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BestSellingCarsBlog celebrates 3 million unique visitors

Smiling girls in Jyekundo, Tibet 2014Tibet is one destination BSCB will explore in 2015. Picture courtesy reurinkjan

3 months ago when BSCB celebrated its 4th anniversary, I could declare for the first time that BSCB had been accessed from every single country in the world since its creation thanks to one visit from North Korea. Today we celebrate a few additional milestones. To start with, you have now been over 3 million unique visitors on BestSellingCarsBlog since its creation! You have visited the site 5.2 million times, generating over 14 million page views.

A big thank you to each an every one of you who have been on here, whether it’s your first time or you come around each day. Thank you for your support, your continued interest and enthusiasm, BestSellingCarsBlog wouldn’t be the site it is now without you all.

Stay tuned for more analysis, more Full Year 2014 reports, more Auto Show coverages and more remote regions explored and photographed in detail – next on the list is Tibet in China!

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