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Media post: What to do if You Accidentally Lock your Child in the Car

Parenting is a trip of a lifetime. There is nothing in this world that is so fulfilling, maturing, or terrifying, all at the same time. As a parent, and even before becoming a parent, you know you would do anything for your child. You accept the responsibility of doing your best to keep that child safe.

You anticipate dangers, secure your home, and keep them close to you at all times – and then comes the day when you accidentally lock them in the car. It sounds made up, but if you’re a parent, you’ll understand that exhaustion can do funny things to your brain, and before you know it, you’re in a parking lot feeling like an utter monster, unfit to raise your arm, let alone a child.

The good news is that it happens to a lot of parents, you just need to stay calm and do the following things:

  1. Call 911

One of the best things about living in America is access to world-class emergency services. The first thing you need to do is call 911. You need to take immediate action, especially during the summer months.

As soon as the call is answered, give the dispatcher your name and location, and then calmly explain your situation. The 911 dispatcher will immediately send firefighters and rescue personnel to help get your child out of the vehicle.

  1. Block Sunlight

A child left in a hot car is an emergency. To keep your child as cool as possible, do anything in your power to keep sunlight from entering your new car. Use blankets, towels, or newspapers to create shade for your precious child while you wait for the first responders to arrive.

If your child is facing direct sunlight, stand in front of the window and make yourself as big as possible to block the rays from entering the vehicle.

  1. Contact A Locksmith

Call an emergency locksmith, like the American Best Locksmith in Philadelphia, PA to assist. Most locksmiths offer a lock-popping service to rescue children in your same predicament. Discovering your child is locked inside the car with the keys is a terrifying moment for any parent.

Staying calm and assessing the situation is vital, and so is calling the correct people in to assist. Although 911 should be your first call, gaining access to your child is paramount in a situation like this.

  1. Keep Track of Time

Depending on the temperature outside, cars can reach temperatures upward of 100 degrees within ten minutes.

Time is the most crucial element in this kind of emergency, so if the first responders fail to show up in time, you need to consider breaking a window to save your child.

  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

As scary as an experience like this is, you need to remain calm and collected. Getting hysterical won’t help anyone, least of all your child. Once your child has been rescued, think of ways to avoid a situation like that from happening again – but don’t beat yourself up about it.

It is impossible to anticipate and avoid every possible form of danger. Accidents happen from time to time; the most important part is how you respond when the pressure is on.

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