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BSCB smashes daily users and page views records

Daily users on BSCB. Source: Google Analytics

Before last Sunday, the most users visiting BestSellingCarsBlog on a single day was 5.852 on 24 August 2019. At the time, BSCB sparked worldwide interest due to a new article detailing the success of the new Suzuki Alto in Pakistan. But last Sunday, a whopping 18.757 users visited BSCB, smashing the previous record over 3-fold. Our readership usually happens during the week and working hours, so this is particularly interesting. This time, worldwide interest was sparked by our latest Thailand market update describing the historical win by Isuzu over Toyota.

Indeed this win, believed to be a first, was made possible thanks to a spectacular performance of the Isuzu D-Max over the Toyota Hilux, and BSCB is the only global automotive media to point that Isuzu outselling Toyota in Thailand was a first and the D-Max slamming the Hilux by such a margin was also a first. The imminent launch of the new generation D-Max and the facelifted Hilux in large markets such as Australia, South Africa and the UK, means global customer interest in these two models is currently peaking. This article was selected by Google Chrome as one of their “Articles for you” in the Google Chrome Quicksearch box, and has sparked tremendous interest in English-speaking countries where both the Hilux and D-Max are popular: in South Africa, Australia, but also the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Kenya and the UK. The article was then shared multiple times by Facebook readers and by Isuzu UK on LinkedIn (see below).

The result: the Thailand June 2020 article has garnered 25.843 views in just 3 days and is already the second most viewed article in the history of BestSellingCarsBlog after our 2012 Worldwide Top 1000 best-selling models (51.154). But even more strikingly, the interest sparked by this Thai article was such that it enabled two BSCB visitation records to be broken on Sunday 26 July.

Hourly BSCB users 25-27 July 2020. Source: Google Analytics

That day smashed the site’s record of the most daily unique visitors: 18.757  which is more than 3 times the amount of the previous record of 5.832 on 24 August 2019, while the third best-ever day is 5.535 on 10 January 2013. The daily pageviews record was also broken on Sunday at 23.327 vs. a previous record dating back over 6 years at 21.834 on 3 January 2014. The traffic surge on BSCB started on Saturday and lasted up to Monday, with a total of 27.065 users over the 3 days including 25.791 new users and up to 1.168 users and 1.369 pageviews per hour, both these figures new records for the site (see graph above).

Top 10 visiting countries on BSCB on 26 July.

Last Sunday, 93% of visitors checked the site on their mobile vs. 61% so far in 2020 and came from South Africa (23.5%), Australia (22.7%), the Philippines (9%), Malaysia (7.3%) and India (3.4%) – see the Top 10 countries above, and from Sydney (6.2%), Brisbane (5.5%), Melbourne (4.5%), Pretoria (4%) and Cape Town (3.9%). The article hasn’t really been picked up in Thailand itself, simply because that market uses a different alphabet and English-speaking readers are rare. Realtime traffic showed between 80 and 85% of visitors were on the Thailand June 2020 article over the period, but some had moved on to consult more content on the site, notably the June articles corresponding to the user’s country of origin.

A big welcome to all of you new users who have discovered BSCB over the past few days, I hope you enjoy the ride and come back often! Since the site became subscription-based in December 2013, our focus has shifted away from achieving high viewers and page views figures given most articles can only be accessed through a subscription, but of course it’s always a wonder to discover BSCB is read in every corner of the globe, so thank you to all of you readers for making the site what it is today.

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  1. Yes it was a shocking news! Finally Toyota is not the number one. Finally Isuzu made some good news. Always love Isuzu asian models they look so good. Too bad they stop selling car in USA. Only sell commercial trucks.

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