Best selling cars blog turns 5!

BSCB turns five

Five years ago, the best selling cars blog adventure started. At the time just a different channel for my lifelong passion, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined such success, and it’s all thanks to you readers, subscribers and clients. In these five years, 3.6 million of you have come to view a total of 16.5 million pages on the the site from all around the world – absolutely every country on the planet has made at least one visit to BSCB. On a typical day, BSCB gets accessed from around 140 countries and territories.

BSCB countries 2BSCB has received visitors from every country in the world since its creation.

This blog would not exist, and would not have survived if it weren’t for your support along these years. I particularly want to thank all the BSCB consulting clients, every company that has purchased advertising on the site and all of you Premium Members. Thank you for your continued support, thank you for your readership, your feedback and encouragement day after day, month after month, year after year.

BSCB visitsGoogle Analytics 1 May 2011-30 October 2015

In these five years I have published 6.412 articles – that’s an average of 3.5 a day. If you are a regular BSCB reader, you will know that rare are the days when I don’t publish any new articles. In fact, the longest period without any activity on BSCB over these five years was five days – in October 2013 – when I was exploring the Gobi desert in Mongolia.

Creating, running and expanding this website has strengthened even further my passion for car sales statistics, as it enabled me to get in touch with so many of you helping make the site more thorough every day. The latest addition to the list of markets with official data will be Azerbaijan, coming soon. We have recently added Consulting services to the site, and I will share more about this very shortly.

The next few months will be the most exciting time so far for BSCB, with a completely new homepage interface featuring a world map to simplify your market selection and your navigation on the site. So stay tuned, and happy birthday BSCB!

BestSellingCarsBlog celebrates 3 million unique visitors

Smiling girls in Jyekundo, Tibet 2014Tibet is one destination BSCB will explore in 2015. Picture courtesy reurinkjan

3 months ago when BSCB celebrated its 4th anniversary, I could declare for the first time that BSCB had been accessed from every single country in the world since its creation thanks to one visit from North Korea. Today we celebrate a few additional milestones. To start with, you have now been over 3 million unique visitors on BestSellingCarsBlog since its creation! You have visited the site 5.2 million times, generating over 14 million page views.

A big thank you to each an every one of you who have been on here, whether it’s your first time or you come around each day. Thank you for your support, your continued interest and enthusiasm, BestSellingCarsBlog wouldn’t be the site it is now without you all.

Stay tuned for more analysis, more Full Year 2014 reports, more Auto Show coverages and more remote regions explored and photographed in detail – next on the list is Tibet in China!

Best Selling Cars Blog wishes you a Happy New Year 2015

BMW M1 Hommage 2008My wish for 2015: that BMW finally thinks about a production version of the 2008 M1 Hommage

Here in Sydney where BestSellingCarsBlog has its headquarters we are ahead of the entire world bar New Zealand in easing into the New Year. So it’s probably with a little bit of advance warning that we wish you all a great New Year 2015. I want to personally thank each and every one of you who have visited this site in 2014. You were 888,701 exactly, viewing a total of over 4.1 million pages this year. Thank you very much, BestSellingCarsBlog couldn’t be here without you. In a few hours will start what is traditionally the busiest time at BSCB each year, with Full Year 2014 reports for over 100 countries and markets. So make sure you stay tuned for all the updates!

BestSellingCarsBlog celebrates its 4th anniversary!

Matt Savannah 2

Today marks the 4th anniversary of BestSellingCarsBlog!

On October 30th 2010, I wrote the very first article in this blog, and at the time I had absolutely no idea whether this venture would interest a dozen or a million people around the world. It was more a way for me to avoid physically writing all the monthly updates I had been painstakingly recording for the previous 20 years and a support to do it quicker and in a more thorough way. Never in my wildest dreams would I have hoped for such a success, and it’s all thanks to you readers: since creation, you have been 2.8 million unique visitors to check out the blog including just under 1 million in the past 12 months alone, overall you visited the site nearly 5 million times, viewing over 13 million pages in the process!

For the first time, I can now say that BSCB has been accessed from every single country in the world since its creation! The missing link was North Korea, but on January 12 BSCB had one visit from there, making the world map complete. On a typical day, BSCB gets accessed from around 140 countries and territories on the planet – today for example this figure is 139.

BSCB countries 2BSCB has received visitors from every country in the world since its creation.

This blog would never be what it is today without you my dear readers, so I want to thank you all very, very much for your readership, your feedback and support day after day, month after month, year after year. The list of people to thank is very long, so please be certain that whether this is your very first visit on this website or you come here every morning while drinking your coffee in the bus (I know a lot of you do), I thank you.

BSCB countries

BSCB cities

Google Analytics 1 May 2011-30 October 2014

Exploring the stats a little further, we find that the country delivering the most visits to BSCB over the period is the USA with almost 520,000 visits, followed by France (313,000), Italy (243,000), the UK (222,000) and India (just under 200,000). City-wise, the winner is Paris with 61,000 visits, ahead of London, Kuala Lumpur, Milan and Sydney.

BSCB Article #1This is the very first article I wrote on BSCB

In these 4 years I have published 5,231 articles – that’s an average of 3.6 a day (up from 3.5 last year). And if you are a regular reader, you will know that rare are the days when I don’t publish any new articles. In fact, the longest period without activity on BSCB over these 4 years was 5 days – in October 2013 – but I had a good excuse: I was exploring the Gobi desert in Mongolia. I can honestly say that running this blog has strengthened even further my passion for car sales statistics, as it enabled me to get in touch with so many of you helping make the site more thorough every day.

Kashgari man Jonway UFO A380Kashgar animal market, Western China – May 2014

Over the past year, we have added a range of new monthly updates like Belgium, Cyprus, Germany private sales, missing parts of Eastern Europe (Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova and the Republic of Macedonia) and we have welcomed China LCV, Latvia and Slovakia back into the monthly reports. All-in-all, roughly 100 countries and territories are updated each month on BSCB, with multiple updates for some – China, USA, Europe, Italy and France for example. I have also put in place a Membership program, and I want to particularly thank all of you new Premium Members of the site for supporting this venture. Without your support, updating this site every day would potentially not be possible anymore.

I have endeavoured to write more and more professional content on BSCB, and this has translated into the following:

There is more, much more to come. More strategy, more in-depth interviews, and a relentless endeavour to better understand each car market market in the world. I cannot wait for the next year to start, and welcome any feedback you have to make this site better, more useful and enjoyable for you. Once again, thank you. And happy birthday BSCB!

Matt Route 66Full size squeegee required for full size pickup – with Albert on Route 66.

My 50 questions for 2014

DS WILD RUBYCitroen DSX Wild Rubis

* You can check out the entire 50 questions by clicking on the title and the answers to my 50 questions for 2013 here *

With a new year come new interrogations about how the car sales world will evolve, and as is the tradition on BestSellingCarsBlog I have selected 50 questions for 2014, let’s meet here in 365 days to find out how these turned out. What are your questions for 2014? Let us all know by commenting on here. So here goes:

1. Will both the Chinese and US car market continue to grow fast? Which one will be the fastest and will China still be on track to hit 30 millions sales by 2020?

2. Best-selling car in the world: Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus?

3. Will the DS brand be a success in China?

4. Which manufacturer will top worldwide sales? Will it still be Toyota? Can General Motors or Volkswagen grow faster?

Datsun GoDatsun Go

5. Will the Datsun Go and Go+ succeed?

6. Will Qoros manage solid sales both at home in China and in Europe?

7. Will Tesla continue to grow or was 2013 a one-off performance?

8. Can either the Peugeot 2008 or Renault Captur break into the monthly European Top 10?

9. Will we still witness the ‘low cost or premium’ trend in European car sales?

Saab logo

10. Will Saab really revive? Will Opel survive? Will another car manufacturer disappear from the US? worldwide?

11. Will any pick-up truck manage to threaten the Ford F-Series in the US? Chevrolet Silverado? Toyota Tundra?

12. Can any passenger car come close to the Toyota Camry in the US? Will Ford’s high expectations for the Fusion materialise?

13. Can Renault stabilise Lada sales at home in Russia?

14. Can the new generation Nissan Qashqai push the nameplate into the monthly European Top 5?

15. Can the Skoda Octavia go higher than #5 in Europe? The BMW 3 Series higher than #4 and the Audi A3 higher than #6?

Renault Captur Netherlands August 2013Will the Renault Captur break into the European monthly Top 10 in 2014?

16. Will there be any newcomers inside the European Top 10 in 2014 apart from potentially the Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008?

17. Will Italy bottom out or fall further into recession?

18. Can the European new car market grow again?

19. Will Brazil, India and Russia get back into positive territory?

20. Can Renault become Argentina’s best-selling brand in the long term?

Carely EVFAW VW Carely EV

21. Which major markets will be the fastest growing?

22. Will any new low-cost brand be launched worldwide?

23. Will Honda drop the Ciimo and Linian low-cost brands in China? Will GM’s Baojun and Nissan’s Venucia continue to grow? How will FAW VW’s Carely fare?

24. Can the 301 re-establish Peugeot in Africa in the long-term?

25. Will the VW Up! range expand as well as its sales?

Check out the remaining 25 questions below.

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The answers to my 50 questions for 2013

One year ago I asked 50 questions for 2013 and now that the year has (almost) come to an end, it’s time to revisit these questions to see what 2013 turned out to be.

1. Will Chery crack Europe with the Qoros GQ3? Not yet. In fact the launch of the brand has taken a bit of time this year: Qoros’ first model ended up being called the Qoros 3 and only launched in China on November 21, with the first European dealership opening in Bratislava, Slovakia in December. A second model will be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2014. Read a fascinating article about the Qoros brand from the Advertising Age here.

2. Will the Hyundai HB20 or Chevrolet Onix threaten the VW Gol’s supremacy in Brazil? Neither have managed to threaten the Gol’s supremacy, however they are both great successes, peaking at #4 with 12,537 sales and 5.6% and #5 and 4.2% respectively towards the start of the year.

3. Which Passenger Car will top the Chinese year-end ranking? This was totally unpredictable, as the Wuling Hongguang moved classifications from LCV to Passenger Car during the year and is currently leading the Chinese sales charts after 11 months in 2013.

Datsun Go+ World 2013Datsun Go+

4. Will General Motors, Toyota, Hyundai or any other major manufacturer announce the creation of a low-cost brand outside China? Will Nissan unveil a low-cost Datsun range as planned? The answers to the first question are no, and to the second question yes, with Nissan reviving the Datsun brand as planned in 2013 by unveiling two models: the Go supermini and the Go+ mini MPV, both due to hit dealerships in 2014.

5. Will the new BYD F3 and Chery QQ make 2013 the year of the renaissance for local models in China? I believe we can potentially call 2013 the year of the renaissance for local passenger cars in China indeed, however not due to the two models mentioned above, but to the Wuling Hongguang, Haval H6 and Emgrand EC7.

Wuling Hongguang China September 2013The Wuling Rongguang took the lead of Passenger Cars sales in China in 2013.

6. Will Kaili, Volkswagen’s low-cost Chinese brand, finally be launched? If so will it be more successful than GM’s Baojun? Nissan’s Venucia? Honda’s Linian? Ciimo? No, Kaili did not launch its first model in the Chinese market in 2013.

7. Will the Mokka and Adam help Opel towards recovery? Sadly not.

8. Will a BMW or Mercedes break into the UK year-end Top 5 for the first time? No, however both the BMW 1 Series and 3 Series delivered outstanding results in the UK this year: the 1 Series smashed its monthly volume record to 10,084 units in September while the 3 Series hit 8,309 sales, its best volume in over 5 years during the same month.

Renault Duster Russia November 2013. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe Renault Duster was #3 in Russia in November.

9. Will the Renault Duster break into the monthly Top 5 in Russia? India? While it did not reach these levels in India, the Duster broke into the Russian Top 5 as early as December 2012 and even climbed onto the podium in November 2013 at #3!

10. Will the Dacia Dokker dominate the French LCV market, the biggest in Europe? No, and far from it, ranking only 32nd after 11 months.

11. Will the Nissan Altima or Honda Civic threaten the Toyota Camry for the Passenger Car crown in the US? Nope, if anything the Honda Accord was the closest to “threaten” the Toyota Camry.

Chevrolet Silverado USA August 2013. Picture courtesy of caranddriver.comChevrolet Silverado

12. Will the new generation Chevy Silverado threaten the Ford F-Series in the US? Nope.

13. Will the Ford Focus pass the Toyota Corolla to become the world’s best selling car at year-end? There is still a question mark around this question, and we will have to wait until February/March for the final worldwide figures to know for sure.

14. Will Great Wall succeed in the UK? Will it launch in another major European market? Great Wall has been a little discreet so far in the UK market and has not launched yet in any other major European market.

Renault Clio IV Peugeot 208 France June 2013The Renault Clio IV beats the Peugeot 208 in France.

15. Which of the Peugeot 208 or Renault Clio IV will finish the year #1 in France? Will they top another European country or will their success be restricted to their home country? Check out my forecast for the 2013 France models ranking here. The Renault Clio IV will be the best-seller in France in 2013 and is also #1 in Portugal.

16. Will the VW Golf be threatened by anyone in Europe? Clio? 208? Fiesta? How many countries will it dominate? The VW Golf had a very smooth year atop the European sales charts, but it is too early to know exactly how many countries it ranked #1 over the Full Year 2013. One thing is certain: a lot!

17. Will Italy, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and Spain fall further into recession? For Italy and Croatia unfortunately yes, however Greece, Portugal and Spain all seem to have turned the corner. 

18. Will Europe stagnate or decline? As of end of November, decline.

19. Will Peugeot/Citroen survive? Will Opel survive? Will Honda merge with another carmaker? Yes, yes and no. 2014 might be a different story though…

Toyota Corolla

20. Will the Toyota Corolla top the Australian year-end ranking for the first time? Check out my forecast for the 2013 Australian models ranking here. If 11 months 2013 figures are any indication, yes.

21. Will Indonesia and Thailand continue their explosive growth? Yes to Indonesia, no to Thailand.

22. Which markets will be the 10 engines of growth? Too early to call, I’ll be able to answer this once all Full Year 2013 figures are in.

23. Will the VW Up! go further up and reach the German/European Top 10? No to both, but just: it ranked #11 in Germany both in January and June 2013.

Peugeot 2008 World June 2012. Picture courtesy of LargusPeugeot 2008

24. Will the Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur succeed or flop? Both have been among the main 2013 success stories in Europe.

25. Will Mercedes, BMW and Audi continue their implacable growth in Europe? As of end November, yes to Mercedes (+5%) and BMW (0%), no to Audi (-3%).

See the answers to 25 more questions for 2013 below. What are your questions for 2014? Post some more by commenting on this article!

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BestSellingCarsBlog celebrates 2 million visitors since creation!

Cheering Mongolia styleCheering the 2 millionth BSCB visitor!

Today is an important day for BestSellingCarsBlog: after celebrating 1 million visitors in the past year last July and the site’s third anniversary one month ago, we now celebrate the fact you have now been over 2 million unique visitors to check out BSCB since I have set up Google Analytics in May 2011! That’s as many as places like Havana in Cuba, Cape Town in South Africa and the city of Paris, France intra-muros! The 2 million of you have checked out the site a total of 3.3 million times, viewing over 9 million pages. Yes this is big, and it’s all thanks to you dear readers. So I wanted to express my gratitude for your visits and for making BSCB what it is today. Thank you!

2 million visitors Google Analytics 261113Google Analytics said it first!

If we delve a little bit deeper into the stats, we can see that the country delivering the most visits to BSCB over the period is the USA with 368,471 visits, followed by France (186,826), Italy (161,724), the UK (150,686), India (145,979), Germany (121,482) and Malaysia (101,335). City-wise, the winner is Paris France with 42,940 visits, ahead of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (40,152), London UK (38,965), Sydney Australia (35,106), Milan Italy (33,339), Singapore (31.775), Cairo Egypt (30,018), Athens Greece (27,607) and New York USA (25,176).

Once again, thanks to all of you for visiting BestSellingCarsBlog and coming back day after day, month after month, year after year.

BestSellingCarsBlog celebrates its third birthday!

BSCB 3 year celebration by MariaGobi desert happiness (with me in the background). Many thanks to Maria for the picture.

Today marks the third anniversary of Best Selling Cars Blog! It’s pre-school time for my blog… On October 30th, 2010 I wrote the very first post on here and since that day I have published almost 4,000 articles (3,915 to be precise). Yessir, that’s an average of 3.5 articles per day! I have been hard at work but it has been an absolute pleasure to keep you all updated on car sales statistics from around the world. In fact, the longest period this site has been without an update was earlier this month when I spent a week in the Gobi desert in Mongolia… I know a lot of you started to show withdrawal symptoms and I can assure you it was the same here!

Yosemite USA. Picture courtesy of National GeographicOver 200,000 visits to BSCB have come from the USA in the past year…

This blog would not be what it is today if it weren’t for you readers, and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you very, very much for visiting the site and coming back day after day, month after month, year after year. Since I have set up Google Analytics in May 2011 you have been no less than 1.93 million unique visitors to check out BSCB! In particular I want to thank everyone who has participated in the building up of this blog in any way, shape or form, be it by sharing some data or by simply encouraging me to continue on this adventure.

St Pierre and Miquelon. Picture courtesy of…while one came from St Pierre and Miquelon.

An adventure it has been, as this blog has now been my full-time job for a little bit more than one year. This has enabled me to spend more time giving you more precise analysis of all the countries covered and chasing organisations through the world to add countries to the list of monthly updates – Kazakhstan and Portugal being some of the latest ones for example.

London. Picture courtesy of statravel.com23.376 visits to BSCB came from London, second only to Paris.

I have also been able to attend a few International Auto Shows like Manila last April and Frankfurt last month, but the main new element on BSCB over the past year as far as I am concerned is the launch of Long-Term Photo Reports like the one I am still currently writing about my Trans-Siberian experience. I have received tremendous positive feedback from you on this Photo Report which has been nothing short of overwhelming, and has encouraged me to try my best to continue in this direction. So stay tuned for more exotic Photo Reports in the coming year…

Once again, thank you very much for visiting BestSellingCarsBlog, I hope you will continue to enjoy the site and please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything you think I could do better.

BestSellingCarsBlog visits stats below.

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New BestSellingCarsBlog Introduction video!

You can now view a new Introduction video for BestSellingCarsBlog, with good old me featuring in it. Check it out, I speak about the site and its functionalities, and it’s the opportunity for me to thank you all for your visits and for you to see/hear that I still have a little bit of a French accent when I speak! The video will feature in the “Who am I and how to contact me” tile on the top left corner from today onwards. Hope you like it! A huge thank you to my friend David Curry and Con Filippidis for producing this video.

BestSellingCarsBlog in the Brazilian media!

* See the Full article by clicking on the title! *

This week BestSellingcarsBlog is the source of a series of articles about the best-selling cars around the world in the Brazilian car media: one article in the car website and two in the press in Correio Braziliense and Estado de Minas. Many thanks to Marcus Celestino who took the time to patiently read all my answers to his questions and translate them all into Portuguese. You can check out the online article (in Portuguese) by clicking on the title of this post or on ‘Read more’ below.

Full article below.

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