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Guest post: Best roads to drive on in the UK

Buttertubs Pass[image courtesy of JauntyJane on Flickr] Buttertubs Pass- scenic route from Thwaite to Hawes, Yorkshire.

Classic Vehicles, Classic Ventures

Below are what the guys at Cherished Vehicle Insurance think are some of the best roads the UK has to offer, so what’s stopping you and your classic car enjoying them?
Be it a steep hill climb, idyllic countryside cruise or bendy route through a mountainous gorge, you’ll start to remember why you spent all that time maintaining and caring for the classic car taking up all that space in the garage- no other drive is quite like it.
If you’re sat, looking back at the driving history of your classic and are genuinely convincing yourself that nipping down to the local patisserie for a pain aux raisin is a thrilling enough journey, imagine what some of the drives pictured below could be like for you.
If you treat your car, we’re sure the favour will be gladly returned in the form of unforgettable memories.

Evo Triangle[image courtesy of Chris Wilkinson on Flickr] Evo triangle- A loop from A5, A543 to B4501 in North Wales

Lake District[image courtesy of Jeff Reedy on Flickr] Lake District A591 – The stretch between Windermere and Keswick

Snake Pass[image courtesy of TruckerPat on Flickr] Snake Pass – most direct route from Manchester to Sheffield

Llanberis Pass[image courtesy of Bryn Jones on Flickr] The Llanberis Pass- A4086 North Wales

A39[image courtesy of Arekev on Flickr] A39 from Minehead to Barnstaple

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  1. Wow, I’m from France and these UK Roads are magnificient. I’ve never drove in England or Scottland. I’ve just be a passenger in coaches or taxis

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