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Europe February 2023: Dacia (+55%), Alfa Romeo (+132.6%) impress in 7th lift in a row (+12.2%)

The new Tonale triggers a spectacular sales lift for Alfa Romeo.

03/04 update: Now with Top 75 All brands and Top 415 All models.

New car sales in Europe continue their recovery with preliminary data by ACEA showing the market (EU+EFTA+UK) up for the 7th month in a row at +12.2% to 902,775 units. The year-to-date cumulative volume after two months stands at 1,814,048, up 11.5% over the same period in 2022. Among the Top 5 markets, the UK (+26.2%) fares best ahead of Spain (+19.2%) and Italy (+17.4%). France (+9.4%) and Germany (+2.8%) are below the market growth rate. Other countries in frank positive include Romania (+44.5%), Portugal (+38.4%), Bulgaria (+34.1%), Croatia (+26.6%) and Latvia (+26%). At the other end of the scale, Sweden (-12.7%), Norway (-8.7%), Cyprus (-8.2%), Finland (-3%) and Slovenia (-1.1%) are the only countries in negative this month. 

Germany leads the BEV volumes at 32,475 (+14.7%) ahead of France at 19,595 (+45.7%), the UK at 12,310 (+18.2%), the Netherlands at 6,892 (+88.9%), Norway at 6,183 (+0.4%), Sweden at 6,123 (+13.1%) and Belgium at 5,624 (+83.3%). Across the EU, BEV soar 39.7% to 97,300 and 12.1% share and HEV are up 22.3% to 204,883 and 25.5% share. Petrol is up 11.1% to 36.9% share, however PHEV are down -7.4% to 7.2% share and diesel off -8.4% to 15% share. Looking at market shares by Top 5 market, Germany has 15.7% for BEV, 5.8% for PHEV and 22.8% for HEV for a 44.4% share for electrified vehicles. BEV account for 16.5% share in the UK, PHEV for 6.3% and HEV for 29.2% to a total electrified share of 52.1%. In France, BEV are at 15.5%, PHEV at 8.3% and HEV at 23.1% for a total of 46.9%. Italy sees BEV at 3.7%, PHEV at 4.2% and HEV at 36.5% for a total of 44.5% and Spain has 4.5% for BEV, 6.5% for PHEV and 30.6% for HEV for a total of 45.8%.

The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling vehicle in Europe in February.

The Volkswagen Group (+21.2%) posts a splendid year-on-year gain atop the Groups ranking. It distances an underperforming Stellantis edging up just 2%. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi is in great shape at +26.1%, the largest uptick in the Top 8. Hyundai-Kia (+1.4%) is very timid at #4 ahead of a solid Toyota Group (+14.4%). The BMW Group (-5.7%) hits reverse ahead of Mercedes (+4.2%) and Ford Motor (+3.6%) both shy. Tesla (+47.2%) returns to the Top 10 at #9.

In the brands aisle, Volkswagen (+24.4%) is very solid in the top spot ahead of Toyota (+18.2%) also strong. In the space of a year, Toyota has managed to settle in the 2nd European place – it has ranked there every single month since January 2022. This coincides with the launch of the Yaris Cross, which seems to attract new customers into the brand. Peugeot (+6.1%) closes the podium in relatively weak fashion, above Skoda (+22.1%) posting another great result. Audi (+20.3%) closes the Top 5 in outstanding manner. Once again Dacia (+55%) manages the biggest lift in the Top 10 but returns below Renault (+12.7%) at #8. Further down, Alfa Romeo (+132.6%), MG (+121.8%), Land Rover (+70.8%), Cupra (+67%), Tesla (+47.2%), Nissan (+42.4%), Porsche (+34.2%) and Mazda (+29.5%) make themselves noticed.

The Tesla Model Y (+174.1%) takes the lead of the models ranking for just 15 sales above the Dacia Sandero (+40.6%). The Model Y ranks #11 year-to-date while the Sandero holds the YTD top spot with already an almost 6,000-unit advantage over #2 the VW T-Roc (+68.7%) down to #4 this month. The Peugeot 208 (+10.3%) is back up five spots on January to #3 and now ranks #4 so far this year. The Opel Corsa (+29.4%) is strong at #5 just as the Toyota Yaris Cross (+56.6%) scores another outstanding month at #6 overall. It now ranks #3 year-to-date vs. #16 over the Full Year 2022. The Fiat 500 (+45%), Dacia Duster (+33.8%) and VW Tiguan (+13.9%) also beat the market in the remainder of the Top 10.

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Full February 2023 Top 10 groups, Top 75 All brands and Top 415 All models below.

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