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USA: Discover the best-selling models in the wealthiest cities

The Mercedes E-Class is clearly the choice of the wealthy in the USA

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While looking for specific models data for California online (still haven’t found any – if you have some please get in touch!), I came across an interesting exercise US car blog True Car did: the best-sellers in the country’s 10 wealthiest cities… The list was originally published last April so I’m assuming it’s using Full Year 2011 data. Out of these 10 cities, 5 prefer a Mercedes with the E-Class coming up #1 in 4 cities and ranking within the Top 5 in no less than 8 cities. The Toyota Prius ranks #1 in two cities (both in California) while the Mercedes S-Class, Jeep Wrangler, Range Rover Sport and VW Jetta each rank #1 in one city.

Toyota Prius

Note only two American cars appear in these 10 Top 5: the Jeep Grand Cherokee at #3 in 3 cities and the Jeep Wrangler at #1 in one. The wealthiest city (or zip code) in the USA is Manhattan, New York with an average income of $1.7 million. Interestingly the best-sellers in Manhattan are not that exclusive: the Mercedes E-Class is king of the island’s crowded streets ahead of the BMW X5, Honda Accord, BMW 328 and Honda CR-V.

Range Rover Sport

Fisher Island, a neighborhood of metropolitan Miami, Florida that is only accessible via private boat or ferry and whose notable residents include Andre Agassi, Julia Roberts and Oprah Winfrey, comes second with an average income of $1.5 million. Not a single car less than $50,000 manages to rank within the Top 5 best-sellers, with the $95,465 Mercedes S-Class leading the way ahead of the Mercedes E-Class, Range Rover Sport, BMW X5 and Porsche Panamera.

Jeep Wrangler

The third wealthiest zip code in the US is Downtown Chicago, Illinois, with humble tastes in automobiles: affordable, practical vehicles you would expect to see in every middle-class suburb are what you will find on the pricey urban streets of Chicago. No cars above $30,000 ranks within the Top 5, with the VW Jetta leader followed by the Honda CR-V and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Porsche Panamera

The quaint wood-filled city of Atherton, California is nestled quietly between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean and is the 4th wealthiest zip code in the country. Silicon Valley tycoons, star athletes and politicians are among the city’s residents, and the only car under $50,000 ranking within the Top 5 is the Toyota Prius at #2, with the Porsche Panamera making an astounding appearance at #3…

See the best-sellers in the next Top 6 wealthiest cities in the USA (including Palm Beach, Florida) below.

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