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Media post: Top 5 Safest Cars on the Road Today

According to the NHTSA, road accidents resulted in the death of 42,915 people on American roads, and millions of others were left with injuries.

While human error is the primary cause of accidents, the type of car can also influence the severity of an accident. Therefore, you may need to consider car safety when choosing a car for you or your family.

This guide highlights five of the safest cars on the roads today.

You Could Still Get Into an Accident

Buying a safe car can help improve your chances of survival if you get into an accident. But even the safest car cannot eliminate the chances of getting into an accident because you cannot control other people’s actions on the road.

However, you can hold them answerable for their actions by filing an injury claim or lawsuit against them. The first thing after an auto accident should be getting medical help.

After medical help, the next thing should be looking for the most successful attorney to represent you in your auto accident claim. A lawyer’s help in an injury claim can significantly increase the chances of recovering fair compensation for your damages.

2022 Safest Car Picks by Size

1.   2022 Honda Civic

If your preference is a small car that won’t compromise your safety on the road, the Honda Civic 2020 is the car for you. This four-door hatchback has a pretty impressive score going by its IIHS rating.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), its crashworthiness rating is G (Great), the highest score a car can get. Car crashworthiness is the effectiveness in withstanding the force of impact in an accident which also determines the impact on its occupants.

The 2022 Honda Civic also has great crash avoidance mitigation features, with a rating of G for headlights and a Superior rating for its vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian crash avoidance system.

2.   2022 Kia Stinger

If you are looking for a larger but safe car, the 2022 Kia Stinger 4-door hatchback is your car. This vehicle is rated G by the IIHS in its crashworthiness, with its crash avoidance and mitigation rating being G and A, respectively, depending on trim and option.

The 2022 Kia Stinger’s front collision avoidance system has the highest rating. Additionally, its pedestrian crash avoidance system is rated Advanced, the second best rating for this feature. However, this vehicle performs relatively poorly with its seatbelts and child restraint feature, earning itself an M (marginal performance) rating.

3.   2022 Chevrolet Trailblazer

If you want a small SUV with safety as a priority, the 2022 Chevrolet Trailblazer is your car. The car is rated G in crashworthiness, and G or A for its headlights, depending on vehicle trim.

Its frontal vehicle-to-vehicle collision avoidance system has a Superior rating, while its frontal pedestrian crash avoidance has an Advanced rating, the second highest rating for this feature. Its poorest performance is its seatbelt and child restraint feature, with an M rating.

4.   2022 Ford Explorer

The 2022 Ford Explorer is the first top safety pick by the IIHS for a mid-size SUV. It has a G rating for crashworthiness.

Its crash avoidance and mitigation feature ratings vary on the feature type, with the headlights having an A rating and its crash avoidance system having a Superior rating. Its poorest performance is in seat belt

 reminders with a rating of P (poor), the poorest rating for any feature, and A for its latch’s ease of use.

5.   2022 Chrysler Pacifica

If you are on the market for a large family car, a minivan is a perfect car for you. Going by the IIHS safety rating, the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica is the safest.

This vehicle has a G rating for all crashworthiness metrics, a Superior rating for its vehicle-to-vehicle front collision avoidance, an A rating for headlights, and an Advanced rating for its pedestrian crash avoidance system. Its latch ease of use has an A rating.

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