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Finland October 2022: Toyota Yaris (+172.5%), Skoda Octavia (+205.4%) impress in market back in negative (-6%)

Toyota Yaris sales almost triple year-on-year in October.

New car sales in Finland are back into negative in October at -6% year-on-year to 6,088 units. This means the year-to-date volume is now down a harsh -18.2% to 67,779 registrations. The Top 3 brands go completely against the market with fantastic year-on-year gains: Toyota is up 23.4% to 18.5% share vs. 17.8% so far this year, Volvo soars 50.3% to 13% share vs. 8.1% YTD and Skoda surges 78.3% to 10.7% share vs. 8.5%. In contrast Kia (-25.1%) and Volkswagen (-20.8%) suffer. BMW (+4.1%) and Audi (+3.8%) are also in positive in the remainder of the Top 10 while Ford (-38.3%) implodes, Nissan (-15.2%) skids and Mercedes (-0.5%) is stable. Below, Polestar (+73.1%) and Dacia (+223.1%) make themselves noticed.

Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla (-29.7%) and Yaris (+172.5%) return to the top 2 spots they hold year-to-date with diametrically opposed evolutions. The next six models all defy the market with significant gains. The Toyota Yaris Cross (+237.8%) is the most dynamic above the Skoda Octavia (+205.4%), Toyota C-HR (+154.2%), Volvo V60 (+61.9%) and Volvo XC60 (+47.5%) with the Volvo XC40 (+7.9%) closing the ranks. The VW Golf (+73.6%) shows a rare and sizeable uptick but is down -46% year-to-date. The Kia Sportage ranks #16 and breaks into the YTD Top 30 as a result.

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Full October 2022 Top 30 brands and models below.

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