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Sweden 1950: VW Beetle best-seller

VW Beetle * See the Top 5 best-selling brands by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Rene * There is only a brands ranking available for 1950 in Sweden and Ford is the best-seller with 16.2% of the market, however Volkswagen coming second at 13.3% means the Beetle should…

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France 1950: Renault 4CV and Peugeot 203 on top

Renault 4CV In 1950, the French market is rebooted: rationing tickets are a thing of the past, the sale of petrol is not controlled anymore, people can move wherever they want inside the country and raw materials are more widely available. New passenger car and light commercial vehicle registrations leap…

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Italy 1928-1950: Annual sales volumes now available

Fiat 514 Saloon (1929) Exclusive annual sales data covering almost 25 years from 1928 onwards is now available for Italy, sourced from ANVIA and UNRAE. Fiat 527 Ardita (1934) The market remains very limited over the period, with a peak at 33.436 units in 1929 (+108%) on the previous years,…

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France 1949: 4CV ramps up, lifts Renault to 37% share

Renault 4CV Registrations of passenger cars and light commercials in France in 1949 more than double vs. 1948 (+127%) to 114.060 units, the first year above 100.000 since 1939. Imports are down a further -19.3% to just 1.642 units including 1.343 private cars. They come from the USA (1.067 incl.…

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