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Media post: Garage vs. Carport – Pros, Cons, Comparisons and Costs

When building a new home, you must make several decisions, one of which is a car storage solution. The most common options homeowners have in their minds are a garage and a carport. Since many people prefer smart technology, they may be more inclined towards investing in a garage that features a smart gate opener and makes life a breeze. Although there are a plethora of smart opener options designed for iPhones, Android phones, and Amazon smart devices, currently SmartThings garage door opener is the top preference for many.

On the other hand, having a carport may be the ideal choice for them. If you’re on the fence about which option to choose, we’ll discuss the differences, pros, and cons in this article. Read below to discover!

What Is the Difference Between a Carport and a Garage?

A carport is a freestanding structure that usually only covers your vehicles from above. Although it may provide protection against sun and rain, it still may not be able 100%.

Conversely, a garage features a fully-enclosed structure generally attached to the house. It provides 100% protection against harsh weather conditions since it is surrounded by a gate and walls.

Carport: Pros

1.    Cost-Effective

Since carports are easier to build, they are cost-effective too. You almost save around 80% on building the same size carport as a garage. In addition, you also don’t need to deal with the hassle of council approval because there is no electrical wiring or closed walls.

2.    Less Clutter

Carports only shield your car from rain and sun. Except for that, you don’t have a storage space, meaning you don’t have to deal with clutter around the clock.  

3.    Multi-Purpose

As carports are constructed with an open-air structure, you can arrange outdoor activities too, like BBQ, while protecting yourself against storms and sun rays.  

Carport: Cons

1.    No Storage Space

Since it has an open-air structure, you can’t store anything here. Furthermore, your car is not protected against theft and extreme weather conditions.  

2.    Doesn’t Add Real Value

Carports are usually smaller and less appealing and functional as compared to garages. Hence, they won’t add any significant value to your property.

Garage: Pros

1.    Excellent Storage Space

Garages feature completely-enclosed structures. Therefore, it can be a great space to keep your valuables safe from thieves and provide 100% protection against harsh weather conditions.

2.    Convenience

Unlike carports, garages are commonly connected to homes, which makes it easier for you to load stuff in your car or carry groceries from your car.  

3.    Boosts Curb Appeal

Well-maintained garages boost the curb appeal of your home, which can also easily enhance your property’s overall value.   

Garage: Cons

Expensive and More Stringent Regulations

You require more materials and skilled labor to build a garage and this can escalate the overall cost. In addition, you will need to adhere to the local codes, which may require you to have permits, which can add up to your expenses. As garages have a bigger structure, the completion time will be more.

The Bottom Line  

As you’re now aware of the differences between a garage and a carport and their pros and cons, your final decision will depend on your personal preferences, budget, lifestyle, and location. So, it’s essential to consider all of this and make an informed decision accordingly.

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