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Explore: The cars of Doha, Qatar

Toyota Land Cruiser 300

In October I had the chance to stop in Doha, Qatar, on my way back to Australia from Europe. It’s an opportunity to check out the car landscape here and to verify sales figures

The first blatant observation is the prevalence of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and, already, the Land Cruiser 300. The model held an extravagant 16.7% share in Qatar over the Full Year 2022 and it shows in the street.

Toyota Veloz and Vios

Toyota confirms its dominant position (37.1% share in 2022) with the Avanza, Xpander, Veloz and new Vios all common.

The Chinese are well and truly embedded in the landscape with Chery Arrizo, GAC Trumpchi GS4, Exeed and Geely models.

The BMW 7 Series is surprisingly common.

Taxis are in majority Toyota Camry as well as Toyota Innova (for airport taxis).

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  1. The defender is also pretty popular with the locals as well as the lexus LX/Nissan Patrol.
    Many non locals drive Land Cruisers too nowadays.

  2. In a country with extreme weather like Qatar is normal that most of the cars are Asian, because they are much more reliable than European cars.

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