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New Zealand August 2023: Ford (+27.8%), Nissan (+13.8%) again defy freefalling market (-33.1%)

First New Zealand Top 10 finish for the Ford Escape.

New Zealand vehicle sales endure another steep fall in August at -33.1% year-on-year to 9,809, leading to a year-to-date tally down -6.4% to 100,947. The market is still reeling from customers rushing to purchase their vehicle before the new Clean Car Discount policy changes took effect at the start of July, therefore avoiding additional fees. Passenger Cars implode -51.4% to 1,328, SUVs are down -31.1% to 5,638 and Light Commercials drop -31.7% to 2,082. The rest of the market goes to heavy commercial vehicles. Year-to-date, Passenger Cars sink -19.8% to 15,324, SUVs edge up 1.5% to 56,855 and Light Commercials skid -15% to 23,581.

In the brands ranking, Toyota (-8.9%) resists to climb to 24.9% share vs. 20.5% so far this year. Ford (+27.8%) again goes completely against the depressed market to reach 14.7% share vs. 10.9% year-to-date. In contrast Kia (-49%), Mitsubishi (-53.1%) and Suzuki (-46.7%) all freefall. Nissan (+13.8%) and Mercedes (+32.1%) are the only two additional gainers in the Top 10, with Hyundai (-51.1%) and Mazda (-41.6%) hit hard and MG (-27.6%) falling slightly slower than the average. Below, Volkswagen (-4.1%), BMW (+3.4%) and Land Rover (-4.8%) shine. Notice also Tesla imploding -92.1% to #17 and 1.1% share vs. #10 and 2.9% year-to-date.

As for models, the Ford Ranger (-9.9%) keeps the lead of the charts with a strong 8.6% share to be compared with 7.2% year-to-date. The Toyota RAV4 rallies back up 76.9% year-on-year on the back of stock availability improvements. The Toyota Hilux (-48.2%) is in complete freefall at #3, ahead of the Mitsubishi Outlander (-52.6%) and Eclipse Cross (-31.9%). The Ford Everest (#6) continues to excel but its return to shape happened too late this year to enable the nameplate to list inside the YTD Top 20. Notice also the Ford Escape up to #9 in what is believed to be its first ever Top 10 finish. The Kia Stonic surges 46.6% to #10 but 71% of its August volume goes to rental companies. Another success with rentals, the Kia Sorento is up to #18 with 75% of rentals.

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