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France 1939: Peugeot teases Citroen with the 202

Peugeot 202 New data was made available by L'Argus covering the Model Year 1939, meaning the October 1938 - September 1939 period or just before the start of World War II. 169.726 new passenger cars and light commercials were registered over the period, with Citroen the best-selling brand with almost…

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France 1938: Last hurrah before the war

The Peugeot 202 launches in 1938. After spending much of the thirties in muddied waters, the French new car market displays a very healthy 11% growth in 1938, passing the 200,000 sales milestone for the first time since 1930 at 205,677 units. This includes 181,637 new private cars (+11%), 22,551…

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