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Media post: The Best Cars for Carrying Bicycles

If you’re something of a keen cyclist, it’s likely that you will want to take your bicycle wherever you go. Cycling on new roads can be very exciting, but reaching the roads on your bicycle is not always easy. However, driving to your desired location with your bike in or on your car can be a huge help.

Did you know that there is a range of cars that are large enough to carry your bicycles? Below, you can find details of the cars that could be just right for you.

The Honda Fit

The Honda Fit hit the market for the first time back in 2001 and they’re still being made today. This is a car that has been built to last and with a Carvana extended warranty, you should have peace of mind.

You may find that some of the newer models have seats that you can customize in terms of their location. Many Fits offer options such as:

  • Normal seats
  • Utility seats
  • Long seats
  • Tall seats

It’s likely that bike owners will find that the Utility seats are the best option. Installing these seats in the rear of your vehicle means you can have much more cargo space.

The Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is one of the nicest cars on the road. If you’re partial to an electric vehicle, this could be the one you need. Thanks to the fact that there’s no standard engine, you’ll find this car has a lot more space.

Pushing the lower seats down will ensure you have plenty of room for your bicycles. You may also be able to fit in some of your equipment as well.

The Honda Element

The last Honda Element was manufactured back in 2011, but this does not mean there aren’t some still on the road. If you’re not averse to buying a used car, you could find that a Honda Element is right for you. These cars have a box-like shape and 5 doors, ensuring they’re easy to use.

Should you wish to store your bike in your Element, you can simply push the rear seats down and you’ll be good to go. If you have 2 regular-sized bikes it’s likely that you’ll be able to fit both of them in the back of your car.

The Nissan Cube

The Nissan Cube is a small car that has a lot of interior space. You may even be surprised by just how much space there is. While the production of the Cube only lasted 2 years, this vehicle is one that is worth considering.

The side-hinged tailgate makes getting bicycles in and out so much easier thank you’d think. If this is an option you like the sound of, chances are you’ll find a used Nissan Cube for sale here and there.

When you want to get out and about on your bicycle having the right type of car can help. The above cars are some of the best out there. Consider buying one of them so you too can cycle where you please.

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