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Argentina Full Year 2023: Toyota and Fiat Cronos threepeat at #1, market up 11.6%

The Fiat Cronos is the best-selling vehicle in Argentina for the third straight year.

New light vehicle sales in Argentina gain 11.6% in 2023 to 424,949 units for a third consecutive positive year. We are still below the 459,592 units of pre-pandemic 2019 which was already off -42.7% on the year prior, so still historically low scores here. Toyota (+9.6%) trails the market slightly but easily threepeats at #1 with a dominant 22% share. Volkswagen (+18.6%) overtakes a weak Fiat (-0.2%) to snap the 2nd spot. Renault (+15.8%) and Peugeot (+17.5%) camp on their 2022 rankings at #4 and #5 respectively while Ford (+35.4%) passes Chevrolet (+4.9%) to rank #7. Nissan (+27.7%) also shines at #8. Below, Audi (+129.6%) and Lexus (+87.4%) impress.

Strikingly, the top 10 models all beat the market, showing sales concentrating on trusted vehicles which is usually the case in uncertain economic times. The Fiat Cronos (+22.7%) breaks its market share record at 11.2%, it peaked at 14.3% in September. This is the third win in a row for the locally produced Cronos. The Top 4 is unchanged on 2022 with the Peugeot 208 (+42.1%) reaching 8.6% of the market, almost two percentage points of share above its 2022 level. The Toyota Hilux (+24.6%) and VW Amarok (+40.1%) follow. The Ford Ranger (+83.6%) leaps up four spots to #5, distancing the Toyota Etios (+31%) and Renault Kangoo (+27.6%). The Nissan Frontier (+69.1%) is up 7 ranks to #8, the Chevrolet Tracker (+192.2%) up 18 to #9 and the VW Taos (+35.5%) up 3 to #10.

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