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World Full Year 2023: Tesla Model Y first SUV and BEV best-seller, sales up 11.9%

The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling vehicle in the world in 2023.

According to data by OICA, the world new vehicle market grows 11.9% year-on-year in 2023 to 92,724,668, almost 10 million units more than in 2022. In fact, we are now back to pre-pandemic levels given 2019 was at 92,065,258. The market is split between 65,272,367 passenger cars (+11.3%) vs. 64,803,420 in 2019 and 27,452,301 commercial vehicles (+13.3%) vs. 27,261,838 in 2019.

JATO Dynamics data shows that Chinese brands sold 13.43 million new cars in 2023 (+23%), passing American brands for the first time at 11.93 million (+9%). The leader remains Japanese brands with 23.59 million units 29.1% of the total passenger cars + pickups, followed by European brands at 24.9%. South Korean brands hold 8.5% and Indian 1.8%. 36.72 million SUVs were sold in 2023, up 16% on last year and accounting for 47% of all passenger car sales.

Nissan X-Trail sales are up 80% year-on-year in 2023.

Now for the big news in the world models ranking: as expected, as it leads the way both in Europe and China, the Tesla Model Y (+64%) is the best-selling car in the world in 2023. This is the first time in decades an American car is #1, as well as the first SUV to top the charts and of course the first BEV to do so. Four of the next five models are Toyotas: the RAV4 (+5%) ranks #2, the Corolla (-15%) #3, the Corolla Cross (+35%) #5 and the Camry (-2%) #6. The odd one out is the Honda CR-V (+18%) up to #4. 

The Ford F-150 (+18%) tops pickup trucks, passing the Toyota Hilux (-4%). Tesla also places the Model 3 (+5%) at #10. There are three Chinese models in the Top 25: the BYD Qin (+43%) at #12, the BYD Song Plus (+9%) at #20 and the BYD Yuan Plus (aka Atto 3, +119%) at #24. Other big gainers include the Nissan X-Trail (+80%), VW Polo Hatch (+56%), VW Jetta (+29%), Honda HR-V (+27%), Hyundai Tucson (+25%) and Honda Civic (+22%).

Full Year 2023 Top 25 models ranking below.

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