brand was integrated into Lancia in 1989 but survived in Italy until 1995 when production of the Y10 stopped. More on the Autobianchi brand here.

1977 Autobianchi A112 Abarth1977 Autobianchi A112 Abarth

According to Autobild, the first Autobianchi model would be built in Poland and Russia and based on the Brazilian Fiat Siena, itself built on the previous generation Fiat Palio’s platform. It will be a notchback sedan targeted at Eastern European markets to go full frontal against the Dacia Logan, with prices starting at 5,000 Euros. Autobild says if these plans come to fruition we could see the first low-cost Autobianchi cars hitting the road in late 2014, which is not so far off!

2013 Datsun grille2013 Datsun grille

These news come as Nissan has confirmed they are reviving the Datsun brand as their low-cost option, to be officially launched later this year. Plans are now getting more precise: in addition to India, Indonesia and Russia which were announced last year, in February South Africa was confirmed as the 4th market where the Datsun brand will be revived.

Datsun notchback sedan. Picture courtesy of Autobild.deThe first low-cost Datsun?

As far as Russia is concerned, last week Nissan Russia CEO Francois Goupil de Bouille announced that “the first Datsun cars will roll in Russian cities in March 2014″, with plans to sell 100,000 Datsuns annually in Russia by 2016. There will be two Russian Datsun models to start with: a notchback sedan based on the Lada Kalina and Granta platforms and a hatchback model based on the previous generation Nissan Note.

Click on ‘Read more’ below for more details on Datsun’s return.

Datsun 240Z. Picture courtesy of modified.com1968 Datsun 240Z

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Indonesia March 2013: Daihatsu Xenia back with a vengeance

April 13th, 2013 No comments

Daihatsu Xenia Indonesia March 2013Daihatsu Xenia in Bali, Indonesia December 2012

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In March 95,939 new vehicles found a buyer in Indonesia, bringing the year-to-date total to 295,922 units, up a fantastic 18% on 2012 which was already a record year. If the Toyota Avanza keeps the lead by far with 14,333 sales and 14.9% share (albeit down from 16.2% in February and 18.1% in January), the rest of the ranking is completely reshuffled this month. Beaten by both the Suzuki Ertiga (now #5) and Toyota Innova (now #3) last month, the Daihatsu Xenia brilliantly reclaims its traditional 2nd spot in March thanks to 7,141 units and an excellent 7.4% market share, and is now also back to #2 year-to-date with 19,329 sales and 6.5% vs. 18,911 and 6.4% for the Innova.

Toyota Etios Indonesia March 2013Toyota Etios

The Daihatsu Gran Max pick-up delivers an excellent performance, up 3 spots on February to #4 at 3,857 units and 4%, as does the Honda Jazz also up 3 ranks to #6 with 3,668 sales and 3.8% and the Honda CR-V up one to #7 at 2,817 units and 2.9%. The Daihatsu Terios is up 5 to #10, the Honda Brio up 7 to #11 and the Toyota Etios makes its very first appearance within the Indonesian Top 20 at #18 with 1,289 sales and 1.3% share.

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Full March 2013 Top 20 models and Top 5 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Indonesia February 2013: Suzuki Ertiga up to 2nd place!

March 14th, 2013 2 comments

Suzuki Ertiga Indonesia February 2013Suzuki Ertiga in Bali, Indonesia December 2012

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Another outstanding month for new car sales in Indonesia after three consecutive record years in 20102011 and 2012: February is at 103,279 registrations, the 6th time in the last 9 months whereas it had never happened before June 2012… This brings the year-to-date total just under 200,000 units at 199,983, an estimated increase of 20% over the same period in 2012 which could indicate another Full Year record around 1.3 million sales for 2013. Unsurprisingly, the Toyota Avanza leads the way with 16,760 sales and 16.2%. The surprise is in second place…

Honda CR-V Indonesia February 2013Honda CR-V in Bali, Indonesia December 2012

Whereas Toyota or Daihatsu had monopolised the podium in recent months, the Suzuki Ertiga is up 2 spots on an already record month of January to hit #2 with 6,784 sales and 6.6%. A very impressive feat that leads the Ertiga up to #3 year-to-date at 12,251 units and 6.1% vs. 13,818 and 6.9% for the Toyota Kijang Innova and 12,188 and 6.1% for the Daihatsu Xenia. Other great performers include the Honda CR-V up to #8, Toyota Hilux up to #16 and Honda Brio up to #18.

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Full February 2013 Top 20 models Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia January 2013: Avanza #1, Suzuki Ertiga beats records

February 17th, 2013 No comments

Toyota Avanza Indonesia January 2013Toyota Avanza in Ubud, Bali Indonesia December 2012

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Building on three consecutive record years in 2010, 2011 and 2012, the Indonesian new car market lodges another impressive month in January at 96,704 registrations. No surprises on top: the Toyota Avanza is sovereign again at an excellent 17,471 units and 18.1% share vs. 17.2% in 2012, while the Toyota Innova climbs into 2nd position with 7,383 sales and 7.6%, passing the Daihatsu Xenia at 5,905 units and 6.1%.

Suzuki Ertiga Indonesia January 2013Suzuki Ertiga

The Suzuki Ertiga beats its volume and market share records in the country this month, up to #4 with 5,467 sales and 5.7%, its previous best being 5,115 and 4.8% last November. The Suzuki Carry Pick-up remains solid at #5 and 3.9%, the Nissan Grand Livina is in great shape at #6 and 3.6%, as is the Mitsubishi T120-SS Pick-up at #8, the Honda Jazz at #11 and 2.4% and Honda CR-V at #13 and 2%. Notice also the Ford Ranger making its first appearance in the Indonesian Top 20 at #19.

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Full January 2013 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia Full Year 2012: Toyota Avanza #1 in millionaire market

January 15th, 2013 No comments

Gotta do what you gotta do when it rains… Daihatsu Xenia in Ubud, Bali Indonesia

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2012 will remain a very important year in the history of Indonesian car sales: for the first time ever, over 1 milion new vehicles were registered, with the market reaching a record 1,116,224 units, up a whopping 25% on 2011 and 46% on 2010 which were both already record years… Plus before 2012, never had the Indonesian new car market found itself above 100,000 monthly sales. It happened for the first time last June (101,743) and then 4 more times in the following 5 months: in July (new record 102,512), September (102,111), October (new record again at 106,806) and November (103,474). The Toyota Avanza is the best-selling model for the 7th year in a row as I shared with you in my last Indonesian photo report. It breaks both its annual volume record at 192,146 units (+18%) and its monthly sales record, twice, bringing it to 17,364 in March and 17,860 in November.

Run little dog, run! Nissan Evalia in Ubud, Bali Indonesia

Its twin the Daihatsu Xenia ranks #2 like in 2011 with 73,418 sales and 6.6%, up 10% while the Toyota Innova rounds up the podium at 71,685 units and 6.4%, up 31%. Perpetuating a long heritage dating back to the seventies, the Mitsubishi Truck Colt Diesel is #4 with 55,604 sales, followed by the Suzuki Carry and Daihatsu Gran Max Pick-ups. The Nissan Grand Livina is up 35% to #7 but the most impressive arrival in this year’s Indonesian Top 20 is the Suzuki Ertiga, landing directly at #8 with 34,074 sales and 3.1%, ahead of the Toyota Rush (+36%) and Yaris (+69%).

Honda CR-V in Ubud Bali, Indonesia

Notice also the Honda CR-V at 14,753 sales including a huge 2,551 in December which should place it within the Top 10 that month, the Honda Brio at 8,002 but peaking at #10 in September and the Nissan Evalia up to #6 in August but outside the year-end Top 25.

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Full Year 2012 Top 25 Ranking Table below.

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Indonesia December 2012: It’s an Avanza-Xenia-invasion…

January 1st, 2013 8 comments

Daihatsu Xenia

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Over the last week I was lucky enough to spend some time in Bali, Indonesia, so I thought I would share with you my impressions and a little photo album, as a lot has happened since my last stay there in April. If then the new generations Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia were just starting to point their bonnets, this time they have well and truly taken ownership of Balinese streets…

One new gen Avanza after the other, a common sight already in Bali.

Given how tourist-friendly and ‘taxi oriented’ Bali is, I would say the car landscape is even more skewed towards MPVs than the rest of the country, and the Toyota Avanza/Xenia/Kijang Innova trio could easily hold over 50% of the Balinese new car market, vs. 30% in the whole of Indonesia so far in 2012… It won’t be long until the new generation Avanza-Xenia will outnumber the old one which has been on sale for nearly a decade, a fantastic achievement indeed.

Suzuki APV

Suzuki Ertiga

If Suzuki is planning to replace the hugely successful APV – Balinese streets are still filled with it – with the Ertiga, as 2012 sales figures would seem to indicate, it definitely still has some way to go. I did see a couple of Ertigas each day but it is surely not a flood yet. Suzuki also seem to gradually be losing its pick-up crown, with less Suzuki Carry pick-ups and more Daihatsu Gran Max roaming the streets delivering ice-cream to tourists craving it.

Toyota Kijang Pick-up: perfect for Balinese police.

1974 Mitsubishi Colt Pick-up

Having the opportunity to stay a little longer in the country I was able to get a better feel of the evolution of the Indonesian car market over the years, looking at the distribution of cars as a whole. Apart from the obvious successful generations of Toyota Kijang/Innova which was created specifically for Indonesia, there is a distinct heritage of Mitsubishi Colt – the Commercial Vehicle, not the hatchback – both as a van and pick-up.
Launch an MPV in Indonesia and it will succeed, even the… Mazda Biante! Seen one of these before?

I also noticed a very respectable number of Nissan Juke around, while the Nissan Evalia and new gen Honda CR-V are both starting to be visible. All-in-all, if this booming market is currently totally dominated by Japanese brands (92% of sales so far in 2012!), it is because they have understood clearly what format works in Indonesia: MPV MPV MPV of all sizes. Cue the Suzuki Estilo, Honda Freed, Nissan Elgrand, Toyota Alphard, Mazda 8 and Biante.

Why not introduce the Modus in Indonesia (as a Nissan) to give it a much-needed second wind?

Yes I am talking to you Chinese carmakers… I only saw one lonely Geely Panda during the whole time I was there. Seems like a dream market for the entire Wuling range doesn’t it? On a different note, when is Renault launching the Dacia Lodgy in Indonesia? It should be there already… and the Dokker, or the Logan Pick-up. Plus a no-frills version of the Modus – there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for Renault’s unloved child…

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More pictures below.

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