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Argentina March 2023: Peugeot 208 (+57.1%) and Toyota Etios (+59.6%) shine in market up 15.9%

The Toyota Etios is up to third place in Argentina in March.

The Argentinean new light vehicle market rises 15.9% year-on-year in March to 37,263 units, leading to first quarter tally up 13.3% to 113,922. Toyota (+25.6%) is in the lead again with 23.1% share, distancing Fiat (+6.8%) shy year-on-year but at 14.5% share, which is more than the 10.3% share it holds at home in Italy this month. Renault (+31%), Volkswagen (+40.6%) and Peugeot (+30%) are in tow and all beat the market. Below, Ford (+17.8%) is also in great shape whereas Nissan (+14.6%) and Chevrolet (+7.3%) underperform but are in positive whereas Citroen (-35.8%) and Jeep (-43%) sink.

Model-wise, the Fiat Cronos (+4.9%) limits its growth and at 11.5% share it is over two percentage points below its YTD level (13.6%). The Peugeot 208 (+57.1%) climbs to 9.5% share above the Toyota Etios (+59.6%) also in outstanding shape. The Toyota Hilux (+18.9%) drops one spot on February to #4 with the Ford Ranger (+54%) rounding out the Top 5 above the VW Amarok (+14.1%), Renault Kangoo (+43.6%) and Renault Sandero/Stepway (+28.4%). The Nissan Frontier (+53.5%) and Toyota Yaris (+49.2%) close the Top 10 in spectacular fashion while just below the VW Taos (+85.1%) and Chevrolet Tracker (+144.9%) do even better.

Previous month: Argentina February 2023: Peugeot (+37%), Volkswagen (+33.7%), Toyota (+20.4%) impress, sales up 3.5%

One year ago: Argentina March 2022: Peugeot (+30.3%), Citroen (+30%) defy market down -6.3%

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