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Best Selling Cars Blog has been quoted by over 500 press and digital publications globally since its inception in 2010. To offer you a deeper understanding of the worldwide car markets, we work with a network of over 60 correspondents around the world so we can deliver insights and recommendations that are validated in real time on the ground. Our scope includes:

  • Top-level, prospect or in-depth analysis of specific markets or regions – over 180 markets covered
  • Forecasting by market, region, brand, model or alimentation
  • Competitive analysis for any car market in the world
  • Marketing, Advertising and Social Media strategy consulting and analysis
  • Pricing information for most markets in the world
  • Competitive and statistical analysis for the EV market in China covering 200 models
  • Complete monthly sales data for all markets in the Middle East

But don’t take our word for it and hear what some of our partners have to say about our services:

“Best Selling Cars Blog has been a crucial source of data and insight on several of our research projects relating to China’s automotive market, in particular insights about carmakers’ current and future strategies.”



Conor Griffin, Principal, The Economist Intelligence Unit – London UK

“Best Selling Cars Blog’s breadth of interest in the global car industry, as well as its expert sourcing of statistics, makes it a valuable resource.”



Nick Gibbs, Journalist, Automotive News – Detroit USA

“Best Selling Cars Blog is a reference in terms of sales data accuracy and updates.”



Felipe Munoz, Global Automotive Analyst, JATO Dynamics – Milan Italy

“I have worked with Matt on a variety of projects including pitches, client onboarding, agency inspiration and education tutorials, mainly on Toyota and General Motors. He is a bright, trusted, enthusiastic resource. He understands the speed at which agencies (and clients) work; that they want their intelligence yesterday and their recommendations sooner! Matt never under delivers, no matter the impatience with which he can be briefed. The quality and depth of his response on any project – long or short term – is always exceptional.”



Carl Ratcliff, Advertising Agency CEO and Chief Steategy Officer – Sydney & Melbourne Australia

“Matt’s passionate knowledge of the worldwide car industry and all its fast-evolving trends make him an unmissable resource during the process of creating automotive advertising campaigns. We recommend his work.”



Carlos and Laura Sampedro, Creative Directors, Wieden + Kennedy – London UK

“Matt has a deep knowledge of the world car markets, especially China where he is one of only a few experts in the world who truly understands this market’s very specific trends and dynamics at play. As a result I have been collaborating with Matt for the past decade.”



Alexandra Legendre, Associate Editor in Chief, L’Automobile Magazine – Paris France

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