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L’ Automobile Magazine and BSCB collaborate

TLVDM Automobile MagazineCatching up on French car news.

Returning to France for a few weeks is the opportunity for me to experience “live” our growing collaboration with L’Automobile Magazine, the #1 car magazine in France. Thanks to Deputy Editor Alexandra Legendre, BSCB is regularly mentioned in the magazine, such as in the current September issue in this response to one reader’s email, Arnaud Dupré, who also incidentally happens to be a faithful BSCB reader! (see below)

Every year L’Automobile Magazine publishes a 350-page special-edition describing with numerous illustrations and detailed technical info absolutely all the cars on sale on the planet – 3.000 models from 275 manufacturers. This monster is called “Toutes les Voitures du Monde”, but is more affectionately baptised TLVDM internally. I have been contributing to this special edition for the past few years – if you pay really close attention you can see my name on Page 6 – but this year, L’Automobile Magazine kindly allowed me to step up my involvement. I wrote the entire section called “Small manufacturers around the world” from pp.334-354, notably bumping up the Chinese carmakers section to 30 manufacturers.

Automobile Magazine September 2015

It’s with great honour that I can say BSCB is collaborating ever more closely each year with L’Automobile Magazine, a very respected press outlet in France. Do yourself a favour and check out their website (, you can also purchase the TLVDM 2015-2016 special edition here.

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  1. N’oubliez pas MG… comme Matt Gasnier! Never forget to daily read BSCB, Motor16, Autocar, L’automobile-magazine and Quattroruote. Congrats!

  2. Même s’il y a quelques petites perles, le HS de l’Automobile-Magazine est sûrement le meilleur du genre.
    L’Auto-Journal a fait aussi pas mal d’efforts avec 4 double-pages consacrées à l’industrie auto chinoise dans son numéro “Spécial Salon 2016”. Mais c’est pas aussi précis que l’Automobile Magazine.
    En tout cas félicitation !

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