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China wholesales Full Year 2023: BYD ends 37 years of Volkswagen domination

Sales for the BYD Yuan Plus (Atto 3 in export markets) are up 84.7% in 2023.

According to data by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, shipments of new vehicles in China climb 12% year-on-year in 2023 to 30,094,000 units, marking the first time above 30 million annual sales. This includes 26,063,000 Passenger Vehicles (+10.6%) and 4,031,000 Commercial Vehicles (+22.1%). In December, shipments amounted to 3,156,000 units, up a whopping 23.5% year-on-year, including 2,792,000 Passenger Vehicles (+23.3%) and 364,000 Commercial Vehicles (+25.1%). In 2023 vehicle production is up 11.6% to 30,161,000 units including 26,124,000 Passenger Vehicles (+9.6%) and 4,037,000 Commercial Vehicles (+26.8%). New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) have flourished in 2023 with sales up 37.9% to 9,495,000 units and accounting for 31.6% of the total market, up from 25.7% in 2022. Among Passenger Vehicles, NEVs hold a 34.7% market share.

Exports have boomed in 2023 at +57.9% to 4,910,000 units, making China the largest exporting nation in the world, bypassing Japan and Germany. NEVs account for 14.5% of the 2023 export volume at 1,203,000 units, up 77.6% on 2022. Data by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) is slightly different, putting Passenger Vehicle wholesales at 25,531,000 units, up 10.2% on the 23,173,000 of 2022. Cars are up 1.8% to 11,262,000, SUVs up 18.1% to 13,153,000 and MPVs up 15% to 1,116,000. Additional data from CPCA shows domestic brands at 52% share of PV vs. 47.4% in 2022.

Volkswagen is #2 in China for the first time since it launched in the country in 1986.

We have a historic event in the brands ranking: for the first time since 1986 when the VW Santana launched, Volkswagen is not the most popular carmaker in the country. BYD (+43.3%) surges ahead to snap the annual pole position with just under 2.6 million sales. BYD was #1 each month bar January and broke its all-time monthly volume record during 6 of the last 7 months of the year, lifting it from 220,600 to 281,607. The carmaker places 5 models in the year-end Top 10 and is helped by the new Seagull, peaking at #2 overall in October and November, the Corvette 07 (+3561.1%) and Song Pro (+931.8%) both ending their first full year of sales, the Yuan Plus (+84.7%), Seal (+84.5%), Dolphin (+46.3%), Qin Plus (+40.8%) and Destroyer 05 (+38.2%). 

Volkswagen (-2.8%) pays for its outdated models and is part of a Chinese trend away from foreign manufacturers. Toyota (-7.3%) and Honda (-13.6%) are even hit harder. It’s not all doom and gloom for Volkswagen, with the ID.3 (+209.7%) breaking its volume record for 6 consecutive months, the Tavendor (+713.2%) delivering its first full year of sales and the Polo (+64.5%), Tayron (+34%), Talagon (+32.9%), Sagitar (+26.4%), Magotan (+24.3%), T-Cross (+11.8%) and Tiguan L (+11%) all solid. Toyota avoids a worse result thanks to the twins Corolla Cross (+71.6%) and Front Lander (+89.8%) adding up to 326,000 sales. The Venza (+19.2%), RAV4 (+8.7%) and Wildlander (+7.6%) are also in positive. Honda skids violently despite good performances by the Integra (+46.2%), ZR-V (+354.2%), e:NS1 (+80.4%) and e:NP1 (+25.8%) as well as a positive result by the Civic (+5%).

Li Auto sold over 50,000 units in December alone.

Geely (+13.1%) overtakes Changan (-8.3%) for 5th place overall while BMW (+8.8%) soars four spots on last year to #7. Wuling (-5.4%) and Nissan (-17.8%) struggle but Audi (+13.6%) shines and returns inside the Top 10 at #10. Tesla (+37.2%) advances three spots to #12, with Buick (-21.4%) and Chery (-22.2%) exiting the Top 10 at #13 and #14 respectively, and Haval (-6.5%) down one spot to #15. Aion (+78.4%) has an amazing year and gains four ranks to #16 but the success story of the year (apart from BYD) is Li Auto (+182.2%), soaring up 15 spots on last year to #17 and breaking its all-time volume record 9 consecutive times all the way up to December. It lifts the record from 25,681 to 50,354. Hongqi (+25.3%) is also in great shape at #18, beating its volume record in December at over 45,000 sales. Lynk & Co (+22%) and Jetour (+39.5%) impress below, with the latter hitting a record volume in December just under 30,000 sales.

Looking at the models ranking in isolation, the Tesla Model Y (+44.7%) secures the top spot, up four ranks on last year. It ranked #1 five times this year, passing the 60,000 monthly unit mark for the first time in December. The BYD Qin Plus (+40.8%) is also up four spots to #2, taking the lead of the BYD armada. The Song Plus (-15.1%) and Nissan Sylphy (-15.3%) both notch down two ranks to #3 and #4 respectively. The BYD Yuan Plus (+84.7%) is up 15 spots to #6, the BYD Dolphin up 9 to #7 and the VW Sagitar (+26.4%) up six to #8. The BYD Seagull (#10) is by far the most successful 2023 launch, landing directly inside the annual Top 10 despite only launching in May. The hype has gone for the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV (-46.4%) down 8 ranks to #11. In contrast the Aion Y (+96.9%) is up 38 spots to #12. 

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