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Cleanup of our Exclusive Chinese Brands Guide

The new Dadao Pickup

Today we cleaned up our Exclusive Guide of Chinese brands, which now amounts to 190 brands. Potentially illustrating a streamlining of the Chinese market, we had to remove 17 discontinued brands from our list. These brands include Byton, Byvin, Changhe, Ciwei, Domy, Horki, Hybrid Kinetic, Landwind, Link Tour, Qoros, Reech and Youxia. If you see brands in the Guide that shouldn’t be there, please let us know in the comments.

But the Chinese market has shown its dynamism once again with 8 new brands now included in our Guide: Dadao (pictured), eD1, IAT, Jenhoo, Jidu, Matrix Motors, Weiao and Xiaomi. If you have heard of a new brand that isn’t yet featured in our Guide, please let us know in the comments.

You can access our Exclusive Guide to all 190 Chinese Brands here.

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  1. The Chineses will own the World, this is insane. Poor European car manufacturers. Btw, great guide, thanks Matt!

  2. I LOVE this list and I hope you will continue to expand and update it!

    I don’t know, however, why the heavy truck and bus makers are included here, and I personally wouldn’t feature the vaporware brands that haven’t actually gone on sale yet (and in several cases might never get to that point). Some names like Doda, Dorcen, Weltmeister or Zinoro appear to have died too…

    Also, it would be great if you could update the sales tables to reflect the BAW/Beijing split :o)

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