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New Zealand September 2023: Tesla Model Y #1, MG 4 in Top 10

The MG 4 is an instant blockbuster in New Zealand.

The New Zealand new vehicle market continues to suffer from the aftermath of customers rushing to purchase their vehicle before the new Clean Car Discount policy changes took effect at the start of July, therefore avoiding additional fees. Sales are off -26.5% year-on-year for September to 10,909 units and down -8.9% year-to-date to 111,838. Passenger Cars are up for once at +0.5% to 2,032, SUVs sink -28.5% to 6,107 and Light Commercials fall -42.7% to 2,007. Year-to-date, Passenger Cars are down -17.9% to 17,351, SUVs down -2.5% to 62,955 and Light Commercials down -18.1% to 25,583.

In the brands ranking, Toyota (-0.9%) and Ford (-9.1%) both fare much better than the market and strengthen their hold on the ranking with 24.2% and 10.3% share respectively. Mitsubishi (-61.4%) and Tesla (-51.1%) both plunge yet the latter still achieves a splendid 7% share vs. 3.3% so far this year where it now ranks #8. MG (+53.6%) surges ahead to #5 overall, its best ranking yet in NZ and first incursion inside the Top 5. Mercedes (+9.6%) is the only additional gainer in the Top 10, whereas Kia (-57.7%), Suzuki (-45.1%) and Hyundai (-41.1%) are hit the hardest.

Model-wise, the Tesla Model Y (-53.6%) returns to the top spot with 6.4% and despite a stiff year-on-year loss: it held 10.1% of the market a year ago in September 2022. 14 units below is the Toyota RAV4 (+114.1%) in strong progression not that supply issues have been mostly resolved. 24% of its September results have gone to rental companies. The Ford Ranger (-42%) and Toyota Hilux (-45.4%) fall to #3 and #4 respectively but still hold the top 2 spots year-to-date. Coming in at a record 5th place is the Toyota Yaris Cross (-3.7%) but 66% of its September volume are rentals. The Mitsubishi ASX (-30.2%) is back up to #6 ahead of the Toyota Corolla (+33.2%) and Mitsubishi Outlander (-69.1%). The MG 4 breaks into the Top 20 for the first time, landing directly in 9th place.

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Full September 2023 Top 70 All brands and Top 20 models below.

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